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  1. Barbara, I agree that you should have it checked right away. Heart attackes do present differently in women than men and your symptoms are frighteningly like the symptoms women should look for. In the meantime, the lightheadedness could be due to low blood sugar. I know the feeling quite well being a diabetic and know when I feel that way, to get some sugar in my system to raise my blood sugar to a more stable level. Please don't rule that out either.
  2. Karenlee, ez described the difference exactly. Occupational Therapy is more to help you do every day things in an easier of different way. So I learned different ways to for example open a carton of milk or grasp a door handle or even take a shower. For people like us, both are actually needed and work well together.
  3. I do have some curling but mine were curled before I even realized it. My right hand is worse than the left and they are not nearly contracted as some others' are, but I can no longer lay my hands flat on a table anymore. I try not to sleep with them curled up, but it is a habit and hard to break. I also, was prescribed some physical and occupational therapy and went for 6 weeks with exercise given to do at home. I'm not deligent with them, but should be.
  4. Hummy, My actual approval only took 3 weeks from start to finish but it took me 5 months to receive my first check. That was because I had to be out of work for 5 months before I was eligible. If you have not been working, you may have met that requirement and could very well have received your first check. Do you have online banking with your bank? If so, you can look at your account to see exactly what was deposited and when. Here's hoping it is good news.
  5. I'm intrested in this info as I am now taking Lisinopril but am having a heart catherization on April 30 to get a clearer picture of the exact pressure in my heart. Of course, I am scared to death about having this done even though I know it is a simple outpatient procedure. They have a hard time now finding a good vein for bloodwork and IV's so I can only imagine what a time they will have finding a good artery. :unsure:
  6. I can get the numbness, too, even though my body is actually hot. Go figure!
  7. Okay, Tru, I'm late jumping on this one but here goes...when I applied (and I was approved on the first try with NO visit to THEIR doctor or appeals of any kind) I gave them a list of medications AS WELL AS a list of all of the possible side effects AND indicated which side effects I suffered from. Similar to the flow chart. I also gave a very detailed list of how the disease affects me on a daily basis and was very specific. Based on everything I had heard previously and what people now tell me, I am sure this is what helped my case. That and an excellent team of physicians working on my
  8. I've never experienced the burning mouth so I can't say I know how you feel. They do make children's toothpaste so it doesn't harm them if swallowed. I have some for my granddaughter and it is a bubblegum flavor. Right now I use an electric toothbruch that has a smaller head that fits in my mouth better. Since the head is small, I don't use as much toothpaste and that may be why it doesn't burn me. The burning being a gastro problem seems feasible to me since the gastrointestional tract begins at the mouth. As for a compassionate dentist, I do have one. He is great. When I was first diagnosed,
  9. Tru, I, too, hope she joins. She'll find a wealth of information here. And friendship.
  10. Lady Deb, Good luck with your tests today. You will be in my thoughts. I know it is frustrating having t deal with medical professionals who don't believe us. I blame it all on all of the junkies who go from doctor to doctor looking to get drugs to feed their habits. Doctors have gotten skeptical and now it is us, the real patients, who suffer. Hang in there, we're all right here with you. Much love, Kim
  11. Kaycee


    Thanks for the invite. I didn't feel slighted in the least. Much love, Kim
  12. Kaycee


    Linda, I am so sorry you have to go thru this just to get the medical coverage you need. That's why I firmly believe we need some type of government healthcare. Many of us fall thru the cracks when it comes to healthcare and especially with a chronic condition like we have, we absolutely need it. Good luck on finding something that will cover your needs and be most cost effective for you. Much love, Kim
  13. Barbara, I'm so glad everything went well. Enjoy the drugs and get some rest. You deserve it. Much love, Kim
  14. Nan, I am so sorry you are going thru all of this. Hang in there and know you are in my thoughts, Much love, Kim
  15. Sheryl, Must-Go sounds yummy. I have that every so often too. I do have major GI problems but usually as long as I take my nexium (40 mgs 2x daily) and Zantac (200 mgs every night before bed) I am usually good, However, I forgot last night and knew it as soon as I woke up this morning so the hubby had marinara sauce and I had alfredo sauce on mine. My boys were supposed to be here for dinner (Dana, 30, who lives a few blocks away and Craig, 19, who lives at home) but neither showed up so it was just the two of us as usual. Now it is 8 PM and I am having my dessert of vanilla ice crea
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