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  1. Hi Sweet, I have that on my chin, too. When the skin on my face tightens it goes away. My Rheumatologist told me what it is. My memory isn't very good. :emoticon-bang-head: I'm thinking it's excess collagen?? I can't get in touch with her until Monday. I'll see what I can find out then. :bye: Purr
  2. I'm back!! I sent an e-mail to my Rheumatologist telling her about what I'm experiencing. She said it sounds like it could be fibromyalgia (I'm waking up in the night with neck and back pain along with all of the other stuff. ). She wrote back that the medication she would give me would make my Sjogren's worse so she wouldn't give me anything. I have an appointment with her on the 30th. She'll check me out then. On the brighter side, the sun has been shining all day and the temperature is warmer. Take care everyone. Purr
  3. Hello Queenie, I have IBS too and have found that my attacks are brought on by the food I eat and stressful events(such as the surgery I had in December). Pork and beef are the main culprits. They are slow to digest. A little ham doesn't seem to bother me, but any other pork will cause a lot of pain. I don't take prescription medications for it. I take a probiotic, acidopholis, once a day. My general practitioner recommended it. Hope things improve for you soon. Purr
  4. Hi Everyone, I've been suffering with all 3 of these "thing's" for a month, Sjogrens, Sinus, TMJ. :wacko: Do you suppose that one of these is causing all of the discomfort, pain, and dizziness? Does anyone else have similar problems? Purr
  5. Hi Jeannie, My hobby is reading and has been for a long time. I use to do crossword puzzles but lost interest. The latest thing I have thought of is refreshing my mind. :emoticon-dont-know: As time goes on in retirement I find that my spelling and punctuation aren't doing very well. I plan to get some work books and get my mind and memory back on track. Something else I do is send "Thinking of You" cards to people who live by themselves or have very little contact with other people. I have always enjoyed getting cards and letters instead of e-mails and phone calls. I imagine a lot o
  6. That's what I was told was causing the pain I was having. It's gone now, but will probably come back off and on. It was really bad on the finger I had an ulcer on. Now that it's healing there isn't a problem. Hope the pain lessens soon. :emoticons-i-care: Take care. Purr
  7. Has anyone ever experienced taking a medication for a long period of time and then developing side effects? :emoticon-dont-know: These emoticons are GREAT!!!! Purr :great:
  8. I love parties, especially when they're for a GREAT reason!!!! I'll bring Sausage and Egg bake and Mimosa!! Let's party hearty. Purr
  9. Hi Everyone, The sympathectomy was a success. I got home from the hospital on Saturday afternoon. The results could be seen right away (after I woke up, of course ). Right now I'm going to go lay down. Had to get some things at the grocery and it wore me out. I'll give the details later. Purr :bye:
  10. Kokomo, IN has 27 degrees and light snow. My cat, Lily, and I are lazing around on the bed reading the Sunday sales advertisements. I've locked myself in the house so I don't go spend any money! I'm just north of Indy about 60 miles. I wear the long underwear to keep warm, too. A good friend has knitted me 3 pair of socks. Each pair is a combination of different colors. They fit loose and that's a big plus. I also like the little "Hot Hands" packets. Hot drinks are helpful (tea, coffee, cocoa). Take care. Jingle bells, jingle bells, Purr
  11. Fortunately, I'll be in a private room. The only noises waking me up will be my own :VeryHappy: Purr
  12. Thank you, Buttons, I'll be thinking of you, too. Purr
  13. Love the 'chuckle' today!! It coincides with the sympathectomy I will be having very soon. I'm not really looking forward to spending a night or two in the hospital. :blush: Hopefully it will all be well and it will only be one night. :D Purr :happy-day:
  14. Purr


    Hi Peter, I'm having the same experiences as Joelf now that it is cold. Also, I am experiencing my first finger ulcer. They are literally and figuratively "a pain"! Think I'd better see the doctor. I'm glad the methotrexate side effects are easing up. I've been on metho since November of '07. I have been doing a 1cc injection since December of 07. It work great for me. I hope it continues to do so. Stay warm. Purr
  15. Hi Snowbird, Yes, the surgery helps give more blood flow. They clip the nerve (on the right side this time) that tells the brain when you're cold and causes less circulation to the hand(s). Wish I would have thought to ask about feet. I will when I have the surgery. And I will be sure to let everyone know how it goes. Stay warm. Purr :VeryHappy:
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