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  1. It is so wild to read about others struggles with deleting the telangiactasis that are the same as mine. I don't know anyone else that has this problem. I received my very first laser treatment at Duke University 20 years ago. It was completely unsuccessful (Two very expensive rounds). I have used Dermablend all of these years but now it is not flowing well with my developing wrinkles. I started a new laser treatment in January. I have had 6 treatments and there is great improvement. I feel like I am almost to the point of trying other make-up that is not as heavy. I would like to know what make-up is a step down from dermablend that works. LisaNC
  2. Welcome Kristi, I have been a member of the crest club since 1987. I am glad this resource of information is here for you as this did not exist when I was diagnosed. I have learned so much about this disease on this site. For example, I had no idea dental issues could be scleroderma related. I feel I have had pretty smooth sailing these past 20 years. I feel pretty good. Don't let some of this information scare you. No one can predict the course of this disease. Be the most informed that you can! Scleroderma sister, Lisa
  3. My very first inclining that I had a "disease" 20 years ago came from my nail beds. I went to Duke with my array of symptoms to see a dermatologist. He took one look at my nails and said, " My dear, you don't need to see me, you need a rheumatogist." And was absolutely right. My nails do look funky, lots of streaks or lines, and dents. Nothing painful!
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