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  1. I have taken lyrica 75 mg twice a day for 4 months ....it has been a big relief ...my pain is all but gone..I haven't had any side effects...it does help to start on a lower dose and work up.....Hope you find some relief
  2. Just to report I had my blood tests this week. I'm thankful all of them negative except that my Vitamin D level is very low. Has any one experienced this with sclero? Hopefully with the supplement I have to take I will feel better and get rid of the sclero symptoms. The rheumatologiist I went to was very thorough. My nails show no sign of Raynauds. I do have fibromyalgia that could account for some.of the symptoms as some are the same as sclero. I have found this forum to be very informative. I will keep you posted as to how I feel once the Vitamin D raises me up so to speak.
  3. Having been violently ill with nausea and diarrhea with st atins if I was you I wouldn't take any esp mixed with nexium...both are bad in my opinion....you do need some acid in your stomach...Never ever wait for a dr ...esp on a new pill...it isn't going to kill you to not take it in the meantime....good luck kiddo.....as for me I have damaged muscles and periferal neurapathy from statins......wouldn't take one if the dr tried to shove it down my throat......triglycerides?....cut the sugar out of your diet...and limit all carbohydrates...worked for me...my tri's are normal .....
  4. Happy Birthday Sadie....and may you have many more.....(did you hear me singing?) :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  5. I am a retired licensed practical nurse and have worked with the elderly most of my life...guess its time to start working with me.....lol
  6. I just love cats...and my favorite " outfit" is pajamas.......
  7. I will have my first appt. with the nurse practioner that works with the rheumatologist the 28 of April...I had went to a immunologists a couple weeks ago and he said my symptoms point to sclero...A limited version in his opinion. When you go down the list of sclero symptoms I have had every one of them in the last 8 years.... Can you give some advice as to what questions she will ask and what blood work/tests will she be ordering?...She will do the work up, order the tests and then I go back for his opinion.... I was also wondering if anyone has periferal neuropathy and vasculitis running a
  8. Thanks for the nice welcome....I am sure you are just what I need as I search for answers to my "apparently confusing" condition ....at least confusling to the doctors I have already seen...Because I have pn I was sent to a neurologist, with the vasculitis to a vascular specialist, because of the colitis to a gastroenterologist.....etc...you get the drift...no one is putting "me" together...I "talked" to a dr. on a med chat group...he agrees with you...He said I should get a SLE test first...and I should have a parathyroid scan to rule out hyperparathyroidism....I have a appt with my general
  9. Hi...I have had sclero symptoms for the past 7 or 8 years...I have all the CREST..signs ...I also have periferal neurapathy which started first about 7 years ago and vasculitis ....I have had problems with doctors not diagnosing me or ordering the correct tests to confirm it....I may have a autoimmune process going along with it in the form of some parathyroid problems...If there was one specialist that could take care of both, which would it be?....I am anxious to read all the posts because I feel the more I know, the more I can confront the doctor with.... :unsure: glad to be here and hope
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