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  1. HI I must chime in on this one. I am not a dr. but upon reading your entry you speak of quite a few nutritional defincienies, including iron and B 12. These are very common deficiencies in celiac disease, an autoimmune disease of the intestines. Another side effect of celiac disease is neuropathies with no explanation. You may suggest having a celiac panel blood test run if you have not already. I am not a dr. but I do have celiac sprue and I know form personal experience and from speaking with many people that it can present in many ways, with many rheumatological symptoms. It is often overlo
  2. Hi Danelle, I can definitely understand what you are talking about. It is very normal to feel that your life is totally out of control when everything that we have taken for granted, our health, plans for the future, even emotional stability, has been put into jeoporady. I am sure there are days when eveyone on this site just feels like they got the rug pulled out from underneath them! Not just once, but over and over again in the ups an downs of autoimmune illness. I don't have scleroderma, but I have an autoimmune problem. They are very ard for other people to understand. But if you listen
  3. Hello all, It has been quite some time since I wrote a post on this thing. I have been SO busy keeping up with my son who is now a toddler. He is 13 months old and the light of my life. His name is Eli, but he is also called mouse. I am a teacher and worked for four years as a subisitute teacher in special needs classes and for a year as an ESL kindergarten teacher. My husband and I have been married for almost four years now. He is my best friend, except when he gets on my nerves-lol. I am Canadian, and just moved to the US-Seattle speifically, just six months ago. It has b
  4. This new site is neat!!! I will bring candy apples to this little party. Not just any candy apples, the ones that are covered in caramel, chocolate, nuts....hmmmmm..yummy.
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