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  1. If not, there IS another in Finland and her name is Tiina. I gave her links that included this one and think what a coincidence. Tiina is also about your age. I am a newbie in chat here. Just got here tonight actually but I bet I know some here and just don't know it YET. lol I also have twitching. It happens most at night and I have no control. It usually moves a limb and most of the time it is legs or feet but it happens some with arms and hands. Cynthia in Bama
  2. Hello Sam! I finally made my way here after many invites and you are on leave now. lol Wish I could help but I will be lifting healing thoughts for you sweetie. We love ya! You know me, I don't need a tour guide. I will roam around here and see what buttons do what. Cynthia in B :) ama
  3. I thank you for raising such an obviously great young man, Peggy. I thank him and I also thank you and the rest of family who also sacrifice for me and mine. Please know you and your son ARE appreciated and supported by a family in Alabama. THANK YOU!!! Cynthia in Bama
  4. I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I am Cynthia and I have several ailments too including Sclerodemra. I think I know several of you from other places, but look forward to getting to know everyone. Look forward to chatting as I learn my way around. Cynthia in Bama =) :) :) B)
  5. My screen name is rather simple although I have been asked questions like, "Do I not like vowels". lol Mine is Ms for MS. then CHT which are my initials. It is simple and I use this name everywhere I go on several other sites. Glad I found my way in here. Cynthia in bama
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