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  1. Purr

    Pain in legs

    Jaxx, Is your specialist appt in "early" September? If not, have you tried getting in sooner? Maybe they can fit you in. Mine did that for me last week. Take care, Christy
  2. Purr

    I love to read

    Does anyone read J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts)? I prefer the J.D. Robb books myself (especially when Eve takes out the bad guys! :D . I read some Jeffery Deaver, too, but I'm not sure if I like his style or not. JJ - I really like those ideas for sharing books! Someone suggested taking them to nursing homes, too. Christy
  3. Purr

    Results of cat scan

    Mary, Your daughter's friend's mother might want to read The Scleroderma Book, 2nd Edition by Maureen D. Mayes, M.D.. It's a 'guide for patients and families' and very easy to understand. It explains alot of thing that could happen with scleroderma, emphasis on "could". It has helped me alot. It's been 14 months since I was diagnosed and I usually look up something in it atleast twice a month. Very good book! Take care (and congratulations :) ), Christy
  4. Purr

    Question About 2 Medications

    No one has mentioned the Nitro-Dur patches. Has or does anybody use anything similar? I haven't tried them out yet. Starting 2 new meds at once is scary :blink: . Hope everyone is having a good day. I went out to eat with a friend before it got too hot. It's 92 degrees here right now. Christy
  5. I just got home from seeing my Rheumatologist. The raynauds has been flaring up more frequently and my sore, burning feet and lower legs are getting worse. She prescribed Nitro-Dur 0.1mg patches (12 hour on (morning) and 12 off (night)) for the raynauds. For the feet and lower legs she prescribed neurontin 300 mg at bedtime. It seems like I've read about both meds on this forum. What side effects have been experienced when starting these meds? I'm also having some minor breathing issues which she thinks is due to anxiety, but wants me to see my Pulmonary Dr. to be safe. Great day for a drive. It takes 1 hour and 15 minute to get to the rheumatologist's office. Lots of beautiful scenery. And also on the bright side, my blood work continues to be normal where the polymyositis is concerned :) !!! Cheers, Christy
  6. Purr

    Results of cat scan

    Hey Sweet! You've noticed that, too! I've heard about several people who have been diagnosed with Scleroderma lately and most of them are in my age range (baby boomers). Also, "I think" I read somewhere that autoimmune diseases are on the rise. The only good thing about that is that maybe the funding for research will increase and they'll find out what is causing all of these CT problems. Christy
  7. Purr

    Help - no sleep!

    Shari, Back in the dark ages (I'm 61 ), a doctor I had, prescibed quinine for my leg cramps and it worked. It can irritate the stomach though. And I just now remembered :o , that's the other reason I couldn't take Plaquinil. It has quinine in it! Incase you're wondering, forgetting things has been a topic on the forum lately. Take care, Christy
  8. Purr

    Question About 2 Medications

    Thank you everyone, for the information. I did look up the the meds on the internet, but just wanted to see what others on the forum had to say. SMAC, my cognitive skills haven't been all that great lately anyway . JJ, does the neurontin increase the appetite? Is that why there is possible weight gain? I'd like to keep my weight right where it is. Canon, yes, I'm only suppose to take the neurontin at bedtime. Sure glad no one mentioned anything about nausea as a side effect. I hate that!!!! :P Today I'm just sore from driving that far. I remember when (oh boy) it was nothing for me to drive 2 or 3 hours to Michigan and back on the same day. Take care, Christy
  9. Purr

    Eye trouble

    Hi Georgette, I'm glad to know you are getting some relief with therapy (what's a TENS machine?). Eye problems and headaches can really slow a person down. I've been having headaches off and on for alittle while. My Rheumatologist is fitting me in to her schedule tomorrow afternoon. I'm having some problems with weakness, too. Hope your day is going well. Take care, Christy
  10. Purr

    Head Board for Bed

    Since I have elevated the head of my bed (several years ago), I haven't had a head board. I think I would like to have one now. With the bed elevated like that, is it possible? Christy :unsure:
  11. Purr

    Head Board for Bed

    Hi Sweet!! Thanks for your reply. :) I don't think putting just the headboard feet on the blocks would be very sturdy. Right now all I have is a frame. I'm not sure if I could connect a headboard to it or not. Better check that out huh? :unsure: Christy
  12. Purr

    A hummingbird experience

    Razz and Peggy, I agree. Nature is full of WOW's and wonderful entertainment. I have a birdbath that sits on the ground not too far from my patio door. Ofcourse, the cats sit at the door and watch the outside world. There are 2 chipmunks that take great delight in racing back and forth in front of the door to torment the cats . Sometimes they'll sit on the birdbath and stare at them. The birds and rabbits will do the same thing because they know that the cats can't get to them. It's hilarious to watch. The squirrels just sit on the fence, shake their tail, and make that clicking noise. Can't help but laugh. Christy
  13. Purr

    Rheumy appt

    Hi WG, Sounds like you've found a good rheumatologist. I wish you the best with your new medication. I think the amount of time it takes to start working depends on the individual, so just know that sooner or later (hopefully sooner) it's going to kick in. :) Take care, Christy
  14. Purr

    I love to read

    I have several "favorite" authors: Robert Crais, Anne Perry, Debra Crombe, Harlan Corben, Robert Parker, James Patterson....and the list goes on. I also enjoy ancient history (Rome, Egypt) and I love English history. I think if I were going to travel to any country in the world, it would be England. For some reason, I've totally lost interest in TV and movies. It started waning when I started getting sick. Strange. :huh: Have a good day, all, Christy
  15. Purr


    Peggy, My doctor said the same thing to me about remission. I have diffuse scleroderma plus 3 or 4 other autoimmune diseases, but she only mentioned scleroderma where remission is concerned. I'm 99% sure lupus can go into remission because my sister had it. Another thing the doctor said was that having MCTD does have a bright side. They are all trying to fight each other so the problems each of them cause may not be quite as severe as if we had 1 CT (connective tissue) disease. When I see her in a couple weeks, I'll get more information from her (here's where the good ol' memory comes in to play!!! It's NOTE time. ) Take care, Christy
  16. Purr

    Time to celebrate

    Congratulations Razz!! I'm looking forward to reading your book. Just might have to come for a visit (or just mail the it to you ;) ) so you can sign it for me. That is sooo exciting. Christy
  17. Sam, Hope the rheumatologist had good things to say about your tests and can be helpful with all of the other aches and pains. Give us an update when you can. Christy
  18. Purr

    Question about Sclero & Parkinson's

    Wonderful. I love it when someone gets good news!!!! Christy
  19. Purr

    Scleroderma Can Koozies Now Available!

    Hi Lisa, They not only work with cans, but with some glasses (tupperware, glass, etc.). I like to put lots of ice in my cold drinks so these are great!! Christy
  20. Purr

    Portrait of Teddy (Theodora)

    Portrait of Teddy (Theodora)
  21. Purr

    Sweet Molly Blue Eyes

    Sweet Molly Blue Eyes
  22. Purr


    My feet have always been sweaty, but after I was diagnosed with scleroderma they got worse. I wore socks all of the time then because my feet would get soooo cold. It got to the point where I was going through 2 or 3 pairs of socks a day because my feet would get so sweaty. I have very little sweating now but, atleast once a day I have a 'burning' flare up and the bottom of my feet turn bright red. Happiness and sunshine, :D Christy
  23. That's really wonderful news!!! Christy
  24. Purr

    Disability Medicare

    Linda, I know absolutely nothing about medicare. After reading your post, you better believe I'm going to start doing some serious research. I'm sure you will too. If I learn anything important :huh: I'll let you know (and visa versa? (did I spell that right?)). Christy
  25. Purr

    SED rate

    You're right, Jefa and RTS. :( I messed up. It was my CPK level and it was over 2000. Can I blame the mistake on "bad memory"? :unsure: I'm very sorry for any confusion. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. The weather is great here in good ol' Kokomo. It's 77 degrees, there's a nice breeze, and the smell of freshly mowed lawn. I love it. Is there anyplace that's like this all year round? :) Cheers, Christy