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  1. Sclero can cause extreme itching. My arms are hyde like in feel from all the itching these past four, plus years. I've tried everything. The only prescriptions that really work knock me out. So I only take them at nite about every three nights. One of the creams prescribe by the Doctors is Lac-Hydrin cream. It usually helps with dryness and helps with the mild itching but not the horrendous itch where the little tiny nerves come to the surface and cause teeny tiny scabs that take a couple weeks to heal. I probably gave you more information than you really wanted. Sheryl

  2. Jennifer, I don't know what a surgery hostess does, but I hope you provide the extra hands that are sometimes needed to ease or comfort the patient. It is so wonderful that there are people who are willing to still give of themselves no matter what there own lot in life is. Thanks for being so thoughtful. Sheryl

  3. Regarding the topic of fatigue. Seems we all have fatigue with this disease. But, do you have it so bad that when you get up after 8 hours sleep you try to read the sclero forum emails and you find yourself nodding off and jerking yourself awake. I have been fighting falling asleep for about an hour even now. So I get a pretzel or something to nibble on to stay awake. I will eventually take a nap because I won't be able to fight off the fatigue. I can take a morning nap and an afternoon or evening nap. Then, I sleep in the evening untill about 3 am and I am on my computer still nodding on and off until I go back to bed. I do this 2 or 3 days in a row then I get a couple days where I have no problems. I sometimes fight to stay awake while I am driving. Which I tend to do as little as possible when I am in a fatigued state. Is everyone having that extreme type of exhaustion? My doctor prescribed Atarax/Hydroxyzine for the severe rip roaring itchiness I have been suffering with for the past 4 years. I only take it every other nite because that makes me extreamly sleepy. It is suppose to wear off but maybe it isn't doing it quickly enough for me. Doctors, don't seen too worried about it. I hate losing so much of my day to fighting sleep or sleeping it away. Anyone with suggestions, I am all ears. Oh! I do take thyroid medicines but haven't had these problems in the 15 years I taken them. Sheryl

  4. Congrats! Lisa on your promotion. What will change from your past position? Will you get to work more hours, less :rolleyes: I hope you enjoy your work. I know all of you have done an awesome job on this new sight. I'm still recovering from are grand opening party. Keep up all the good work. Sheryl

  5. Kamlesh,

    Keep us informed on your options. Let us know what you decide and what medical procedures are the current course of action. Thinking about you and hoping all can be fixed to your satisfaction. Sheryl

  6. Gizelle,

    Not stupid. Some of us just got around to writting down steves directions to getting our albums off the old sclero group. So, I am up at 3 in the morning to do just that. Guess what, I can no longer get on the old sclero group. So, I guess everyone that wasn't quick enough will just get to start fresh. Sheryl

  7. Citymom,

    Begin by learning as much as you can about Scleroderma. Your daughter will let you know when she needs help. Be there for her to lean on you and to cry with you. This group can help with just about any questions you may ask. Hopefully, her doctors can get her on proper medication to help with some of the painand swelling. Keep us informed on her progress. Sheryl

  8. I also have the deep lines above and below my lips. Also, my lips are thinning. Especially, my upper lip. It is very thin now. Forget lipstick. It looks silly. I haven't noticed my nose area getting thinner. I am getting the little red lines around the nose area though. I've had severe teeth and facial pain on both sides of my mouth on the upper part I now have two caps because the nerves had to be destroyed in those teeth. I now wear a mouth guard and was diagnosed with TMJ and I have had Triage Minal Neuralgia a few times lately. Spelling may be wrong. Don't know what can be done to stop the facial pain. It happens so quickly and goes away within a minute or two. A tinge of pain remains for several hours. My dentist said that by wearing the mouth guard it might help protect my teeth. And possibly keep my lips from shrinking much more. We will see. Sheryl

  9. Patty, One of my doctors thinks my body is busy making a ton of collagen. All over I have dimples on my now fatty type skin. Even on my arms and legs, that were mostly muscle. I have gained 50 pounds in 9 months. Mostly from meds I guess. But, it is hard getting use to going from a size 6 to a size 14 and not able to lose one pound. I have been trying and dieting and doing everthing I can think of. I drop a pound or two and it is back in a day or two. Since, I had never had to diet before this is tough for me. I never realized what everyone with a weight problem was dealing with. It really stinks. I walk down my hallway towards a mirrored doorway and wonder who that person is coming towards me, and then I turn away. Don't know what will really help. If someone out there has a secret to lose weight, give it up. No, secrets with us. We all need to help each other. However, we can. Sheryl

  10. Louise, Have a great Holloween evening. Don't party too hard. Just have fun with all your friends. Also, in case I forget later when the season gets roaring. Have a great Birthday. Holiday babies are often overlooked. Have a great 18th Birthday. Good luck on your skin biospy. Let us know any results. Sheryl

  11. Nightfrog, I have had a lot of troubles with acid reflux. My doctors keep me on Nexium 3 times daily and Reglan 2 to 4 times daily. If I take one Reglan just before going to bed it has cleared up my night time acid problems. I am so happy not to be up pacing the floors and trying everything to stop the chest pain from the reflux. I told my doctors I was still up pacing a couple months ago and that is when they said to take one Reglan right before retiring for the night. It works great. Hopefully, you will find relief soon. Sheryl

  12. I have been married for 37 years. Most of those years I was lucky enough to be a stay at home mom. I have spent years in the cosmetology field. Several years working as a lab tech at a local pharmacy. I am now retired and my husband and I built our dream home on an acre of land on a small all sports lake. There are about 20 homes sharing our lake. We spent 2 1/2 years working day and night and our house is exactly how we wanted it. We spend our days sailing or water skiing in the summer. We spend as much time as possible on the tennis courts. Though, I have slowed down a ton this year. Hopefully, I will still have some energy next year. We usually spend our winters in Florida. Playing tennis and playing in the ocean. We have 3 sons. One is a professor at Wright State University in Ohio. One lives in Japan at the moment and is an employee at Toyota Tech Center in Ann Arbor Mi. Our youngest son is starting his own business. Computer web design. We have 4 grandchildren so far. 2 boys, and 2 girls. I enjoy sewing, knitting, cooking, and playing piano and flute in my spare time. I do like a good book every once in a while. My reading time I am usually at the computer visiting and emailing all my new sclero friends. Wow! a small start. I can't believe I found so much to chat about. Sheryl

  13. I am replying to one of my old messages. I am checking if this comes up on the first page with new messages or to see where it ends up. Thanks everyone for putting up with me. Next step is a new computer for a holiday gift. Good Idea? OH! I hope! Sheryl

  14. I'm finally picturized. Up close and personal. Good to meet and see whom we are writting to and sharing our thoughts and information with. I think, I finally like the new forum. I was ripping my hair out. Ready to throw my computer out. Then, I realized I wouldn't have any way of communicating with all of you anymore. So, I calmed down and am slowly figuring out some of the forums options. Are the message topic turning from blue to purple after we read them or, are some just purple and some blue each day? Boy, I guess I ask tooooo many questions. Thanks for being patient with me. Sheryl

  15. Ok, my patience is paying off. I hope. I finally figured out how to do the Avatar. Now, does everyone just get the first page of emails to show up. I can't get multiple pages without using the search first on anything. Once I click on the search button or type my name in the search box I get these buttons for page 1 2 3 etc. Is this how it is suppose to work? Thanks, Shelley or Heidi or anyone who answers. Oh, just thought I would ask. Does this new forum come with a spell check button, somewhere. Laughing! Just a though. Sheryl

  16. I made it to the party. Oh! such fun. Shelley, helped me get here. My computer was causing me fits. Getting rid of temporary files on the Explorer Program finally let me view more than one page in each section. Thank you Shelley and Heidi for putting up with all my initial problems. I am beginning to figure out a bit more each time I am on. Now, I have to go learn more about all my friends at thid fabulous party. Sheryl

  17. Checking to see if this posting shows up. There are now about 26 Topics listed. I am looking for a topic I started earlier. My name doesn't appear in the Topic Started column at all. So, now I am checking for this to show up in the next 24 hours. Also I need to read a reply from Heidi in the thread Making sure I have a clue. Which I don't apparently. Since, I can't find that thread at all. Boo Hoo!


  18. I put my photo up about 10 times tonight. It keeps disapearing when I leave and come back to check. What do you do to save the picture in the photo gallery? Also how do you go about giving it a Title? My husband the computer maniac couldn't even do it. He said there is a flaw in the programming. But, I showed him the other pictures. And he was too tired to fool around with it tonight. Give me a few clues. He could down size the pic. and it appeared on the screen. Then we would try to find a button to save or store picture. Leave and go back to gallery then come back and the picture would be gone. Very Strange. I am up for Ideas. Sheryl

  19. Just making sure I have a clue to what I am doing on this new sight. Can't figure out the picture setup as of yet. Hopefully, when I have more time I will be able to figure out how to get pics off my program onto this program. I will keep on keeping on.

  20. I'll try the plum juice. Just checking to see if this shows up. I had a problem getting on earlier. Thanks Heidi for the help. Now I just have to figure out how to get to all the messages at once. Also, get past all the advertisements I might have this figured out. Will take me awhile to navigate this new program. Sheryl