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  1. ktm, are you not convinced that you have Scleroderma or are you not convinced that you need to be on infusions at this time? Welcome to our forums. You will learn so much visiting our medical pages and asking questions to all its members. Things that help us individually or certain symptoms we experience. We try to give our thoughts and feelings on things that we go through doing this disease process. I hope you make many friends and over time give great input to our growing community of Sclerodians and their families and friends.
  2. Sheryl

    Wax treatment

    Isn't it just great. I am so glad you are enjoying your wax machine. You will find the techniques that work best for you.
  3. Sheryl


    Hello Sharon T, and welcome to our ISN forum. Sorry to hear that you are amongst the folks with PAH. Hopefully, you will find out how different people are being treated for PAH. I am anxious to find out more about Ambrisentan and how it helps you. Keep us informed on what benefits you get when taking this, medication.
  4. Sheryl

    New Member - Morphea

    Welcome to our ISN forum Michelle, Smiling Barb, Tasha, and anyone I may have missed. Sorry you also share one or more of the illness' we each may have. Enjoy browsing through the medical section asking questions and those with morphea also may be able to help with easing your symptoms. Smiling Barb, sorry to hear that you are in a wheel chair because of a fractured leg. With modern medicine you would think their would be knowledgeable ways figured out to fix it properly. You all have come to the right place for support, soft comforting hugs. Also new ways to help relieve any issues you are dealing with that your doctor hasn't been able to figure out yet. Some of the people here have suffered greatly to get the treatment needed. Some results had simple cures or ways to ease the pain. Enjoy all your new friends here as we can listen, learn, and help each other when possible.
  5. Sheryl

    Winter comfort foods?

    Jeannie, my winter comfort food is Quiche. Any type of Quiche, though my favorite is hot sausage and broccoli with cheese. Yummy! Another favorite is homemade chicken pot pies. You can add just about any veggie to them and they are great, especially many potatoes. I made Quiche today for my sister in law, and her sister in law who lives next door came over and enjoyed it also. Just enough left for breakfast tomorrow.
  6. Sheryl

    Lap Band Procedure?

    jackiejones, I would like to welcome you to ISN forums. You will learn so much here and become part of a growing family. I don't think lap band surgery is something that those of us with scleroderma really should even consider, of course that is my opinion which is based only on what I have read in the past. You might wish to seek a few other doctor's opinion's and read everything you can on the topic, before making such a drastic decision. Other's may have some knowledge to send your way. You have come to the right place to learn and growth in strength and sometimes even Witt.
  7. Sheryl

    Wax treatment

    Good idea Sandra, I will have to try that idea. Now I just have to find someone what still wears those dreaded nylons. Or someone that still has a job that requires you to dress in suitable attire to need to wear nylons. It would be so much easier and lifting the wax machine and pouring all the wax out. I am on it girlfriend. Now, when I get back from Florida I will have to call about the wax. Since I don't use that much because of reusing it over and over I might luck out. Thanks for sharing this great idea.
  8. Sheryl

    Chat room

    Molly Elizabeth, I got your message. I would like to welcome you to our ISN forums. We are having a few technical difficulties tonight. The Chat room is down tonight so we won't be having open visiting. We should be up and running next week. Write a short note telling us a little bit about yourself if you can.
  9. Sheryl

    Chat room

    Robyn or Kathy are you able to get into the chat room? We may be unable to use it tonight. I can't open it.
  10. Sheryl

    Chat room

    Thanks for responding, It seems like when it works on Wednesdays it doesn't on Sunday. They get it fixed for us on Sunday's then it doesn't work on Wednesday. OK I will delete these posts in a few minutes.
  11. Sheryl

    Wax treatment

    Since I am the only one that uses my hot wax machine I use the wax over numerous times. When I dip my foot several times in and out of the wax I then put my foot in the plastic style bags that came with my machine. You could use any type zip lock type baggie if the bags don't come with your machine. After removing towels and the wax has cooled I rub my feet inside the bags. All the wax falls off into the bags the I dump it back into the machine. I keep two cleaned out coffee containers, mine happen to be plastic for the use of straining my wax after a couple months. I heat the wax to its max, and I put a piece of cheese cloth over a coffee container held on with many rubber bands. I dump the wax into these containers, and then take paper towels and wipe out the bottom of my wax machine. I do this quickly. In fact my husband does the pouring, I wipe out the debris in the bottom of my machine and he pours the wax back into the machine. It only takes a matter of 3 to 5 minutes when you have everything set up. Put the lids on the coffee cans and place them under your sink or in the garage until they are needed again. That's how I happen to do mine. If others have good ideas send them to us. Anything to help make things easier is a good thing. I just thought of something to keep our machines clean. Don't put the used wax in the machine. Put it in the coffee containers if they are the plastic kind and reheat that small amount from hands and feet in the microwave. Pour through the cheese cloth while hot back into the hot bath and you won't have to clean out the machine. Duh! why haven't I tried that.
  12. Sheryl

    Fried Green Tomatoes

    Sandra, you should be able to find Grits in the breakfast, cooked hot cereal section of your grocery store. They would be next to things like oatmeal, cream of wheat, malto meal. Grits are refined you won't be getting puffs of corn to cook. It looks like large cream of wheat but much whiter. Regular Hominy is with green beans and corn canned goods. It is boiled kernels of corn. They puff up and turn white like popped corn. It is pre-hulled and boiled kernels. You buy it already in a can ready to re-heat. Try again looking in the grocery store and I bet you will find what we have been talking about.
  13. Sheryl

    Finger and Wrist stiffness and pain

    Amberjolie, Don't be afraid to kindly tell someone you are having issues with pain and or swelling in your hands on the particular day or time you meet them. It is surprising how others sometimes say that they also worry about shaking hands because sometimes people tend to squeeze to hard. A big smile and a kind word is usually enough to get you through introductions while keeping your hands resting at your sides. Sorry to hear that you might also be having other autoimmune symptoms. Hopefully, it will just be regular arthritis and no other things will develop. Keep hoping for the best and worry about it when it becomes necessary. Usually, worrying only gets you upset and doesn't change the outcome anyways. If its a good outcome then great, if it isn't then you just have to deal with it and forge forward. I truly hope it is just Sjorgrens for you but, if it isn't we will all be here and do our best to comfort you and be with you. Just take care of each issue as it arises and you will know you are doing every thing you can to help yourself stay well.
  14. Sheryl

    Finger and Wrist stiffness and pain

    amberjolie, Arthritis is to Scleroderma as dry eyes are to Sjorgrens. Joint pain seems to come and go with me for instance, with different intensities and frequencies. Also different areas of the body. This week it could be all the joints in my toes and ankles where I can hardly walk. Next week it could be slight pain but constant and annoying in my left hip. After that it could be back to the feet or into the hands and feet at the same time. Make sure to work and stretch your muscles and joints with a tiny bit of pressure. Keep yourself and your joints moving. Don't give into the pain and let it consume your thoughts and keep you from your daily tasks. Make sure to ask your nurse or doctor to make sure they think that is a wise thing for you to do in your instance. Also maybe they can prescribe something for pain or inflammation if they deem it necessary. Keep smiling and moving and stretching, even if you are sitting or laying down you can move and do many things.
  15. Sheryl

    Wax treatment

    Mine is just called a Wax machine. You can purchase them at any Beauty Supply usually. This time of year Department stores sell them and stock them with Holiday Stock. If you ask an employee they should know if they carry this item. Some machines may say something along the lines of "foot and hand warm wax machine". I love mine and use it often. Sometimes we just need to pamper ourselves while also getting some type of relief. This purchase should be under $30.00 and I hope you find one and let others know how it worked for you.
  16. Sheryl

    IMURAN Decision- Help Me

    Ah Barefut those are some sweet bare feet. Just have to admire your handy work. Such a great avatar. I can't comment on the Imuran but, would like to know more about it myself.
  17. Sheryl

    Brain Fog Follies

    Sherion, I guess living out in the country can be good at time. Everyone knows everyone quite quickly or they find out quickly who's new in the area and take the time to get to know you. With in months of moving here I was part of a big family. Cashiers here even ask me if I might need something else and they would be glad to go and get it for me. They ask me all the time I think they were taught to ask these questions to there regulars. Usually there is something I would like to have but, I don't want to get out of line and get it. So, I do without unless someone asks if they can fetch something for me Sorry SusieQ you weren't able to get into the chat room. We saw someone trying to get it. As soon as they tried to enter we figured there system just crashed. Hopefully, we will see you this Sunday night.
  18. Sheryl


    When I am stressed, I work in my kitchen. Get out my cookbooks and look for something unique to try. That I hopefully don't have to go to the store for special ingredients. If I am to lazy or in a fatigued state then I take a warm shower and pamper myself and read all my magazines that are sitting around waiting to be read before they get passed on to another. Sometimes if it is nice out I put on my walking shoes and WALK and walk and walk. Pretty soon I am enjoying myself and noticing everything good around me. Stress seems to just melt away.
  19. Sheryl

    Pet Peeves, Whats Yours?

    Great idea Sandra. I will tell my friends that I walk with your little tip. They always need water and baggies for long walks.
  20. Sheryl

    New...ish to Scleroderma

    Hello Dee and welcome to ISN Forums. Sometimes it is hard talking with our doctor's and trying to get them to understand some of what we are going through. I know they are looking for the medical clues that we feed them, to help give us a proper diagnosis on all of our unusual symptoms that come on and go away sometimes just as fast. I guess at times we might look at them like they are all knowing when in fact they are learning with us on many things. I noticed one thing you talked about was the leakage. When it gets to the point of you thinking Oh my I don't know what I am going to do, then you will sit and discuss this with your doctor, or gastroenterologist if you have one. If you don't then it might be nice to find one now while the issue isn't severe. Make an appointment as he/she knows what to give you to stop that problem. It could be something as simple as bacterial overgrowth. It is late, I will check back tomorrow. You have come to a great place.
  21. Sheryl

    Bowel Issues - Update

    Yes, you are the only Y. I looked all over for the welcome I sent to you. Apparently I didn't send it and it went to cyber space, as many of our posts do when we get in a hurry or leave the area where we are typing and come back. Poof it is gone. OK maybe I am having a loss of brain activity more than I thought. Welcome aboard Y. I hope someone speaks up and is part of the study that you are in. I was going to leave this post and go check the name of the study It started with a D thats all I can remember. I can't, leave here or this post will be deleted. We will have to see if some of our computer wizards can fix that little problem with our new forum. Then we can come and go and finish when we get time. They add new things daily. It is getting better and better especially when some of us mess things they come to our rescue. Y do you want to tell us a little bit about this study and what it entails.
  22. Sheryl

    Safety tip

    Oh Jeannie, your Avatar is making me shiver. All the snow looks beautiful. But your huskies look strange.
  23. Sheryl

    Could Scleroderma cause this?

    March, I haven't given you a welcome. To bad you had to come join our forum. Sure glad you did though, sorry for your need to have to. Maybe it could be diverticular problems causing the slow bleed. I have issues dealing with that once or twice yearly. I have to go on antibiotics and this seems to rectify the problem. Some times it is worse than others but, do let your doctors know about this as they can run a fecal culture to make sure nothing serious is happening. Welcome aboard!
  24. Sheryl

    Safety tip

    West Coast, you may get several responses from this. I have always used a razor blade to remove my labels. We usually find other uses for the bottles so that is pretty quick and easy for us. Then just take scissors and cut up the label. This was a very good idea to throw out to everyone. People who recycle won't have their names going everywhere through the trash. Also take a marker and wipe out your address on magazines, or just cut your name off before giving it to others.
  25. Sheryl

    fingernail Ridges

    Ladyhawke, Sandra and any others celebrating Thanksgiving with family members, enjoy your time with all your family and any friends you are also celebrating with. Happy Turkey Day.