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    I'm New Here :)

    Thank you for the replies! Actually I'm not 100 percent certain the Plaquenil caused the gingivitis, but I ruled everything else out as a possibility and it had happened shortly after I started the Plaquenil (which has done very little but I am hopeful.) I was curious to know if anyone has had success with the Plaquenil? Or if anybody has recieved UVA-1 light therapy? The light therapy is hard to get because not many places carry the boxes for it.
  2. mermaidgirl

    I'm New Here :)

    Hello all. I'm new to these boards. Just wanted to introduce myself and explain my condition. I've had linear morphea for about 18 years. I was diagnosed at age 5. I've been blessed in my case as I have not had many of the symptoms associated with morphea like skin or joint tightening, pain, or any general symptoms. I do have really severe constipation though. I have the plaques all over my left leg, which keeps me from wearing shorts, bathing suits or anything thats shows my legs :( Recently I had seen a new dermatologist and I got started with UVA-1 light therapy. Because of problems with my insurance, i haven't been able to go back. Seeing a dermo that has compassion and is actually willing to help in any way they can seems near impossible. So right now I wait. I had just recently stopped taking Plaquenil which I had been on for over a year, and the reason why I think I have advanced gingivitis now. I've been a guinea pig for most of my life and I'm waiting for something that will work for me. I'm hoping to learn new things from the people here and to be able to relate to other people with my condition. :)