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  1. g'day all , so far have not been able to increase the size of the print , I can't even find the browser menu etc , I'm a real computor dummy , but I will keep trying , hugs to everyone georgette
  2. g'day thanyou all for your great responses , I will check out that sclero/eyes site and will endeavor to try and get the print larger ,(I'm not very clever with computors yet still learning) but I'll try . re : how do I know sclero effects my eyes , yes I eye specialist told me so . my eyes were hurting all the time couldn't read or watch tv blurred vision , went to eye specialist and he said I had 3 symptoms going on in my eyes and they were all immune system related , I was using cortizone eye drops for a long time to ease it , it was the eye trouble that was my first symptoms of scleroderma it just spread from that point , .....I do have another syndrome called CRPS (chronic regional pain syndrome) its a nerve injury that had spread to all my limbs , so at first all doctors thought my eyes trouble were from that but not so this crps was the cause of the scleroderma occuring and its first port of call was my eyes then skin then ...... you know how it goes from here , so I'll be off now and try to enlarge this print and check out this eye/scleroderma site , thankya hugs georgette
  3. G'day everyone, I have learned a lot from this forum but unfortunatly one my biggest challanges is my vision , I can only visit this site when my eyes are at their best as I find the small print too hard to read , does anyone else have trouble reading the small print ? I have new lenses in my glasses so it is the sclero, my immune systems first attack was on my eyes ............ a real delema hugs georgette
  4. Your so right scleroderma is a very 'unfair syndrome ' to be afflicted with , it appears to be merciless and tends to have a mind all of its own , for me , when first diagnosed I realised that I had to go thru a :mourning period' I mourned for the life that I knew ,and had been so shockingly taken from me without my consent !!! once I got thru that mourning period , I then just had to reconcile myself to the facts ,and the facts are that ya just have to keep adapting your new life around the symptoms as they arise , which on most occassions I do but here are still times where this incidious monster gets the better of me , but most of the time I am in charge of my life because I work around the symptoms ... its all a part of our journey ,and when ya get pressed into a corner there are only 2 ways out sink or swim , I tried the 'sinking bit for awhile but eventually found the strength to start swimming , my light bulb moment came when I realised that life was not over it was just changed , and I can't control this syndrome BUT I can control how I react to its symptoms .....hense peace in my new sclero life .......good luck with this psychological challange that is before ya hugs georgette
  5. G'day everyone ,newbie here again, I have only just been diagnosed with scleroderma in the last month but knew I had it for the past year the 1st blood test came back normal but lately things got so bad I asked for another blood test and yep it came back positive, my question is, with scleroderma, do you have "flare ups" where one minute your doing ok then suddenly you can have symptoms flaring up into top gear? My biggest hassels have been gastric reflux and itchy skin ,both started to settle ,then I had an insident here where when out walking I seen an elderly man fall down and I was the only person around I got such a scare the adreniline was pumping by the time I got to him ,(thinking broken hip) It all eventually worked out but by the time I got home I could feel all my symptoms on the rise and since then I am back into undescrible itchy skin ,so........ do you get flare ups ? and does emotional events cause symptoms to flare ? I'm apprecitive to all advice and hints , I was just reading here that banana are good for the reflux , didn't know that so I'm gunna go get some today and try it , also didn't know about raising the bed up helps so I'm also gunna try that to ,,,,hugs georgette
  6. thanks to you all for taking the time to respond to my post re: itching , it was driving me to dispair but have at least got some relief , I stopped having my shower daily (every second day) and just a wipe over on non shower days , after the shower I lather myself with baby oil ,and take anti histimines daily ,I'm still itching but not that desperate itch if you know what I mean , I still want to scratch but I know if I do I will not be able to stop so at this level I can cope , going to see the rhumitoligist to see what he has to offer , this syndrome totally stinks!!!! I also have another syndrome called CRPS/RSD it is a nerve injury that has spread to all the limbs in my body it was this syndrome that kicked started the scleroderma ,it made my immune system go into over drive ,it started to attack my eyes first ,then it started to attack my bones and tendons now just in the last 2 weeks my blood tests say that I have now got full blown scleroderma !! I was so devestated as the CRPS/RSD was enough to live with but now this ...life is a real daily challange these days . but I am coping ! (the CRPS is chronic regional pain syndrome I got this from a blood test the nurse hit the nerve in my arm ) once again thankyou all for your input much appreciated hugs georgette
  7. thanks everyone for your welcome 'celia ,I'm also from melbourne ! eastern suburbs ,kilsyth ...... I'm so grateful for the advice here and for all the other posts that I've been reading I've learned heaps already , so far I guess I'm lucky as the sclera is not effecting my organs as yet only my bones,ligaments,eyes,muscles and skin ,,so I'm going to head back to the board and read some more of the posts to try to get to know everyone as well as learn about scleroderma hugs georgette
  8. G'day everyone, I'm a 55 year old and I live in australia I have just been recently diagnosed with scleroderma, and need to learn more about it, so I figured the best way to do this would be to join a scleroderma group ! I have a few symptoms but the one causing me the most distress is the itching skin ugh!!!!! I itch all over, and because I can't stop scratching my skin is puffy and red, what do you all do to try eleviate this symptom, I've tried all manner of anti histimines and I still itch, would be grateful for any advise hugs georgette
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