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  1. well I got results from rheumatologist yesterday via letter. he sd all tests were normal except my vitamin d is very low at 15.2. I am really happy about that, i can take an extra vitamin every day. I just hope that that is my whole problem, at first I didn't think that could make me feel that bad, but after reading info on vit d, it may be my whole problem.
  2. Just wanted to give an update to see what ya'll think. I waited the two months and finally went to the rheumatologist. I do think he did a good evaluation from head to toe. He did look at my fingers a lot but he was really quiet in his thinking. He ordered several blood tests and said he would let me know the results in 2 weeks. He was more interested in the tiny blood vessels that have appeared on my skin and the fact that my toe swelled up for no reason and that prednisone took away all my pain. The blood tests that he ordered are ana, anticentrome antibody, cpk, esr, vitamin d, and of course cbc. Do you have any opinions on what he might be thinking?
  3. i really appreciate the good input and ideas. I just always feel like the doctors think you are a hypochondriac when you take in a list of problems. also, its hard to know what is important to tell them and what is just part of getting older.
  4. can anyone tell me what to expect at my appointment with the rheumatologist? this will be my first appt and im just not sure what to expect?
  5. has anyone heard of any connection with skin tags or moles? I suddenly have a few ones on my neck in one area.
  6. i do have type II diabetes. I knew for several years I had a problem with my sugar before I was diagnosed by the doctor. my mom is diabetic and therefore made me check mine from time to time. the doctor did not catch it till I went in for blood work in the middle of the day. my fasting sugar was ok not great but around 100.
  7. well I went to the new primary care physician today, probably was a good move. he checked the tender points could not find but two for fibromyalgia. I am going to a rheumatologist on sept. 3rd for evaulation for autoimmune and connective tissue diseases. at least I felt I was heard, that he believes how bad I feel. maybe then I'll have some answers. crest and scleroderma did come up in the conversation, so at least I know he knows a little about it. I guess I just have to freak out and suffer two more months.
  8. i do go to an allergist, i get weekly allergy injections. I was not aware that allergies could cause joint inflammation and pain.
  9. well the predisone did the trick for my toe, at the same time I helped with all my joint pain. now the problem is that I have been off of it for 3 days and now all the pains are back. it was nice to not hurt for a few days!
  10. i was just wondering if many of you also have type II diabetes?
  11. well I have been on her whining for awhile. after I read some of ya'lls posts I feel like a complete whiner. I feel bad and hurt but near to the extent of ya'll. I feel for each and every one of you and hope that we all can feel better soon. ya'll are very caring for everyone whether diagnosed with some bad disease or not. reading your posts makes me feel fortunate that I have not been through more and yet more determined to figure out what is going on with myself as I know something is not right and do not want it to get worse than it has to. since my primary care physician decided to diagnose my with fibromyalgia with no pressure point tests and also with raynauds and again no investigation as to if something else is going on, i am going to a new doctor monday. my mother goes to him and I have heard from others that he LISTENS to his patients and investigates the problem. so hopefully I will at least feel like all my problems have been heard and not just chalked up to fibro.
  12. i have been noticing like white speckled spots, especially on my arms and legs. also I have been noticing alot of small blood vessels showing through my skin. have the red veins on my face. do you think this has to do with scleroderma?
  13. i really appreciate the input. I went to the orthopedic dr today for the joint pain and swelling in my toe. he did xray said no arthritis but the pain is definitely in the joint where it connects to my foot. he put me on predisone for a week and I go back next friday. I think I am going to make an appointment with a rheumatologist monday. again thanks for the advice.
  14. i posted on here a few weeks ago about my symptoms. i went to the dermatologist and he did shave biopsy on my elbow for scaly skin I have there. the lab report says chronic spongiotic dermatis, which now im understanding is basically saying inflammation and skin thicking but not sure from what. im really frustrated because I think some how my symptoms are related and need to be treated. my joints and muscles have been hurting for over a year, and getting worse. i can't walk on my one foot due to swelling of the second toe in the joint that connects to your foot. my hands are constantly swollen and getting worse, can hardly get my rings on now. ive had fatigue for many months, but can't fall asleep. my primary care physician says I have fibromyalgia but never checked for tender points, which I may have 2 or 3, not the 11 needed for diagnosis of fm. can you offer any suggestions on getting a diagnosis or some relief????
  15. did you have problems with dry skin, itching, fatigue, lightheadedness, raynauds toward the beginning?
  16. I was hoping you could tell me what your first indications where that something was wrong. I have alot of different things going on and has been getting worse for a year or so but dr has not figured it all out, so I'm trying to do my own research. Please tell your story.
  17. Thanks for your input. I am so tired of feeling bad everyday. My primary care physician says most of my problems are probably fibromyalgia. I'm not sure I agree since she has not done any pressure point tests. She just hears me saying that I am tired and achy. She has done the usual routine blood tests that only show my WBC rising. She did a sed rate about 4 months ago and it was only 14. I just feel like you have to be half dead before doctors try to figure out what's going on. I will probably just continue to feel bad and eventually they will figure it out. However, I do go back to the dermatologist in a couple weeks about my skin; he did say he may do a biopsy then, maybe that will show something. Thanks again
  18. Can you please describe the skin changes that occur with scleroderma? I can only find information that says skin thickening and hardening. I have patches on the outside of my ankles and elbows that are hard and thick, it resembles elephant skin and its scaly at times. is that similar to the skin changes that happen with scleroderma? Thanks for any input.
  19. This is my first post here, I'm hoping for some help. I feel bad every day and cannot get a diagnosis. I was hoping that you could give me your input on whether this may be scleroderma or not. My symptoms are: thick hard cuticles on feet and hands Raynauds syndrome-just diagnosed very dry skin on entire body itching on entire body-sometimes worse in evening dry, scaly patches on ankles, elbows, and face small red dots on skin fatigue-but inability to fall asleep stomach pain-sharp constipation joint pain allergy problems including bronchitis small blood vessels showing on face thinning hair I went to the dermatologist this week; he gave me steroid cream to see if it will help. I go back in 3 weeks, if not better he said will do a skin biopsy. Please help!!
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