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  1. Hi Shelley, Thank you so much for your reply! I am going to discuss this with the rheumatologist when I see him on the 18th Nov, so not too long to wait and I am terrible at waiting hahaha! I had not thought about the small mouth. I am not sure about that to be honest. I do know that last year when my GI doctor did the first endoscopy, he had trouble with the mouth piece, but eventually we squished it in. This time around (dilatation), they couldn't fit the mouthpiece in, so opted for a smaller one. Hmmm, I will investigate this a bit further - Thank you Shelley! I am due to go to the
  2. Hello everyone, I have had a few things going on lately. First I had a dilatation of the esophagus on the 30th October and so far I feel the same....food still feels like it is getting stuck. Does this get better? My GI doctor couldn't do the stretch he wanted to do as I couldn't fit the adult mouth piece in my mouth so had to opt for a smaller one, which meant he couldn't do the medium stretch. I am wondering if that may be the reason why I haven't noticed an improvement. Sorry, that was just what has happened the last month. This month I went for pulmonary function testing. the first
  3. Hi Sharonvandee, I have just had a dilatation of the esophagus - not sure if that is what you were meaning? I feel as though food is getting stuck and have had dysmotility confirmed with manometry testing. I really feel for you, as GI problems are awful and very hard for family/friends to fully understand. The dilatation itself went smoothly and took a bit longer than an endoscopy. He couldn't dilate it very much as I couldn't fit the adult mouthpiece in my mouth, so they couldn't do a medium stretch and opted for one smaller. To be honest, I haven't noticed a huge difference, but then
  4. Hello everyone, I have had bad back pain (feels like coccyx lower back pain) for the last six months. I have had mri, xrays etc all say nothing untoward.....gee tell my back that!! I have a lot of pain that I have now started on laser acupuncture, which hopefully, will help. The doctor said it could take 10 -12 sessions, before I notice a difference. I am willing to go with the flow, nothing else seems to be helping and as I can't take anti inflammatories, due to stomach issues, there really isn't a lot of options. My rheumatologist said maybe stronger analgesics, but I am going down t
  5. Dear Mando, I am so sorry to hear about your friend! I can so relate to how you are feeling and with all that is going on without a definite diagnosis. I am in the same position, with just about identical symptoms! It is hard to sit back and decide whether you can be content with a 'non diagnosis'. I have been on Plaquenil 400 mg since 2002 or thereabouts and just recently was reduced to 200mgs due to pigmentation on my retina (whether or not is plaquenil related has not been determined) but my rheumatologist has decided it is better to be safe than sorry! I have found since reducing
  6. Hi Jeannie, I am in Adelaide and we are preparing for bushfires here, as the threat is very real this time of year. I have relatives in Victoria and some very close to the fires. It is unbelievable. Devestating and the death toll that stands at 170 is going to rise. This is the worst natural disaster in Australia's history. To everyone affected by these fires, my deepest sympathy. My thoughts are with you all. Hugs Debz
  7. Dear Peanut, It is so great to see you back!! You are amazing!! Wishing you continued good health and lots of hugs too! Debz
  8. Hi Mando, I had the manometry testing, ph testing and endoscopy all in the last few months. I didn't get a report back like yours, infact the gi doctor told me the results. He had mentioned scleroderma to me twice before, but didn't mention it, saying the dismotility 'could' be from sjogren's, but it wasn't common for sjogrens. So I am a little confused. I am seeing him again in July and will discuss stretching the esophagus then. Nothing has changed and I still have all the symptoms I did (not just the swallowing + gi problems, but all the other symptoms) it is a little disconcerting
  9. Congratulations Jeannie!! Look forward to chatting with you again! I do enjoy reading your comments on the forum too! Well done. Hugs Debz
  10. Happy Birthday Helen and Happy Australia Day!! We have spent the day keeping cool as it is really hot and we have a heatwave on its way here in sunny Adelaide!! hugs to all Debz
  11. Thank you Susie, I will see how it all goes, hopefully, there won't be too many issues between now and when I see the gastro again in July. We will discuss the stretching then. Hugs Debz
  12. dear Irene, Jeannie and Eah, Thank you so much for your replies! I will have the esophagus stretched if that is what is required, but I don't go back to the gastro until July, so have a bit of time to see how everything goes. Irene, I had an x-ray taken of my hands about a year ago now and it did show effusion in the fingers. Mind you the general practitioner didn't really make any comment about it and said that there was no sign of rheumatoid arthritis. The thing is my specialist had ruled out rheumatoid arthritis back in 2002 when I first went to him! It is a little bit frustra
  13. Congratulations Susie! I always enjoy chatting with you on Sunday nights (Monday morning/afternoon for me). Great that you are now official! Hugs Debz
  14. Thanks Kiwimum, Snowbird, Peggy, Mando and Canon for your thoughtful replies! This gastroenterologist is really lovely and the first two visits were great, even this visit was good, although he didn't remember me at first and he did refer to some notes. I do like him and will continue to see him. It is just that he is looking at the gastro problems and I do have numerous other problems including joint/muscles, skin and swelling (fingers and lower legs/feet) also Raynaud's. He didn't address any of those problems and I have been diagnosed as having Sjogren's syndrome, so he did refer me to
  15. Thank you Cannon and Margaret for your replies! Margaret, I have been on plaquenil 200mgx2 per day (400mg) since 2002. It did help initially with the joint pain etc. The reflux and swallowing problems compared with the joints/muscles etc are a more newer symptom. I am glad that Gareth's problems with swallowing have improved. I don't really relish the thought of having my esophagus stretched. The manometry findings clearly showed dismotility in the lower esophagus. I am not sure Cannon, what is going to happen about a new rheumatologist - who will put all the pieces together! My ol
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