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  1. Hello barefut, Thank you for replying so fast, please refer me to as chico78 as my wife is chica78. Yes she has tried 50mg and 25mg a day but tends to get her light headed and week throughout the day. Her last doctor visit this past Wednesday the doctor recommended to cut back the viagra until she starts feeling better. Also he prescribe cozaar 25mg daily and to watch her blood pressure, if that is tolerable then to alternate the viagra and the cozaar. T oday was the first day she used cozaar, she has been feeling week the whole day but her blood pressure has been good. By the way I fo
  2. Hello everyone, we are new here :) my wife chica and I (I am chico). She has been diagnosed with scleroderma since the summer 2005. she has been having raynauds attacks since the begining but lately is having bad circulation in here fingers. her left index finger has turned black underneath the nail. her docters have prescribe plenty of pain pills which have not help. Also she tried nitroglecin ointment, viagra, and norvasc. Is there anything out there that maybe someone has had luck with. My wife is depressed, feels hopeless and has no confidence in her doctors. chico
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