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  1. Just wanted to know how many of you have ever had warts at any time before your diagnosis with any autoimmune issues you have. I forgot all about having them as a teenager until a couple of days ago and read that some types of warts are due to autoimmune issues. I had them on my hands when I was about 14-15 years old, so this could very well have been the beginning for me. Thanks for your input. Karen
  2. Karenlee

    Blood pressure, blood tests, frustration

    Hi Mando, Sorry to hear you had a rough go of it today. You'd think in these advanced times of medicine there would be an easier way to draw blood rather than the barbaric needle. I say that now, because since having sclero, I am having the same trouble with blood draws. The nurse actually blamed the fact that my vein "moved" as the reason she couldn't draw blood. Anyway, my hubby is on Hydrochlorothiazide, and from what I understand it is a water pill, so since you fasted for the blood work, then took a water pill, you may be dehydrated and that's why you are feeling bad. Try to drink plenty of water (if I had a nickle for everytime someone told me that). Hope you are feeling better soon! Karen
  3. Karenlee

    Itchiness and Sclero

    Wohali, I notice my arms get very itchy after a shower. All most like pins and needles type itch. I slather on some lotion and that seems to simmer things down. Also, my back between my shoulder blades itch like mad. I do have a hyper-pigmentation spot back there, but don't know if the two are related. Since I don't have a back scratcher, I find the best tool in the house is my spaghetti grabber thing that has the teeth on it that picks up spaghetti. Oooooh what a releif. Or I do the ol' rub my back up against the corner of a wall. Oatmeal baths are great too. Just process some oatmeal in a food processor and mix it in a warm bath. Hope you find releif soon. Karen
  4. Karenlee

    Raynaud's & Hand Trauma

    This is very interesting. I don't recall any actual trauma to my hands that set off Raynaud's, but I was at the computer at work 24/7 and had the blasting cold air conditioning directly on me. I know that's not a trauma but it could have sped up what was going to happen eventually anyway. B)
  5. Karenlee

    Bitter Taste

    Purr it could be your meds. Not sure what you are taking, but if it's fine in the morning, then you take your pills and get the bitter taste it's probably that. I was on an anti depressant a while back and it left an awful taste. Also, are you taking vitamin supplements? That could be the culprit too.
  6. Karenlee

    Really dry, rough fingers

    Hi Clementine, I have the rough skin on the outside of my right index finger. It started up just around the same time as my sclero. There's a teeny bit on the oustide of my left index too but mostly on the right handed finger. Feels rough and callous like. Does not feel tight or waxy though. I do feel it's related somehow since it started when my knuckles started to get thick. Also feels like a eczema I would think so could be that. Karen
  7. Karenlee

    Mini flares in the midst of a large flare?

    Thanks for all your replies. I suppose it's just the disease that gets a bit uppity sometimes. Thankfully it doesn't last long just a bump in the road. I thought I was having a flare in a flare Lol! :P Karen
  8. Hello everyone. I'm going to try to word this as coherently as possible so I do not sound silly. Ok, I consider my episode with CREST/UCTD a major flare. Currently being treated with medications, but notice that every once in a while, I will feel very puffy and swollen (from the inside out) and when laying down I can actually hear my pulse inside my head, like the pulsing in my ears. My right index finger will get especially swollen, shiny and itchy and red. Also I'll feel extra stiff, more than usual. A couple of NSAIDs usually do the trick, and the mini flares last no more than a day. Just wondering others experiences with this. I'm sure I am not the only one, but wanted some input on maybe what causes it or what you do to calm it down? Love, Karen
  9. Shelley, you have such a way with words, thank you for your insightful posts. You take the time to really dig deep and come up with thoughtful and insightful replies, I know I appreciate your input. I learn something new every time I come on to this forum thanks to all of you. I may not post a lot anymore, but I am still here. Karen
  10. Chefkat, Good luck with the PT. I would be careful with the OTC joint therapies and ask your doctor first. Some of us with this have too much joint tissue so taking something to build it up may not be a good idea. I think that is more for people with thinning cartilage, although I could be wrong. Karen
  11. Karenlee

    ANA blood tests

    Chefkat, I have CREST and have tested positive ANA. It was pretty high at first but has gone down since being on Plaquenil. Scl70 is also positive but I was told by my doctor to take that with a grain of salt. I have Lupus like antibodies but tested negative for actual Lupus. (which is totally confusing I know). I have the looping capillaries visible to the naked eye so no test was required for that. Karen
  12. Karenlee

    Karenlee, Tangelo, &Tru

    Margaret, I had an old heating pad from a back injury that I use for my hands when I get into bed. When I bought it for the injury I never imagined it would get so much use Lol I think a heating blanket is a great idea. How is Gareth doing? The Plaquenil is helping? I so hope he is responding well to it. It's one of those meds that require a lot of patience. I feel a difference from when I first started (last April) but still not limber enough to paint my own toes yet :P I tried last week and the best I could do were racing stripes down the sides lol Love, Karen
  13. Karenlee

    Karenlee, Tangelo, &Tru

    Awww thanks for thinking of us. I've been sort of laying low, just doing my thing. I still come on and read up on everyone now and then. Just went thru an information overload and needed to take it down for a bit. Doesn't mean I don't think of you all. Tru is doing well. I speak to her regularly. Wishing you all happiness and pain free days. :)
  14. Karenlee


    Oh Karen, I'm so sorry for your pain and trauma at the ER. I can't begin to imagine what you are going thru, and I have no advice other than to follow up with your Rhumetologist and new GI. I hope it doesn't happen again. I'm glad your hubby was right there with you to help at the hospital. Sometimes we need an extra voice when no one will listen to us. I suppose in the meantime, just be careful what you eat and try to rest. Please keep us posted. (((hugs))) Karen
  15. Karenlee

    My aching neck

    Hi everyone. Well I'm back with yet another complaint. Sorry if I'm whining a lot lately but seems that this is just one of those weeks. Been having a still sore neck the last few days but today it's worse than ever. It's on the right side and hurts so bad and I can't turn my head. Yesterday I put heat rub on but all it did was burn so bad I had to wash it off. I have a bottle of Prednisone left and I'm wondering if it's ok to take just one to ease the stiffness? (they are 4 mg). I think it may be either my pillow being too big or the air conditioning. Or maybe both? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. It really hurts. Thanks. Karen
  16. Karenlee

    My aching neck

    YFchoice: Hey, since it's physical therapy maybe the insurance company would cover your travel expenses ;) Smurfette: Thanks for your input. I still have the bottle of Prednisone because I had to stop due to an allergic reaction, so yeah probably not the brightest idea to take one. I was just desperate for releif. I took some ibuprofen today and that has helped a bit. If it stays this bad though hubby said he'd leave work and take me to the doctor. I'm going to take a wait and see approach. Purr: It could be. I really don't know. I thought it was a muscle pull/strain/spasm but I could be wrong. I suppose if it stays like this I'll go have it looked at. The heat/ice didn't really do much. Thanks for all your suggestions everyone. Karen
  17. Karenlee

    Short Term Memory Problem

    Peggy, You are not alone. I'd forget my head if it weren't attached to my shoulders. I keep lists for the grocery store (I think most people do that) and keep 3 different calendars, 2 on my computer and one on the pantry door in my kitchen, so there's no chance of forgetting a date or an appointment. Even when to give my cat flea drops :D My Dad had Alzheimers too and yes that does make me wonder if someday I'll get it, but for now I think it's just not working (my last job was challenging and kept me sharp) and my brain getting a bit mushy. That's great that you are reading again. The brain needs to be worked just like a muscle. They say that learning new things builds receptors in the brain and helps keep your memory in tact. Doing crosswords, learning a new language etc. Just keep doing what you are doing. If your doctor isn't concerned then you shouldn't be worried. Karen
  18. Karenlee

    Mouth sore

    Hi all. Well yesterday I noticed a sore in the back of my mouth where my jaw meets. It's not so much a sore as a chunk of meat that sticks out. When I touch it with my finger it's sorta lumpy. Was having a hard time trying to eat dinner. I got canker sores when I was younger all the time. Not sure if its that or a new sclero symptom. I read Johns thread on his mouth sore, although mine is more like lumpy tender skin. Kinda feels like cauliflower. I saw some good ideas to at least block the pain until it heals. Anyone else get these lumpy meaty things in their mouth? (my apologies for the description, but it's hard to explain) :P Karen
  19. Karenlee

    My aching neck

    No Peggy I don't think it's sclero related. (oddly enough, because lately I've been blaming everything on sclero and I need to cut that out). I do think it has something to do with my connective tissue though. On the upside, the pain is distracting me from my mouth sore :rolleyes:
  20. Karenlee

    I've got the drugs.....now what?

    YFchoice. That must be difficult to face the meds, and I dont blame you about not wanting to take the prednisone at such a high dose, but remember the doctor said 3 weeks so it's not like a long term thing and it'll help with your lungs so mabey just close your eyes and jump. It'll be something you can count down on your calendar and look forward to ending. I hope you feel better. Karen
  21. Karenlee

    My aching neck

    Thanks for your suggestions. I laid down with a heating pad and I think I made it worse. Before I couldn't move my head side to side, but now I can't move it up or down. My doctor is 1 hour drive away so thats out. Think I'll grab and ice pack and try that now. :( YF---if you make house calls to Long Island, I'd take you up on that in a heartbeat :)
  22. Karenlee

    Xrays Today

    Hi Tru, Sorry about your foot issues. I don't know much about bunions or the best pain remedy other than warm fuzzy shoes that fit just right. (I know easier said than done). Please don't sit in the sun to get vitamin D. You know that accellarates our immune sysytem. There's a much simpler solution as the others have said. Take a calcium suppliment. I have one that is 750mg, and there is added vitamin D and K in it to help absorbtion. I know how you feel about having to take yet another pill, but like someone said, it's not a drug, it's a suppliment. If you saw my 3 pill boxes you'd think I should be commited. But out of all of them, maybe 3 are medications. The rest are suppliments. It is an inconvinience, but what a simple solution to what could end up being a bigger problem. Take care Tru! Ka
  23. Karenlee

    Juicing recipes

    Hi friends, Well I finally dug out my old juicer from the attic, dusted off the cobwebs :P and am ready to start juicing again. I figure the ol' immune system could use a boost of some natural vitamins and minerals. Has anyone been juicing and do you have any good ideas for what veggies and fruits are good for immunity health? Thanks!!! Karen
  24. Smurfette, Congradulations that you got the go ahead for the infusions. I can't offer any advice, but wanted to say good luck with it, and I'm sure there are others here that can give you some insight. Karen
  25. Karenlee

    Mouth sore

    Janey, Thanks for the advice. I have actually been on folic acid (prescription strength) for a few years. My OBGYN put me on it when we were trying to conceive, so maybe if I hadn't been on it, the sores would have been worse. Again, thanks for your input. Karen