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    I love to laugh!! And I love to make others laugh and smile. Here are some things that should do the trick. Sunday morning when I left for services I forgot to put my TMJ night guard in (I wear it most of the time), but I thought, oh well, I'll make it till I get back home. When I got back home I couldn't find it ANYWHERE!! After looking over, under, and around everything I decided to give it a rest. Monday morning before I put the trash out, the light bulb went on! I took all of the trash out of the bag piece by piece and guess what I found. I had thrown the night guard in along with my breakfast trash. What a woman! And then there's the time I misplaced my car registration after having my taxes done. Couldn't find it so I just renewed my plates for the year. My friend called me a couple days later laughing her head off. She found the registration in a book I loaned her. Hope that brought some smiles. Christy
  2. Purr

    Remission nice while it lasted!

    Lizzie, I have been taking methotrexate (MTX) injections for over a year. I started out taking pills, but the injection has better results according to my Rheumatolagist. She's right. I noticed improvement very quickly. I also take a folic acid pill every day to help with any stomach discomfort. That does a good job too. I can get down on the floor to retrieve cat toys and stand back up by myself! I am more steady on my feet and can also reach up to get into cabinets with no problem. I used to have to use a stool to stand on. Hanging clothes isn't a problem any more either. You will probably have some side effects, but they go away in a short time, at least mine did. Anyway, I have had excellent results with MTX. I hope you do to. Christyh
  3. Purr

    barium swallow study

    Hi Cindy, I recently had the all 3 of those tests. 1st the EGD, then the barium swallow, and then the manometry. The barium swallow is to see how you swallow your food and drink. They watch as it goes down so they can see if the muscles are working. It shows them the top part of the esophagus. The manometry shows the lower. My swallowing is good, but the lower muscles aren't working. Hope this helps. Chris
  4. Purr

    Anyone seen my top lip? No? Me either!

    I've always had thin lips, but now even more so. What is strange (to me) is that this time last year I was seeing the dentist and had trouble getting my mouth open wide enough. This year when I went for my cleaning I had no trouble at all. Another thing was when I start to chew, my jaw would hurt. That hasn't happened for a long time either. Could the facial exercises I do be helping that much? And Shelley is right about frowning. It makes me feel and look like the "Wicked Witch of the West"! I'm normally a very smiley person. Chris
  5. Purr

    Will this "flare" ever go away?

    Hi everyone! I am so glad I read this post! Helps to know I'm not the only one. I have been having flares for almost 6 weeks. They are starting to ease off now. Stress is probably the cause of part of it. I was experiencing side effects from yet another drug. They weren't very noticeable until the neurologist upped the dose. Then, my aunt died last week. She was 81. I am in year 2 (July, '07) of Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. My rheumatologist said what I'm going through (the flares) will ease up or stop. I just need to have patience. :P Take care. Christy
  6. Purr

    EGD and manometry

    Hi Fortson, I'm going to see a GI Specialist tomorrow afternoon. I had the manometry and it shows that some muscles aren't functioning the way they should. I can swallow OK, but the food is slow in emptying into my stomach. My general practitioner told me that there are acouple things the specialist could recommend. One was widening the esophagus where it meets the stomach. She said as far as prep, it's an outpatient procedure just like an EGD, but a specialist has to do it because it's more involved than the EGD. Hmmmm? It took about 2 weeks to get the results because the specialist isn't from Kokomo and wasn't there for the test. I'll let you know what I find out tomorrow. Christyh
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    Hi Nina, I've been on MTX for over a year and my experience has been the same as Honey's. I do the injection and folic acid. Sounds like you have something else going on. Christy
  8. Purr

    Update - Great News

    Congratulations Dave!!! I assume you plan on doing a big time celebration!!!!! Shelley's T-Shirt idea is great and I'll be right behind Razz in the conga line. Christy
  9. That's GREAT news, Janey!! Another reason for the Happy Dance! Christy
  10. Purr

    Feeling better these days

    How about a song to go with our Happy Dance?
  11. Purr

    Revatio (viagra) and side effects

    Hello Lynne, I got headaches when I first started taking revatio, but I don't know about sleepiness because I take other meds that cause me to be tired sometimes. I take 1 pill 3 times a day. Christy
  12. Purr

    Polymyositis/Scleroderma overlap

    Hi Lady! I was first diagnosed with Lupus, then scleroderma, and then polymyositis. That was in July of '07. My rheumatologist put me on methotrexate right away for the sclero and then increased it when the bloodwork showed PM and it has done wonders. I have been giving myself an injection of 1cc (25 mg) of MT for about 14 months. Before that I was taking it in pill form. I also take prednisone and am down to 7 1/2 mg a day. From what you say, your polymyositis is much worse than mine ever was. I had alot of trouble lifting, bending, turning the steering wheel when driving, reaching up, and going up stairs. I bought a cane, but haven't had to use it yet. The MT doesn't work for everyone and some can't tolerate the side effects. For me the side effects (mild headache and mild nausea) went away after taking it for a short while. Also, if taken by injection, it bypasses the stomach and shouldn't cause nausea. My rheumatologist said the same thing to me about having more than one autoimmune disease. You don't get the full blown effects. So there is a good side to everything. What Janey and the others said about walking is absolutely true. The treadmill and exercise bike help alot. I also bought some 3 lb weights to strengthen my arm and shoulder muscles. My problem is making myself do it. I need to work on that!! :P Christy
  13. Purr

    What is your dream vacation?

    I would love to visit Britain. This week I got my first issue of a travel magazine with an article celebrating Britain's rich past and historic present. There are wonderful color photos of cathedrals, palaces, Cambridge University, Chiswick House, the home of Robert Burns in Scotland, beautiful gardens, and more. It would be so great to see all of that close up. Dream, dream, dream!! Christy
  14. Could the cramping I've been experiencing the last few days in my left shoulder and all the way down to my hand be a gastro problem? It goes away fairly fast and heat helps. I am having an endoscopy on the Jan. 30th. And wouldn't you know, now that I have it scheduled I have some questions about post procedure :P . Hugs, Christy
  15. Purr

    Re: Cramping In the Neck

    I had the test this morning with very little trouble, thank goodness! It looks like I have Achalasia. I don't have all of details yet. I do know its in the mid and lower esophagus. The gastro specialist will look at the result, hopefully tomorrow, and then contact the doctor that did the endoscopy. Then the doctor will talk to me. When I get the detailed results and recommended treatment, I'll let you all know. The company I retired from has sent all of the salaried retirees a letter saying they have filed a petition with the Bankruptcy Court to discontinue our medical and life insurance benefits (they're in Chapter 11 bankruptcy and hope to emerge from it on April 1st). It will affect about 17,000 people. It's suppose to be effective April 1st. Hmmmm. The funny thing is, the petition hasn't even been approved yet!! Anyway, I hope whatever the doctor has in mind can be done before April 1st. Take care everyone. Christy
  16. Purr

    Re: Cramping In the Neck

    Almost forgot.....The esophagus showed no damage from acid reflux or scar tissue of any kind!!!! whoopee!!!! :) Christy
  17. Purr

    Re: Cramping In the Neck

    Soaring Eagle. Thanks. You are right. It is due to spasms. I apologize for taking so long to get back to everyone. I had an endoscopy last Friday. The doctor found 2 small ulcers and a hiatal hernia. I was already pretty sure I had an ulcer and I've had the hiatal hernia for years. He also found a little food still in the esophagus and stomach. I had a barium test yesterday to check the muscles in the upper esophagus and was told everything was working just as it should. Next Tuesday I will have what is called an Esophageal Manometry. It's done as an outpatient at the hospital, but you are totally awake. A tube is run in to the nose and swallowed into the stomach. As it goes down you have to swallow when they tell you. It's to check the muscles all the way down to the stomach. Not really looking forward to that one!! Hopefully, I'll know the result from that right away, too. Christy
  18. Purr

    Re: Cramping In the Neck

    Thanks Shelley and Margaret. A pleural effusion is one of the things that helped the doctors diagnose me with lupus. As long as I didn't move, I could breathe, but if I tried to walk a few steps I had an awful time. The pulmonary physician ended up keeping me in the hospital and surgically inserting a drain tube. It was in for about 4 days. I had relief almost immediately. Didn't experience any shoulder or arm pain though. Shelley, you must have the magic touch because since I read your post I haven't had any cramping!! I will certainly tell the doctor about though. If it comes back, I'll go to the nurse practitioner at my doctor's office. I don't see my primary doctor until Thursday and then Friday I'll have the EGD. Whoopee! Thanks again. Chris
  19. Purr


    Hi Pam! Your "pooh" post has come at very good time for me!! I'll put this on my list of questions for the doctor when I have my endoscopy! Christy
  20. Wow. I didn't realize there were so many treatments. My neurologist has put me on cymbalta for neuropathy pain. I'm on a low dose right now (30 mg once a day) and it seems to help some. My cousin took it for fibromyalgia and said it worked very well. She had to stop taking it though because it raised her blood pressure. Christy
  21. Purr

    Learning the hard way

    I haven't had ginger for a long time, but I have found that carbonated beverages bother my stomach if I drink too many. For awhile I was craving caffiene-free, diet coke. Had to get over that real quick!! Christy
  22. Purr

    Chat Room

    Hi Debz, Debd, Kam, and Sheryl, Sorry it took me so long to finally get a message in. I forgot where to type so kept going in and out looking for instructions. Hopefully, next time I'll get in earlier. I enjoyed what little time we had and I'll hold off on the sleeping pill on Sunday nights. Looking forward to our next visit. Christy
  23. Purr

    My Cialis was approved!

    Lisa, That's great! Hope it gives you relief very soon. Christy
  24. Purr

    Antidepressant Withdrawals

    By Saturday afternoon, the 13th, I was such a mess that I started taking my celexa again. The withdrawl symptoms have eased up tremendously. I call the neurologist's office Monday morning and her assistant just returned my call about 5:00PM today. I explained the problem and she agreed that I should be taken off of celexa more slowly. After going through this I don't know that I want to even try to go off the celexa again. Something I'll have to really think about. I really appreciate all your help. Luv, Christy
  25. I've been off of my antidepressant for about 3 weeks and am suppose to wait one more before I start taking cymbalta. In the last couple of days I haven't felt like my usual 'happy' self. Nothing extreme, but I'm feeling nervous, shaky, and kind of down :( . It comes and goes. I wonder if it would hurt to start the cymbalta sooner :unsure: . Has anyone else experienced withdrawal symptoms from antidepressants? If so, what were they? Thanks, Christy