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  1. ladyhawke, you will love your wax machine if you get into a routine. Do try to use it twice a week for warming purposes and you will also get the benefit of nice smooth hands. The extra stimulation of your hands and rubbing of your cuticles should help your hands. I have had my machine about 15 years now. It really works great on my feet, to warm them when I just can't seem to get them warmed up. After heating each foot and putting it into the plastic bag, I take a big bath towel and wrap my one foot in it, while soaking the other foot. Then when my second foot is warm I sit with both feet propped up and wrapped while I do a number game I enjoy playing. This gives me time for myself doing something to help me feel good.
  2. Sherion I sometimes leave my lists in the car. I can then go back and get them. Sometimes a list is deep in my pocket and I don't feel it so I assume that I left it at home. I usually get to the register and reach for my wallet and check my pockets for change and come across my list. If I have forgotten something the person who bags my groceries is kind enough to go get what I deem I can't do without. Sometimes even the cashier will go for me if they happened to see I have been in pain, or limping. A few of my favorite cashiers are grateful to get to leave the register to run and errand for me. We all seem to manage don't we?
  3. List are only good if you Remember to bring them.
  4. Thank you for the compliments Sandra. I do try my best to help people feel comfortable and at home when they come on ISN forums. We are computer mates aren't we Sandra. We are on usually about the same time each day. Oh, my eyes are green with just a touch of gold not really hazel colored eyes because of all the amount of green. Most of my siblings have blue eyes after our maternal grandparents. Gwen if you have any symptoms you wish to discuss feel free to talk and others will jump in to the rescue, if possible. I am off to fix a well balanced breakfast. I'll be around later.
  5. Yes, Ladyhawke I do remember the gelatin craze. I still buy it several times a year. If it might work and it isn't harmful then try it, wasn't that the motto. I think it works or I wouldn't still be purchasing that big name product of years gone by.
  6. Sweetyou are to funny. I am just the opposite. Ah, can we do that without anesthetic? Please.
  7. March, I like your Avatar, also welcome to the forum. You wrote that No doctors have given you anything for fatigue. If they ever do will you let us know. We will all want whatever it is and we won't care who is first in line as long as they don't run out. I don't think the magic pill has been marketed yet. The closest thing so far I have found was when they had me on Prednisone back in May of this year. Wow! I felt like the energizer bunny for a week or two. I was able to get most of my house cleaned and organized in record time. Spring cleaning wasn't dreaded one bit. It was done before I realized what was giving me all that energy. If you aren't dealing with severe issues of Raynaud's or poor circulation to your extremities then you were wise to decline the Procardia. There are other medications out there that are milder and do the trick if you don't have major issues that you are dealing with. After recovering from all your surgeries then I guess you just need time to rebuilt your strength and stamina. You can always talk to your doctor about what medicines can you wean yourself from or stop taking because you aren't having issues any longer for what that medicine was prescribed for. It is always good to reduce our intake of medication when possible.
  8. Hope, sorry to hear that your mom has Scleroderma. It is good that you came here to find out ways to help her. Maybe one day she will also join you here to find our more and ask her questions. First your mom needs to find out what is causing her chest type anxiety type pain. That can be anything as simple as Acid Reflux to Costochondritis to real anxiety because of her need to figure out how to cope with this new disease that has befallen her. When some people are first diagnosed they have to learn acceptance of the disease. It takes awhile to come to terms with the disease and to say I am going to be a fighter and I can cope with new developments. I have to be strong for my family. But, sometimes we can't always be strong and we feel a bit sorry for ourselves. It takes learning about our disease or diseases and facing them head on. Doctor's will help us deal with each issue as it becomes the main priority. Each month it can be something different that we have to learn to adjust to or figure out what needs to be done to heal or get rid of that problem. Swelling is one of the first symptoms that several members start out with. Not being able to move the fingers can be an issue. Your mom needs to keep her fingers pliable if possible by doing exercises. Like bending her fingers back wards slightly. Laying them flat on the table and picking one finger up at a time even if it is a bit painful she needs to work them and keep them flexible. She can ask her doctor about things like this also. As for the itching it can become quite severe and her doctor can address that also. I have tried everything over the years. Finally we found a prescription product that really works for me. So, some things are trial and error. Your job is to keep your mom's morale up. Help her with the simple things that on a bad day will take every bit of her energy. Our energy gets expended quickly sometimes even before we can complete a task on any given day. Today can be an off kilter day. Tomorrow you wouldn't know there was a thing wrong with us. It is a very life consuming disease. Ok! All for now. Ask your questions and we will do our best to answer them. None of us are doctors just fellow sclerodermians or family members and or friends. We all do our best to find reasons, causes or simple helpful things to help each other.
  9. Gwinetta, welcome to our ISN forum. Some of us lose a bunch of weight with this disease, while some of us gain a lot of weight. We really don't have a magic diet to help ourselves. If we have severe problems with acid reflux then we stay away from spicy foods or things that bother our reflux. If we have bowel issues there are certain things we need to stay away from. I also found out I was diabetic so the weight was packing on me for no apparent reason to me at the time. Just eating a healthy diet throwing in the fruits and vegetables will help. Cooking with oils and products that are good for us is a great start. The best way to decrease weight that I have found is to exercise and walk and keep those snacks and chips at the grocery store instead of in our cupboards. With all the medication it might take much longer to loose a few pounds. My weight has been slowly melting away, but only a pound or so a month but I look different and feel different as my stomach shrinks and my legs slim down and my face thins. Very suttle differences at first but just keep plugging away and one day you will look in the mirror and say wow it looks like I have lost 20 pounds when really I have only lost 10 pounds.
  10. It might have been vitamin E. That is the usual vitamin for skin and nails.
  11. Imagine2, I also get those ridges. I got them when Raynaud's kicked in. I got them when Carpal tunnel was happening. I notice when my body gets into a weakened state or I am having pain issues my nails start getting the hardened ridges. They feel horrible to the touch. I sand them down and try to keep them filed. I use to keep them coated with clear polish so they would look better. Now, I let them breath and just keep oils on my cuticles and lotions on my hands. I showed my hands and nails to one of my family physicians once. He laughed at me when I told him this happens to my fingernails when my resistance is down. When I was having some real major bowel issues my Gastro doctor grabbed my hands and looked at my fingers and nails. He said our hands and nails tell us many things. He gave me medication for my bowel issues and said when my system was up and running to speed my nails would clear up but to always protect them. I have and I get several months a year when I have pretty nails.
  12. Sheryl


    Janey and Sandra boiled peanuts definitely require a certain palette. I even take hard shelled peanuts sometimes and throw them in some boiling really salted "kosher salt" water. Boil them about 10 minutes maybe 15 Min's. I take one out and start enjoying. They become addictive and you just keep eating them. Since they are so good for us and are like a candy to me I just pig out. Seal them in a bowl with the brine water they will last at least a week in the fridge. I eat them in two days so I leave them sit out. I like them really hot so I micro wave them to reheat them then open them up and enjoy the warm salty peanut. Janey you did a great job of explaining how they taste. I guess that is why I like them so much. My favorite bean is a Pinto bean. You can just about fix a pinto bean any way a person likes and I will eat it. Even baked in the old fashioned corn syrup method.
  13. Nata, maybe you can call this doctor and see if there might be a cancellation. Let the receptionist at the desk know you are having some pain issues and had high hopes of getting in a bit sooner. Like today or tomorrow if possible. They can tell you that they are totally swamped and over booked but to keep calling back each day and if a cancellation happens you can get the spot. You might ask what is the preferred pain medication that you should take in your situation. Just a few of my thoughts at the moment. You may have already tried this but I have done this on many occasions and was able to get in. Of course I use to live about 10 minutes from all my doctors. Now it is much harder as I am coming from 1 1/2 hours away. So, the nurse usually keeps my number on a sticky note and calls and tells me if someone has canceled for later that day and I work my way in at my leisure. I hope you get some attention soon.
  14. Clean as a whistle Pam, awesome new. Nice to hear something good in regards to one of our tests isn't it. Things are lookin up.
  15. Cheryle, I haven't heard of anyone mentioning in our group that they take the Synthyroid injections. If you do consider taking Synthyroid in that manner it would be good to know how it works for you and if your levels remain at normal levels. I started out at 300mcgs of Thyroid medication 20 years ago. As the years pass and I needed less I am now at 175. I fluctuated on a couple occasions and had to take one and 1/2 pills every other day to increase my doses at times. It is a fine balance to keep our bodies honed to perfection. We all live in hope. I hope your meds starting working better to keep all systems working properly.
  16. Rest today Sweet. We will cover for you. I hope all goes well and you are home and comfy in no time at all. Hey, I always take my socks and or footies, gloves and sometimes even a little stocking type cap to wear when I go in for procedures or surgeries. When we can keep our core warm it is easier on everyone involved. You go girl.
  17. Peanut it is so good to know that you are improving daily. It has been a long road for us followers. For you I can't even immagine what you have had to go through and deal with. Then moving and now a lung transplant. Please have your friend keep us informed even if you can't always do so. Each and every one of us think of you and wonder what each day brings to you and how you are managing that day. When you get a new set of lungs you will be off and running once again. Such awesome work our doctors seem to be able to preform. You get back to us when you can.
  18. Buttons, glad to know that surgery went well and you are home recovering. Please let us know how you are doing every few days. When they get you set up and up and running let us know how the system is working. Good idea about putting the batteries up higher so you can still ride your bike. We don't like lifestyle changes. It bothers us even if one or two things are taken away because of our illness. We just need to learn to adapt quickly and find alternatives when possible. Rest and get yourself well.
  19. Sandra it sounds like you still had an awesome time barring the pitfalls you and your hubby had. Sometimes we seem healthier when we just stick around our own Country or State that we live in. Our bodies seem to like what they are used to. I liked your pictures.
  20. Ya'all hidin ov'r hera doin all the country cookin. These posts should be in our den so everyone can find them and enter into the conversation. But, I found ya'all ana way. Wow! Grits are a great food. I like them for breakfast with butter, sugar, and milk. Or with just salt and pepper with any type of egg and muffin. Now, I just have to try them with the chilies. Just happen to have a little jar in my cabinet. I love so many potatoe recipes using the shredded potatoes. I never have had them with cabbage though. I am on a mission. I have had them German style with many onions in them fried up like potatoe pancakes. When ever I am baking potatoes for dinner I throw in a couple extra so the next morning I can shred them up and fix them how ever I desire. Looke what ya'all have gone and done. Now I am a hankerin for breakfast. I love ya! Hugs to all of you. Oh! my mom fixes the best fried Green Tomatoes.
  21. Penny Roar, I am happy to hear that you are finally getting somewhere with your doctors. I think I would think twice about any surgeries with these doctor's that really didn't believe you. Find a doctor that has done this type of surgery many times it that is what is required. There are a couple other ladies that are dealing with some of your same issues. I am glad I am in the mild gastric emptying category. With medications and a very careful diet I have been doing quite well for quite some time now. Keep us informed on what you are doing that is starting to work for you as things get better for you.
  22. Patty I hope you have gone for some help by now. We haven't heard from you and now that worries me a bit. I guess you had some sort of impacted bowel. That can be dangerous, as it can rupture. Hopefully you were able to get into to see your gastroenterologist. Please let us know when possible what is going on.
  23. Sheryl


    Welcome Liz, and thank you for your post. I just went to an eye doctor for that same feeling of a veil over one of my eyes and some pressure. He said, after thorough checking that he thought I was at the beginning stages of glaucoma. But not to worry it could take years before causing any real problems. So, I just hope the feeling isn't bothersome every day all day and all the time. I have had about a month off from the pressure and very little pain. I guess all of us should keep on top of this and even see another doctor for second opinions if necessary. All of you keep us updated so that if others find themselves in this situation they know what might help.
  24. Hey Pamela wouldn't that have been totally weird if Carol would have taught elementary school and had one of your grandkids as a student. Now that would have been to sweet. I am glad you are up to traveling and seeing your grandkids so often. You see yours more than I do. Mine are only about 14 hours away. It is horrible having ones family members so far away. It does take getting use to. Carol,welcome to our wonderful family. We grow in numbers, strength and knowledge each and every day. You will find one wonderfully diverse family here. We truly grow closer to each other as each day comes and goes.
  25. enjoy the ride, Looks like you enjoyed the time with your friends. Being part of your friends good times is a tribute. It is also a tribute that you have gone as long as you have without smoking. I just hope you aren't tormented for the next 15 months into wanting another one to satisfy this new urge. It seems when a person just has one they end up sneaking another then another. Maybe you have survived this long and can turn your back and not pick up another one. The work has been done. You have succeeded in your original task of quiting. Keep your self as healthy as you can. Next time you are out just say to yourself. Yeap, I could have one but I might not get away with it so easily next time, so I don't really want one bad enough to take the chance. Your friends will care more that you are well and out with them than any thing else. I am glad you enjoyed the smoke without it getting you. Now, take a deep nasal breath in through your nose. Let it out through your mouth. Build up and strengthen your lungs, with this exercise. If you are worried about your lungs you should have a baseline CT scan. This way your doctor's will be able to see any changes readily in the future. It wouldn't hurt to have PFT's done at least once every 9 months to check the functioning and flow of air in and out of those precious pieces of equipment. All for now. Looks like we may be done with lecturing even though you may not have needed it. It helps us.
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