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    Mouth problems

    Erika, I for one am glad you went and had your dentist check your mouth and give you proper treatment. I hope everything heals properly. For the price we pay for appointments and treatment medications, those things should work. Some times this trial and error stuff gets boring. But, what works for one person doesn't always work for another. Keep us informed on your progress.
  2. Sheryl

    Temporal Arteritis

    Oh Sharon I feel so bad that your body keeps piling illness on you. I hope the hernia repair surgery goes well. The doctors figure the prednisone will rectify the pain in your temples and the spots you are seeing in front of your eyes? You will be in my thoughts. Keep us informed as you go through the surgery and let us know if it makes you feel better, once it is done.
  3. Good morning taytay, and welcome to Sclero Forums. I sure hope that Interstitial Cystitis isn't a precursor to Systemic Sclerosis for you. Though not all of us with Scleroderma have Cystitis as a factor. There are many people here in our Forum that have family members with some form of Systemic disease process that they deal with. It may be just mixed connective tissue disease. What makes some people get the full blown case of Scleroderma even the doctors haven't figured that one out for sure. Search around the site and ask as many questions as you feel comfortable asking. Others will pipe in shortly and offer you additional support and courage. The road to finding out if you have this disease can take years. I would recommend learning but not worrying yourself for prolonged periods about this. If it happens in your future then you will be armed with great knowledge and coping skills.
  4. Sheryl

    Hello, I'm new.

    Hello Lynnie, and Welcome to Sclero Forums. We are glad that you joined us and we hope that we can give you the most update and knowledgeable information. If you wish to chat many of us join in the chat rooms that are run on Wednesdays at 1 o'clock and Sundays at 9 pm. Asking questions is the best way for others to join in on your conversations and postings. I hope to be in contact with you again soon. I am just getting ready to open up the chat room for the evening.
  5. Sheryl

    Update on me

    Susieq40, I am happy to hear you are no worse for the wear. Very happy to hear that your lungs haven't been progressing even at a very slow pace. If things are at a stand still then the medications have been doing the job like they were suppose to do. Thanks for the report.
  6. Sheryl


    Pinnygig, not sure what you mean by tired tongue but I do have a few issues with my tongue in the past year. I think when I am chewing food somehow my tongue makes a twist. I end up biting it near the edge inward about half way back on my tongue. Of course once you bite it you continue to take little nips or quite hard nips it is almost like my teeth just bite my tongue right when it happens to be in the way. It is a quick jerking type bite, not a normal smooth bite. It is like having a lazy tongue as the tongue refuses to stay out of the way. When this happens I also end up biting my cheeks and then have those little sores to contend with. They sometimes take a couple weeks to go away. Years ago they would be gone overnight or within a day or two. I hope you enjoy our forum. It is a great place to ask questions and get different responses that might let you know methods of dealing with a situation that is taking place at that moment. Welcome aboard.
  7. Sheryl

    Manchester Based lSSc Newly Diagnosed

    Lil Dee, Welcome to our ISN Forum. I'm sorry to hear that your Raynaud's condition has progressed and that you now have been diagnosed with Limited Scleroderma. We have a great medical section that you will have fun browsing through. I hope you get to meet many new people here with common ailments and find friends along the way. We have a great group of people whom take the time to write and ease the stress or pain others are feeling with ideas or easy fixes that do help us in many ways. I'm looking forward to learning more about you and how you are coping with your latest illness.
  8. Sheryl

    New Here

    Tom6, welcome to Sclero Forums. I hope you are reading everything you can find on Scleroderma and its symptoms. Knowledge is the key for us, to give our doctors better methods of helping us deal with our many issues.
  9. Sheryl

    Back from New Zealand

    Welcome home Pamela. I am happy you were able to spend time with your son and his wife and those beautiful grand daughters. I am glad you health stayed stable so you could really enjoy this time with family.
  10. Sheryl

    heart catherization

    Miocean, glad to hear that you have the go ahead for your next surgery. Let us know when you get the call.
  11. Sheryl


    Snowbird, my rheumatologist put me on something within the first year to help circulation in my fingers and toes. It has helped me tremendously. Any help for attacks or severe cold fingers and toes is a great help as soon as they continue to be bothersome a person should look into something that might help them out.
  12. Sheryl

    Can't Get Up!

    Sorry to hear that you are having to deal with so many issues of late Barefut. I hope something can be done to help you with your pain. It sure hurts us when we know others are also hurting. I hope your sister is still able to help you out at times. Maybe she can go with you to some of your appointments if you aren't up to driving because of all the joint pain. It sure would be nice if our general practitioners could take care of the majority of our problems. Sure would save time and money on the long trips to specialist. Let us know what you find out.
  13. Sheryl


    I whole heartedly agree. Too cute SharonT.
  14. Sheryl

    G's colonoscopy

    Margaret, I am so sorry to hear of more bad news for Gareth. Sometimes life just doesn't seem fair does it. I sure hope there is something that he can be given that will help with most of his symptoms. I feel so bad for you and your family. Please keep us informed on what can or is being done to help Gareth be more comfortable.
  15. Sheryl

    Painful Skin

    Seton, that is one thing I don't have is shin pain. I am knocking on wood to keep that from happening to me. Hopefully, a few others that have this condition will respond soon. Happy New Year to you, real soon as well.
  16. Sheryl

    Painful Skin

    Seton Look under the message I'm new and scared by Annieb. About 13 or more messages down. I hope that is the post you were referring to. If not let me know and I will keep looking.
  17. Sheryl


    tngrits, I was raised not far from where you reside. I was brought up near Carthage Tennesee. We have family all over Tennessee and my hubby is from Kentucky. I am trying to get farther South but my hubby's heels are dung in. He's kickin and scratching and holden them reins tight. I can only get him to go South for a few weeks each year. I am working on Fl. but maybe in a few years he will change his mind and enjoy it as much as I do. Keep posting and learning your way around the forum. You are doing great and hopefully having fun learning.
  18. Sheryl

    G's colonoscopy

    Thanks Margaret on keeping us informed on Gareth. I am so happy he was able to survive the not eating portion of the test. That is always the hardest part for me. When I know ahead of time that I am going to have have certain tests then I plan them for very early in the morning. If I don't have that option because the test needs to be done right away then I usually stay up half the night eating my morning meals. Then I don't eat the required hours prior to testing, because I am sleeping until right before going in for the test. I don't think I could be up half the day waiting for a test and not eating or drinking something. It seems like I eat/drink something about once an hour. I guess that is in part from having diabetes on top of everything else. Do keep us informed on what the results showed. Hopefully, Gareth won't have to have any further testing done.
  19. Sheryl


    Incontinence happens to the best of us and others. Ha! I had a bladder suspension. That helped for about 3 years. Now, the urgency is back full force. I use the motto now to never pass up an opportunity. If I walk past the bathroom and think I may need to go soon, I go ahead and take the opportunity to get this mission accomplished. When I am shopping as soon as I enter a store I go so that I don't have to worry about not making it. Then I also know where the bathroom is in case I really need to go. I have learned to make many changes in my life, I now have great coping skills. tngrits, Look into the prescription Colestid. It is used for more than just cholesterol problems. My gastroenterologist prescribed 3 pills 2 times daily and it really helps your food stay in your system longer. You can't take other medication for about 4 hours but you can eat and your stools come through your system in a more normal fashion. The urgency problem isn't as much of a problem. I thought I would mention this so you can ask about it and see if it might be an option for your situation. Good luck.
  20. Sheryl

    Embarrassing question

    tngrits, some of us suffer with the ongoing diarrhea problem. Mine is caused mostly from bacterial overgrowth. Even when that problem is cleared up I still have problems and I am on medication twice daily to help with the situation. I need to eat additional fiber and that seems to help also. If you are going for a colonoscopy your doctor will be prepared to start you on medications to clear up your bowels and destroy the bad bacteria and start you off with better flora in your system. I still have problems a few times a year and we go through a regime of antibiotics. Then I take over the counter probiotics to help with the flora in the intestines. It is good that you are getting this taken care of. Matters could become much worse if you don't take every precaution. Others may respond soon.
  21. Sheryl


    Welcome tngrits to ISN forums. Now, your forum forever more or for as long as you need fulfilling or wish to offer fulfillment to others. We have a great group of staff, and friends that feel like family. I take that back. They make you feel better than our own families most of the time. Our real families don't have a clue what we deal with day to day and week to week. They don't know how to give support or help us through a painful day. Here, someone will jump in and make you smile, or laugh and tell a special story that makes you feel how lucky you are and, how important it is that we still wake up every day and face this beautiful world that we live in. It is great having you join us.
  22. Sheryl

    Confused about treatments

    Enjoytheride, you can expect to pay out of pocket for a consultation to a new doctor. Sounds like you should go to a Gastroenterologist. I have gone to doctors out of my plan and without my primary doctors approval. Once you go and if the new doctor feels that he needs to do further testing he can then get the approvals you require. Have you had endoscopies and colonoscopies done. That is the first step to solving bowel or esophageal issues. Your primary doctor could do these tests first and if he sees anything of note then a referral is automatic. I guess it depends on how bad you are feeling on what you decide to do. There is nothing wrong with a person going with doctors outside their plans. The primary doctor that I have now is glad that I took things into my own hands with my health and made things happen. You need to do what you think is best for your health using what ever medical doctors that see the need for their care over you. Good Luck.
  23. Cordy, My doctors differ on some of my medications. I take Ibuprofen (Motrin), one doctor prefers me to take something stronger and with pain medication. The pain medication makes me loopy, or dizzy and slightly nauseous. She worries about the effects of Motrin on my stomach. I prefer the effects and relief I get from Motrin unless the pain is serious then I switch. Then I don't mind sleeping but normally I like to be with less pain but not sleeping and able to function properly. My other doctors say as long as I take the Motrin with even a cracker then the Motorin won't ulcerate the stomach or cause any problems. For me I take meds for acid reflux also, so I am told my stomach should be protected. Just eat a bite of something and drink a full glass of water and do as your doctors prescribe.
  24. Sheryl


    JeanL, welcome to our ISN forum. Tell us a bit about yourself and some of your symptoms and others can jump in with information. I am on my way out the door until tomorrow night but, wanted to give you a quick welcome.
  25. Duchess thank you for putting your story into words for others to read and learn from. Let us know what your daughter finds out. We are getting more and more people joining the forum that have parents that also have scleroderma. Or parents that have children with the same symptoms. Some are never diagnosed but share many of the same symptoms. Linda, Jennifer, and Duchess welcome to the Sclero Forums. Keep posting and keeping us informed on what you are going through. If others can help they will jump in when possible. You will learn a great deal here.