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  1. Hello everyone, I found this site through the extensive googling I've been doing since my primary care physician informed me last night that my ANA titer was 1:640, speckled and nucleolar. I've been having problems with joint pain/swelling in hands and feet, fatigue, morning stiffness, etc. since July. In Sept. I had an arthritis panel done and it was all negative. Last week my primary care physician did another one and all was normal except the ANA. I have an appt. with a rheumatologist on March 26, but in the meantime of course I've been researching, and apparently a nucleolar pattern is an indicator of possible sclerosis/scleroderma. I know I need further tests and an exam to confirm anything but my mind has a mind of its own, and it's freaking out. Any words of support or encouragement would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and best wishes, Andrea
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