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  1. What a great story Miocean. Addiction is a very tug of war illness. Once you win the battle you realize all the benefits. It is easy not to work at giving up something you think you are really enjoying. Saving the money in a jar or box can be one of the biggest motivations. You get to start listing all the things you may want to do with it or reward yourself weekly then monthly then something special the next year. Motivation is a hard thing to talk yourself into, be it exercise or quitting the habit. Most of us have family members that struggle with some type of addiction. It truly is hard to watch them slowly destroying their bodies.

  2. Jeannie, I'm shocked at all your news. So very glad to hear that you are coming around once again. It is so much fun meeting some of our special Sclero friends isn't it. Keep that weight off. Don't go eating any greasy foods for awhile either. Keep your meals simple so your tummy can handle things once again. Fill up on healthy things and take advantage of the gift of living through all of this. Welcome Back.

  3. Good luck with your therapy JBG. I hope you can get back to routine activities quickly now. I didn't realize the recovery was so long. We are use to plugging along but enough is enough.


    Jeannie, I am happy to hear that your surgery went well and you were treated like Royalty. It makes it easier to cope and deal with the pain when the staff are on top of things and really helpful.

    May you recover quickly.


    Both of you recover quickly and without excess pain. Soft hugs.

  4. December Holiday in Florida is high on my list of favorite Holiday's or places to be on a Holiday.

    I do believe our 4th of July celebrations at our home make that my favorite of Holiday's. Warm weather, sun, family and water sports. What more can a person ask for? Huh! Oh alright, then food makes the day complete. Also it happens to be my Mother's Birthday. So we really celebrate Independence Day.

  5. Jo69, welcome to the ISN forums. Your symptoms could be the start of Scleroderma though it can take many years for a diagnosis. I had issues similar to yours when my disease started. I was diagnosed when having and Endoscopy and Colonoscopy from my Gastroenterologist, as I was having issues with an ulcer and gastritis and started developing bowel issues. Everyone's symptoms are so different that most doctors don't jump into giving people a diagnosis until many issues develop. Many of us never show inflammatory markers with this disease unless we happen to be in a severe flare of some sort. Read some of the medical pages looking up some of the symptoms you have and learn so that you have proper ideas or thoughts to talk with your doctor about. I went on my own to a Rheumatologist and paid out of pocket for my diagnosis. Once I had my diagnosis I went back to my family doctor with the reports. Then my insurance paid for all appointments after that.


  6. Susie, I hope you are feeling much better now that your surgery is done. New methods of surgery amaze me. Mine was removed 30 years ago and I spent a week in the hospital recovering. Things are improving in the medical field making life and recovery much easier.

  7. Judyt, please let Cayla know we are all thinking about her and feel so badly that she and her mom didn't get anything near the year together that they had hoped. Maybe Cayla is reading this post or will be when her life settles down. Cayla stay on top of your own health .I am happy to hear that you started on cyclophosphamide treatment to help you with your Pulmonary Fibrosis. I hope it starts showing its effects on you soon. Better health is a good thing.

  8. uknlv


    Jean, have you thought about Carpal Tunnel being the problem with your hands and fingers being tingling and having numbness. That was one of the first major issues I dealt with when I was diagnosed with Scleroderma then later came the Raynald's. Hope this tidbit might help. I had to wear special arm/wrist braces for a couple months prior to surgery to help reduce pain and tingling.

  9. Nicole, get into orbit as your Spudnic. You need to take care of any issues you are going through. Finding a Rheumatologist whom specializes in Scleroderma would be a good option. A simple blood test can usually tell the doctors that something is going on in your system. Welcome to our ISN forum. Ask any questions you would like opinions or first hand information on. We can only let you in on what each of us might personally be going through, which is a wide spectrum of things. Enjoy all of our reading materials. Jump into any of our chat room sessions that go on during the week. There you can freely talk and ask away. We get into very personal physical problems that we each may be dealing with at one time or another. We also talk nonsense and about cooking or anything that comes to mind. Welcome to ISN.

  10. Pamela, good luck with all your upcoming tests. May you pass inspection on all fronts. Keep your chin up and think positive thoughts until someone tells you something that you have to deal with differently. You can still stay positive it just takes more work in doing so. Please let us know how you are fairing from time to time.

  11. Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear that you are having to wear the dreaded compression socks. They are pure torture to put on or take off. I have been helping a neighbor to take his off every night since his heart attack a few weeks ago. My husband goes over in the mornings and helps put them on him until he gets up enough strength to do this himself. It may be another week or two. Dealing with swollen ankles or legs can be hard work. Keep up the good work so your legs don't start swelling again.

  12. fragiledancer2, I used to take Reglan and developed some of the severe side effects. After two years of not taking it the effects have finally come to a halt. I wasn't sure they would ever really end. I will be starting Domperidone (Motilium) in a week or so. It is coming from the U K to Canada then to the U S to where I live. You can get it in a few countries some places require a prescription others do not. I spent two days tracking down a company that would mail it to me here in the U S. Everyone else wanted me to pick it up in Canada, which is a few hours away for me. I will see how this new script works for me as I have tried just about everything else. The bottles come in one hundred at a time. You can get six months at a time also instead of the regular 3 months. Of course I am paying cash and it isn't covered under medical since it isn't FDA approved in the U S. Message me if you want the company I am going through with telephone numbers.

  13. Amanda I hope the fatigue has started to lessen for you. When it hits it seems like it will never go away. We do wonder how we can sleep so many hours. Barely able to get up off of the couch or bed and use the restroom and find something to eat or drink before the fatigue hits and the couch is calling us once again. Taking away most/all sugar and milk products seems to help me though it can sometimes last for many weeks. Three months was my longest run of fatigue. I wish we knew what brings it on or what to do to prevent its decent upon us. It would be helpful to understand what process is going on at the time with our bodies. I hope you are starting to feel better and up to making more videos for others to learn from.

  14. Emma123, welcome to ISN forums. I am happy you have made yourself at home here and enjoyed looking at some of our medical pages. I am sorry that it has taken so long for someone to clue you in on what the sabre running down your forehead was. I guess when people don't have severe enough symptoms everything is suppose to be ok. I am happy to hear that in all these years you haven't had other medical issues to deal with besides this facial scarring. Hopefully, someone will write to you that has personal knowledge about this and hopefully answer your questions.