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    Hi Louise! SO glad for you! How does the medical system work in Ireland? Do you need to be referred by your primary care physician? Do you have a choice of rheumatologists? Just curious. Our sytem is the US is so dependent upon one's insurance plan - they seem to call all the shots. Cheers! Pat
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    Raynaud's And Angiogram Results

    Hi! Thanks for the warm welcome! Sherrill, I love your kitty, striped tabbies have always been my favorites, 'tho I love them all. I don't have any right now, last spring we found a litter in our barn, something must have happened to mom. Fortunately they were just about old enough to learn to lap formula from a saucer, so we had feedings around the clock for awhile. Raising them was so much fun! They all went to good homes with people we knew. My husband does not share my affection for cats, so none right now, but I don't think I can go too long without one. Cheers! Pat
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    Went To Doctor Today

    You definitely need to see a GI specialist for the lower GI problems and to have a scope to check your esophagus. Have you ever had one? Those of us with SD often need periodic scopes to watch for any pre-cancerous conditions that the constant GERD can cause. Your primary doctor (like mine) probably does not have any other patients with SD, and his knowledge is based on what he may have learned in med school. The drug reps push samples on the doctors so much, I wish they would spend more time explaining who should or should not be taking it. I would stop the Zelnorm, call my primary doctor & tell him why (contraindicated in those with diarrhea), and strongly request a referral to a specialist. JMO. All the best, Patl
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    Raynaud's And Angiogram Results

    Hi! I am new here, but not to Raynaud's. I have had it for 25 years, dx'd with SD 10 years ago. So glad you got your infusion, keep posting as to how helpful it was. I second the steering wheel cover, mine is stretchy knit, not sheepskin, but helps tremendously. A heated steering wheel sounds heavenly! Have you tried Nitrobid paste or ointment for your digital ulcers? Some people have had good success with it -sometimes it is too strong and can cause painful throbbing; in that case, it can be diluted with petroleum jelly. Just a thought. Best regards!