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  1. I was at choir rehearsal last night. After we were dismissed from rehearsal I walked fast to the restroom because I knew what was about to happen. I just hoped that I would get there in time. I did, barely. Anyway, I started vomiting and it seemed like it wasn't going to stop. I had a bad feeling about what was brought up and after looking in the toilet, I was scared immediately; I wasn't quite sure what to do about it. Not only did I bring up everything I ate that day, but I also started vomiting blood. That was what I was always afraid of. I knew when this started, that I would have to go to
  2. Hi Sam! We wake up each morning not knowing what to expect. We ahve our days when we aren't able to see past our limitations. But it's also amazing how we bounce back and go on in the world. When you're tired or exhausted, just rest yourself. After a time, get up and go, even when you don't want to. There are some days when I don't want to get out of bed or get upset about how my day is starting. But I'm thankful for being alive, breathing and for have been given a second chance to live. Please take care of yourself with this cold. It can cause a lot of problem without proper care. Take v
  3. Welcome to the family Brenda! I do hope you continue to come to the forum and keep us posted on your progress and thoughts. To answer your other question, UCTD stands for Undifferentiated meaning when a person has symptoms of various connective tissue diseases without meeting the full criteria for any one of them. You can find more information about it at Overlap Syndromes. I do hope all goes well for you during this time. Please keep us informed on how you're coping. Take good care of yourself. And if you ever need someone to talk to, we're here for you!!! Email me anytime Peace Michelle
  4. Welcome Patricia! Hope all is well with you. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Take care,
  5. Congrats on your anniversary Mary! Yes, I'm quite fatigued 24/7 but I push myself to go on throughout the day. We fight to stay alive and kicking adn that alone overwhelms us. Question? Have the doctor checked your iron level? If not, see if you can get that checked soon. I have severe anemia which lowers my iron level. It has landed me in the hospital on many occassions. Don't take this symptom lightly even if it may be overlooked often. Keep us posted,
  6. High Praise to you Jen! It is always a pleasure to help others in need. I used to volunteer at one of the hospitals here when I first enrolled in college. I was able to volunteer for almost two years. I was all over the hospital. I delivered mail, worked the information desk, assisted in the ER and my last post was to provide assistance to patients families by sitting with the elderly whenever a family member wasn't able to be with them (to make sure they didn't get out of bed and help feed). I had a wonderful job and enjoyed it while I was there. Keep up the great work that you are d
  7. Hiya Heddy! Please l;isten to scleroguy. others and myself when I say GO SEE YOUR doctor! This is not normal and a serious condition. Your heart is nothing to ignore no matter what the CT shows. There is a problem and it lies somewhere. IF you can't see the general practitioner then get to a hospital right away. Waiting another day can be too late. I have angina since being diagnosed and it it gets worse sometimes. I take precautions but there are times when it hits me and I think, "okay what is it now." The last time it happened I didn't see the doctor about it and I paid for it in the e
  8. Hi Sheryl! I started having extreme exhaustion since being ill with the flu. Not sure what I'm going to do abotu it though...I'm half asleep now with another 1 1/2 to go until I get off work...I can see the bed now, it's calling me. Can't wait to get there. Take care,
  9. By all means Wife, please try to get an earlier appointment. On one occasion, I had to email the chief resident my concern and he in turn made a call to have me come in three days later, after speaking with him. You have to take initiative. Too many doctors play around with a patient's life, not wanting to "Deal" with our concerns or ailments we face each day. Don't give up on this. And don't wait until December. One month can make a huge difference. Like Heidi mentioned before, Bird Man can see his general practitioner to start the process rolling. Keep us posted.
  10. Morning Bird Mans Wife! His shortness of breath concerns me seeing that I suffer with this as well. When I used to see my former doctors, they would always run PFT's (Pulmonary Function Tests) to make sure my lungs are functioning normally. I had to go into the oxygen chamber twice because my PFt's showed some abnormalities. Ask his doctor to check his PFTs again because something else maybe going on. This is a serious problem. Keep us posted.
  11. Hi Betty! And welcome aboard. I hope you given a clear diagnosis soon. Although it can be frustrating not knowing what is going on, you must stay positive so that you don't put stress on yourself. Look on the bright side, you're still alive!!! We all are and that is a blessing within itself. Lv and peace, Michelle
  12. Best wishes to you Sam! I hope that all goes well 4 u. Don't back down for any reason. Stay positive and thorough. Take notes and be attentive. We're proud of you. Keep us posted.
  13. Take care of yourself and be sure to let us know how the appointment went... Michelle
  14. Morning Memeto2: Hope you're feeling better today. I now battle with having blood clots. It first started three months after I was diagnosed with Sclero. I was admitted in the hospital for migraines and while I was in the emergency room the nurses weren't able to start an IV in my arm. They stuck me ten times until my doctor came back and had to do it himself. He was furious with them. I was released the next day with a small bruise on my left arm. I didn't realize what it was until a week later. I was back in the hospital a week later on a Friday due to a blood that formed on my left arm
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