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    Reporting in...the "flavor" of the news is good

    What "weight lifting" wonderful news. Happy birthday to your husband and happy "happy" day to you!!!! Christy
  2. Thought I'd let you all know that my rheumatologist increased my norvasc (blood pressure med) from 10mg to 12.5 mg a day. The burning and cramping isn't nearly as bad now. I started the new dose a week ago today. I can even go around barefoot once in a while during the day. Couldn't do that before! :) Christy
  3. Purr


    Hi Sadie! Just want you to know I'm thinking of you too. You'd be suprised how many people here in Kokomo, IN are sending blessing your way. Love and hugs, christy
  4. Purr


    Hi Michelle, I've been on methotrexate for about 9 months. I have mixed connective tissue disease (raynauds, lupus, scleroderma, and polymyositis). I started out taking 4 pills once a week. Every 2 months the doctor increased it by 2 pills. In February she started me on a 1cc injection once a week. The injections are subcutaneous (pinch some fatty tissue and stick the needle in). Alot easier than I expected. Anyway, since I've been on the methotrexate my skin has softened a lot compared to what it was. My muscles are much stronger. In the beginning I could hardly lift a med size dish soap detergent bottle or get out of a chair without some kind of help. Now I can actually rearrange 'some' furniture, reach up to the 2nd shelf in my cabinets, and not worry about falling on my face when I bend down. It's amazing the things we don't appreciate until we can't do them anymore. I could tell a difference after about 1 month on methotrexate. The really big difference came when I started giving myself injections. Side affects I had were minimal, a headache with very mild nausea that went away quickly and after a while stopped completely, and some acid reflux problems that stopped after a while, especially when I started the injections. Keep in mind that medications affect everyone differently. Take care, Christy
  5. Purr

    Update on illness

    I love you Sadie. You are a very special person. I willkeep you in my thoughts, asking that the doctors be wrong and you'll be feeling better soon. Rest and get better. Christy
  6. Purr

    Truman's Rice Pudding

    Tru, I LOVE rice pudding. Since I live alone, I need to ask how many servings are there with your recipe? Also, I'm lactose intolerant. Got any suggestions about a milk substitute? Dang! Now I'm hungry!! Christy
  7. Purr

    Disability interview

    Hi Alice, I had my interview May 27th. The gentleman (probably 30 years younger than I am...just a baby) was very nice. He gave me a lot of information about what to expect. He said it would take anywhere from 3 to 5 months before I hear anything. Tuesday I got some more paper work to fill out. They're wanting to know what my day is like from the time I get up until I go to bed. How my illnesses affect the way I do things. What I use to be able to do that I can't do now. What kind of socializing and how often. It was kind of depressing :( . I sure don't get around much anymore (that's the name of a song isn't it??). Ah well. Now I"ll just hide and watch. :mellow: Wishing us all good luck, Christy
  8. Purr

    Hi! I'm Christy

    Thanks everyone, for the warm welcome. I feel at home already. Tru, I've been keeping tabs on the message your son posted. Glad to know you're doing better and I hope you will continue to improve rapidly. It's been about a year, but I remember just how it feels not to able to breathe. Thanks again everyone. Christyh
  9. FYI......Someone recommended Gel Inserts for your shoes for relief. I tried them today. They don't completely take care of the problem, but they certainly do help. Christy
  10. Purr

    Non Sclero

    Congratulations, Sam!!! :) Christyh
  11. Purr

    Unbearable Heartburn - Help!

    Well, I blew that one too!! It's Jefa. I was going to do some ironing, but maybe I'd be safer not to. Christy
  12. Purr

    Unbearable Heartburn - Help!

    No, I meant the head of my bed. Sorry. Ofcourse, having them at the foot of my bed would be a good excuse for poor brain function!!! Thanks Jeta, Christy
  13. Purr

    Unbearable Heartburn - Help!

    Hi Barefut, Last night must have been the night for acid reflux. I made the mistake of having taco salad for lunch. It usually doesn't bother me. Maybe it was the salad in combination with the storm. I have 5" lifts under the legs at the foot of my bed. I use to use bricks, but they were hard for me to move around. At Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I found these lifts. I'm sure they must sell them other places, too. I also take nexium twice a day. Looks like you got a lot of good advice. The banana sounds good. I usually keep some around. Never thought about it working like an antacid. Hope you feeling better. Christy
  14. Purr

    Hi! I'm Christy

    Hello again! I made it through the storm. We had 2.5 inches of rain in about an hour and lots of thunder and lightning (or is that lightening?). I'm 60 years old, divorced for 38 years :), and have been retired for 4 years. I have 2 cats "who" are spoiled rotten. In '06 I worked a contract job and when it ended in March of '07 my health went haywire. I had an ulcer, completely lost my appetite because of nausea, had my gall bladder removed because they thought that was the problem, and between mid-March and late May I lost 30 pounds. I was in the hospital for 10 days while the doctors did tests to see why I was having so much trouble breathing. It turned out the was fluid pressing against my left lung, so they drained it and I started feeling better almost immediately!! They gave me an antidepressant for the lack of appetite and it did the trick. It took a while though. When I was diagnosed with scleroderma(skin and gastrointestinal involvement) last July (lupus in June), I had been out of the hospital for about 6 weeks. I took the lupus diagnosis pretty well (I think) because my sister had it and I knew what to expect and the rheumatologist said it was much more treatable these days. The scleroderma diagnosis was numbing. It sounded like a death sentence. After I told myself to get a grip (with a kick in the pants from the Man upstairs), I started reading and found a book that really lifted my spirits. My outlook and attitude is much more positive, even after being diagnosed with polymyositis in September. My rheumatologist is wonderful. She knew I had sclero the minute she looked at my hands and felt my lower arms. I never noticed my skin was hard!! My treatment is 1cc injection of methotrexate once a week. I'm also on prednisone, but down to 5mg once a day. Hoping to stop very soon. The treatment has helped tremendously. My skin hardening seems to have come to a halt and my muscles (from polymyositis) are much stronger. I can lift a bottle of dish washing detergent without any trouble now. I still get tired fairly easily, but have learned to take breaks or naps. Other than that, I lead a pretty normal life. Sorry I'm so windy. I'm looking forward to making new friends, being helped, and hopefully helping others. Christy Please excuse the misspellings :rolleyes: