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  1. Many of you here on the Sclero Forums know Lisa Volz also know as Peanut to many of us. She passed away after a very long recovery period from stem cell surgery and many complications before and after this surgery. Our sincere condolences go out to her family.
  2. Sheryl

    Welcome Janet Paulmenn: ISN Artist

    I can't wait to see some of the new artwork on our forum.
  3. What a great story Miocean. Addiction is a very tug of war illness. Once you win the battle you realize all the benefits. It is easy not to work at giving up something you think you are really enjoying. Saving the money in a jar or box can be one of the biggest motivations. You get to start listing all the things you may want to do with it or reward yourself weekly then monthly then something special the next year. Motivation is a hard thing to talk yourself into, be it exercise or quitting the habit. Most of us have family members that struggle with some type of addiction. It truly is hard to watch them slowly destroying their bodies.
  4. Sheryl

    A less than stellar year so far!

    Jeannie, I'm shocked at all your news. So very glad to hear that you are coming around once again. It is so much fun meeting some of our special Sclero friends isn't it. Keep that weight off. Don't go eating any greasy foods for awhile either. Keep your meals simple so your tummy can handle things once again. Fill up on healthy things and take advantage of the gift of living through all of this. Welcome Back.
  5. Every contribution of any kind helps. Whoo Hoo! Thanks.
  6. Sheryl

    Surgery #1 out of the way (Cervical Stenosis)

    Good luck with your therapy JBG. I hope you can get back to routine activities quickly now. I didn't realize the recovery was so long. We are use to plugging along but enough is enough. Jeannie, I am happy to hear that your surgery went well and you were treated like Royalty. It makes it easier to cope and deal with the pain when the staff are on top of things and really helpful. May you recover quickly. Both of you recover quickly and without excess pain. Soft hugs.