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    Yaay! Party at Sweets house! :D
  2. Karenlee

    Curling Fingers

    Kaycee, I have a question for you. What is the difference between physical therapy and occupational therapy? And which one would you reccomend over the other for our symptoms? B) Thanks. Karen
  3. Karenlee


    Pamela! That's it!!! You got it!! I wasn't notified either, just got a check in the mail one day. Congradulations, I'm sure this will lift a lot of financial burden off of you. I'm so happy for you! :)
  4. Karenlee

    Curling Fingers

    Hi Peggy, I dont have the curling (yet), but my Rhumetologist told me to have physical therapy on my hands to avoid the curling. I was given a script to go twice a week for 6 weeks. Then I suppose after they show you what to do, you can do it at home yourself. You should ask your doctor about it, as it may help avoid the curling from progressing. Karen
  5. Karenlee

    Pain in back!

    Celia, How are you feeling today? Any better? If you are still having pains, maybe you can see about pushing up your appointment instead of waiting until Wed. Good luck and keep us posted. Karen
  6. Karenlee


    Welcome Linda!! This is the best place for support and friendship and some giggles too. We are here for you. Keep that chin up girl. Karen
  7. Karenlee

    Red Marks On Face

    Hi folks. I saw my Rhumetologists new assistant yesterday. He suggested that the Plaquenil will help somewhat with the telangiectasias. That's the first I heard of it helping that. I am sceptically optimistic. Anyone else on Plaquenil notice it helped with that? I would love to know. Thanks. Karen
  8. Karenlee

    Losing it!

    Thanks everyone! I love the whine and cheese idea :P I fell pretty bad this morning. I woke up at 4 am last night, fell back asleep around 5:00 and had some pretty crazy dreams. Then I woke up with my "friend". :( Tru I cancelled my blood work appointment that I had today. Thanks for the advice, because that is something that I can put off for now. As for the other 10000 appointments, I'm going to spread them out over the next month. I made the mistake of booking back to back appointments yesterday, just trying to get them out of the way and it knocked me for a loop. That and stopping by to see my Mom. Our relationship is strained to say the least so I think the stress level was code red yesterday Lol Hubby will be away this weekend but our 2 year anniversary is in June so we are definitely going away somewhere. And we are vowing no talk of illness that week. Love you all!!! Karen
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    Hi everyone. I saw my rheumatologist yesterday and asked what I can take for the Raynauds and he suggested Viagra! :P But not until the fall though since it's warming up. Karen
  10. Hi everyone, I've missed you all. It's been a crazy couple of weeks to say the least. I have 2 back to back Dr appts today so I won't go into the details now but I will be back to keeping you posted and look forward to talking to you all again. Karen
  11. Karenlee


    Hi Barbara, I am going to see my rheumatologist today and want to ask about that (Norvasc) for my Raynauds, although my bp is on the low side, do you think he would still prescribe it for me? Or maybe just wait until the fall since the weather is starting to warm up. The less meds the better I suppose. Karen
  12. Karenlee

    I'm New Here :)

    Hi mermaildgirl and welcome. As you can see by the previous posts, this is a great place for support and friendship. Do you mind me asking why you stopped the Plaquenil? Was it because you thought it was causing the gingivitis? I am curious because I just started taking it about 2 weeks ago. Karen
  13. Karenlee

    A Few Things to Report

    Susie, Don't ya just love running around like a headless chicken trying to get answers and then have more questions than answers when you're done? :P Sorry you're going thru that, but keep up that positive attitude. It's inspiring to me and everyone else I'm sure. Karen
  14. Karenlee

    First time dealing with Scleroderma

    Welcome Phyllis, You have come to the right place for venting, support, questions, and just plain yammering on. I'm sorry you feel so overwhelmed. We all do at some point. I lost my hair at 19, so I fully understand the pain of that (especially being a woman, no offense to the males on here) can cause. Watching your body/skin changing is very scary. I felt just as scared as you when I first joined here, but it's the best thing you can do, to surround yourself with people that truly understand and care about you, as we do. My best 2 peices of advice are: 1. Stay away from the web 2. Find a good doctor that you can feel confident with and cared for. Karen
  15. Karenlee

    Appeal Result

    Jensue, That's a wonderful victory!!! Check one for Jensue!! :) Proud of you girl. Karen
  16. Karenlee

    Disability Doctor Visit

    Hi Tru, Sorry I am late in replying. Sorry you had such an experience with the doctor. I'm dumb founded as to why she gave you such a hard time when you clearly displayed your issues, but I suppose they are trained to be sceptical of all applicants. Try not to go by her demeanor or questions/attitude. The woman I had was pretty un-compassionate and seemed to want to rush me out. She was clearly doing a job she didn't like for way too long. When I left the office I was reviewing it in my head on the way home and was thinking there's no way they are going to approve me. But low and behold within a few weeks I had my answer, so just hang in there and try not to sweat it until the letter or check comes in the mail. Also, sorry you are still having those awful hives. I hope whatever the doctor prescribed works. I know the feeling of the hives and they can be maddening. Karen
  17. Karenlee


    Hi Sheryl, Good luck with finding out. I hope it's something simple like that. I haven't been posting lately as I've been overwhelmed with appointments. Doctors, and tests, and meds, OH MY! Lol Also, as you know my hubby and I are in the throws of dealing with the fertility issue so between that and my sclero appts, I've been in lala land. I did miss talking to everyone here and plan to be on more often when things settle down a bit. (IF they settle down). Karen
  18. Karenlee

    Red Marks On Face

    Snowbird: " Someone on this site said once that if you press on them, they fade/turn white I think...." Is that right?? I'm definitely going to try that. I have a colony of them all over my face, also have them on my neck, chest and hands. My dermatologist reccomended vitamin K cream which I have been using religiously for almost 2 months and I don't see any difference. The sun definitely makes them worse so try to stay out of it as much as possible. At worse, they are just a nuisance but nothing to be concerned about IMO. I use a green concealer stick under my makeup and it seems to hide them pretty well. I did mention laser treatment to my dermatologist and rheumatologist but they both kind of blew it off, as if it won't work on them. Karen
  19. Karenlee

    Not a very good week!

    Ced, Sorry you are having issues with that and having a bad week. Seems like when it rains it pours. Hope you heal up and get better fast!! Karen
  20. Karenlee

    Worrysome symptoms

    Barbara, I never had the heart racing, but I do get light headed if I kneel down and then stand back up. I guess it's from low bp. Keep us posted on how the monitor goes and good luck. Karen
  21. Karenlee


    Hi Sheryl, Wow that sounds scary! You must have been freaking out. Sorry you had such an experience. You mentioned that you took it at the same time that you took your Nexium. Do you think maybe the mix of the two may have caused a reaction? Sometimes on their own, meds are ok but when mixed can cause problems. Just throwing it out there for you. Hope you get the answer without having to take a "test" dose. Good luck!!! Karen
  22. Hi Sadie, My symptoms started with Raynauds as well. Then over the years the other symptoms started creeping up, like the infected cuticles and tanglestia. Not long after that the stiffness set in. But, I don't beleive that's when the auto immune issues began. I think they started in my late teens/early 20's when my thyroid shut down and my hair fell out. I just never put two and two together until now. I guess it takes it's own course differently in everyone. Karen
  23. Karenlee

    Partial Disability?

    Karen, Peanut said pretty much what I was going to say, I don't know about partial disability, but you can go on regular disability and are allowed to make a certain amount of money per month, I think the amount varies from state to state. I beleive in NY it is $600 but I could be wrong. You don't need a lawyer unless you are denied benefits and want to contest the descision. I was thankfully approved on the first try, but I do have to have yearly reviews. Some have longer periods between reviews based on the illness and severity. Good luck to you. Karen
  24. Karenlee


    Tru, Good luck!! I'm glad you found a quitting buddy that's close by. This way you can keep close tabs on eachother. Karen
  25. Karenlee


    Tru, Haha that's so funny and cute! I wish I could get someone to come to my house and give me 6 hours of beauty. Except for the messing part, I sure could use it :P That's great that you have such nice neighbors to help you. Karen