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    Husband Doesn't Understand

    I completely understand...although I"m not married. I am in a relationship of 6 years and I use to be active. What is no fun is that I'm only 21 years old and can't do more than half the things I use to and my man is active as well.I have a hard time walkin to the corner store without hurting. He gets irritated when he can't horseplay with me as much becuase I hurt. I'm not all innocent though. I haven't done too many of my exercises or stretching to limit the pain. My problem is that I didn't have any motivation, and I think I do now. That's what's actually been a problem in our relationship. I am not doin what I need to to make myself more healthy, and he's upset about it. Did you ever have any problems with motivation, even if its suppose to benefit yourself? This is my first time on here and it actually feels good to talk to someone...whoever is listening. I hope you all are ok.