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  1. Hi Everyone: For the past few weeks my skin have been getting more worse, although my doctor (Rheumatologist) already claim that it will get worse before it get better. It seems that I have already hit my worse, you see the tightness is spreading and more I am in pain. My doctor just recently push my pain medication from one a day to twice a day for me to get some type of comfort zone. My dermatologist wanted to try another medication, but I decided not to do so, because I am already under so much meds. I do know what else can I do but to take these pain medication, any suggestions.
  2. Hi Jackie, I am still having that problem with my skin itching all over, especially after I take a bath. I have been currently using an antihistamine and it only help a little.Since I have connective tissue disease, lupus, scleroderma and vitiligo, I cannot use anything that will off-set one or more disease. I hope your doctor can recommend something for you, I am sure there are other medications you can use. Good luck and hang in there. Sincerely, Leslie R
  3. Hi Razzberry, Congratulations on your book and was wondering what is your book about? Let me know when it is out for purchase and good luck with the publishing. Sincerely, Leslie R
  4. Hi Everyone, I just came out the hospital today. I was not feeling well this past Thursday, having real bad stomach pains, felt like labor pains. My husband had to call his mother and my sister to watch the kids. You see it all started with my stomach cramping, for the past few days I was experiencing constipation, but I still was passing my bowels. Until late Thursday night the stomach pain was getting worse and it cause me to vomit, so I was rush to the hospital ER. When I got there I was given a shot for the pain, they did get a vein in my back of my hand for the IV. I was so grateful I
  5. Thank you everyone for your wonderful words of wisdom and support. Hope everyone have a great week, I only have 2 appointments this week. One is with my dermatologist, hoping he will give me something for the itching, and the other appointment is with the opthomologist. I will let you know how it goes. Have a nice weekend. Sincerely, Leslie R
  6. Hi Everyone, Hope all is fine with everybody, I have been so busy with doctor appointments, celebrating my birthday and taking care of my kids. This week I felt I was on a job from appointments everyday, on Monday I went to see my primary care physician, to talk about my blood test. She tried to take blood from me but was not lucky to get any, so she referred me to the lab. On Tuesday I went to see my rheumatologist and he saw my first blood test, he told me that I have to repeat my blood. Lucky enough he got my blood, (woo-hoo) no lab for me, that is out of the way. Hopefully my levels for t
  7. Hi Shelly and Kamlesh, Thanks for the advice I will definately wait for the next test results and not rely on the first test. As you said that labs do sometimes make mistakes. But will keep you inform of what's going on. Have a nice 4th July, Sincerely, Leslie R
  8. Hi Razz, It's Leslie again I was just reading your topic about what cause your Scleroderma. It took me about over 1 year to get a diagnosis which was July 2007. It all started with me having stomach pains and diarrhea, my first doctor taught it was menapause and prescribed acetaminophen. It did not help because I still had the same symptoms and was losing weight fast. I did see a gastroenologist and could not find anything. I then saw some discolorations on my hands and went to a dermatologist, which did a skin biopsy and confirm I have Vitiligo, but still have the stomach problems. Next I
  9. Hi Robin, I too feel your pain I have poor veins also, especially when I in the doctor's office, I freeze up and my skin is already tighten from the Scleroderma, that it makes it impossible to find one. also I am on prednisone a least 10mg but still eating too much, I wish I can make myself stop and yes hyper is another problem. One minute I can be bouncing off walls and the next I am so tired that I will fall asleep when watching television. Hope to find some comfort soon but hang in there and don't give up. Sincerely, Leslie R
  10. Good night Everyone, I have been distracting myself for the past few days, so that I will not think about my blood test results, I just received from my primary care physician. You see it all started last week when I went to my doctor's office for my check-up. I was due for my blood test, so I went to the lab this past Saturday to have my blood drawn and have a urine sample. Since there is no way you can find a vein to get my blood, because of the harden skin from the Scleroderma, and myself being cold in any office. On Tuesday afternoon I got a call from my physician, and she told me
  11. Hi Razz, Sorry for not getting back to you, I was distracted with the kids. I do feel your pain when I lost the weight at first I was very skinny 117 pounds, everyone was scared, the upside was that I can get clothes to fit me since I was a size 4. Now I am so depress because hardly anything can fit me, and eating out of control. I do not go to the beaches but will love to go to parks for cook outs, and yet I have to be so careful with the heat and covering my skin so people will not see my skin discolorations. The only way I started putting on weight is from the prednisone, without that
  12. Hi Razz, I feel your pain I use to weigh 117 pounds when this disease started, having Vitiligo, Scleroderma and Lupus, it is very hard to juggle my life. Winter was much better when I could get clothes to fit my tiny new body, but now I am at 150 pounds and it is Summer it can be difficult. My husband had entered my name on those make over shows. I never heard back from them, but I hope that someone will really consider on doing a show especially for people that have skin discoloration. Don't give up and stay strong. Sincerely, Leslie R
  13. Hi Karen, Thank you for the wonderful words of inspiration, I will use each and everyone advice to help with my healing. I hope that you have some comfort and support during your time of need. Everyone on this forum is very uplifting and blessings you and your family. Sincerely, Leslie R
  14. Hi Karenlee, Thank you hope you back for good too, it is just not the bathing suit, but Summer itself is playing a bad joke on me. During winter season it was not difficult to cover up my discoloration (Vitiligo), on my neck, hands and chest. Although I have to deal with staying warm and flare ups, I did not think about wearing clothes during summer season. Hope to find some type of solution, maybe a clothing line for people with skin discoloration and Scleroderma (raynaud's phenominum) coldness. Sincerely, Leslie R
  15. Hi Smuff, Thank you I plan on finding away to deal with this, not letting it get to me. Hopefully this disease will make some type of positive sense and we all can rise above it. Sincerely, Leslie R
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