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  1. peanut,wish you all the luck...im sure will be fine see you soon...
  2. DONNA,you will learn how to deal with it,i was shocked at first,i was very weak almost died in sept. as I lost alot of blood etc...But WITH TREATMENT IT TOOK 4 MONTHS before I started to feel better at all.THE ROAD WILL get easier as time goes on.just have to take one day at a time .this group of people are great we all have our setbacks at times.im thinking of you....it just takes time to adjust..linda lou I have the same as you...
  3. sadie,hope you are feeling alot better.im sure things will look up,you are in my heart.linda
  4. hi lorna,what kind of scleroderma do you have?im fairly new here to, i have diffuse scleroderma. this is a great site.the people are great...lots of supportglad you found us.
  5. i was wondering if anyone has used splints for hands and arms? does it work to rest them?linda lou
  6. good luck jensue,i will see my doctor the 28th.my fingers and toes are often white,purple.i know I need something to control that as well.im so glad to read and see that other people give such great advice...hope you all the luck linda lou...
  7. thanks everyone for the replies,glad im not the only one with weird things going on.linda lou....
  8. Hi everyone. I get really hot at night,ive been that way for a long time.im 46 its not the change of life.sometimes in the day time I get chills easily. if I drink anything cold I get very cold after.i also have raynolds.my toes are giving me problems I can't see anything there but the skin is sore,not sure what to think of that. anybody have these problems.thank you linda lou...
  9. I hope you have a wonderful day as well.It is sunny in SAINT JOHN today ,the birds are singing.im going to see my 70 year old mother... have a good day everyone.linda
  10. my arms are solid from elbows to finger tips,my legs are the same,toes etc,its been that way since sept. im on medication for that. he said it will take two years to get back to anywhere normal as it was very aggresive.linda im not worried as my legs are feeling alot better than 6 mts ago..talk to your Doctor just in case. getting splits for arms and hands, not sure if it going to help.try anything once. linda
  11. good for you, its like back in the olden days,hard to belive that you were dismiss due to illness..funny how we have to fight for our rights. so so glad you won....linda
  12. I've used bath oil to help my skin and found a good one. I also use a 24 hour moisturizer. does anyone find anything any better? I FIND if I donut moisturize it seems tighter. linda lou
  13. all the blood test,hard to get blood out of me as my arms are solid...they use the butterfly and it is still hard to get blood.i feel like im made of wax.they took that much blood out of me as well I was starting to get worried as well.didn't see any black outfits in the room so I felt ok .linda
  14. i took time out with my 70 year old mother and sister we went to halifax, shopping...we had lots of fun and we didn't talk about scleroderma. my mother tired me out shopping,she has more energy then myself these days,,,it was a break we all need that at times, hope you and your hubby get lost in fun when you go away...linda lou
  15. i wasn't sure how long I have to live with this as theres no answer or support in saint john I almost died in oct as my blood was extremely low ,was still working didn't know how sick I was as I was devastated by my ex wanting leaving me in april...i do know that anyone who doesn't stand by you after 23 years isnt worth being with...his values are not the same as mine..im at peace with that now thers plenty of good as there is with bad.....linda lou thanks for your support its a good thing that I like make up...i lke the tan look myself....my hands and arms are still r
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