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  1. Hi Sam, I have been taking lyrica about two months. So far, I have not noticed a change in my pain, but I will continue with it until I go back to my doctor. I hope it will work for you Sam. Keep us posted. I would like to know what type of pain medicines or pain techniques work for others here online. Thanks, Vicki
  2. Jefa, I have posted a few times, but just now discovering this thread! :rolleyes: I eventually get it ha ha! I did post on the the where we live thread. I am from Kentucky and have been dealing with what I thought was arthristis for many years, taking non sterioidal medicines. I was still working and gradually things started going south. Fatique, pain, Reynaud's and finally consulted a rheumatologist. I did not have the typical lab work abnormals. ANA has always been negative, no high sed rates and on and on. Did have a skin biopsy with very vague diagnosis as suggestive....so my rh
  3. Hello to all, I am retired as of 2006, my disease was diagnosed in Nov. 2005, but think I had been ill for sometime before then,,,,I passed it off as arthritis until the inflammation and fatique became so bad I consulted a rheumatologist. I have lots to learn about this disease, but have bought a couple of books and trying to learn to cope. I was diagnosed as having diffuse type. I am married and have two children and three grandchildren. I am from Kentucky. Thanks for sharing your information, Vicki
  4. Hi, I am newbie here and was so pleased to see something posted about the mouth. I have had the deep lines around my mouth and also numbness in my upper lip. I have tightness on the left side of my face. Does anyone experience any pain and soreness around their eyes and cheekbones? I have an unusual sensation around my eyes,but can not explain it, wondering if that is part of the disease. I will take the advice and try doing the exercises. Thanks to all who have posted this information. Vicki
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