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  1. Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with systemic sclerosis a few months ago. I have the diffuse variety of the disease. I posted once because this whole thing is so frighteing, and got much comfort from all of the responses. A week ago, my doctor informed me that I also have secondary hyperparathyroidism. I guess that's just another candle on the cake at this point, but I was wonderig if anyone else had gotten that. or is it totally unrelated ? I haven't read about anyone else having it. maybe I missed it if someone ele did indeed post about it. According to what I have been looking up about the
  2. Thank you all for the warm welcome, even though none of us want to be here....Still...as someone else says....it is what it is.....I love that.Knowing that I will have all of your support, makes me feel better already. I guess we have to learn to take things as they come, and not worry too much. I'll try.! Actually, my husband is more scared than I am.I think, with everyone's moral support, that we'll get through this. Thank you all again for being there and for the nice welcome.... Warm Hugs Back To All......Donna
  3. Hi, my name is Donna and I was diagnosed with diffuse systemic sclerosis recently. I have been reading some of your posts, and am very grateful for you being here. It is such a relief to know there are some who understand my confusion and my fears about this disease. It is unfortunate that so many good people have to meet under these circumstances. My husband and myself hurt and be thinking of each and everyone of you. My diagnosis began as rheumatoid arthritis. I just never felt that this diagnosis was correct. I had a lot of pain in my joints and such, but I thought there was something
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