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  1. I have been sick for years (13 or more) and all I heard was," Yes you are sick, we don't know what it is;" You have fibro, go see a psych doctor for 2-3 years; "no you don't have fibro, you have Lupus, no you don't have that the test was neg." Finely I begged my new Dr. to figure out what was wrong with me; he did a a bunch of blood work which all came back neg; even the blood work for inflimation. This is kind of crazy because I Have chronic dry eyes and had plugs put in last year because of inflimation. Anyway, the doctor gave me a sero neg diagnosis and sent me to an ent doctor because I had an abnormal barium swallow, the ent agreed with the diagnosis beause he ran more test and I have some problems with my vocal chords and swallowing. Apparently I have a problem with acid reflux, which I did not know I had. I see a rheumatologist doctor on Fri to confirm all this, what should I expext, what questiins should I ask? My primary doctor also thinks I have sjogrens. I am glad someone is giving me an answer;but I do not know what to expect; from what I read so far, this disease can be horrid. Thanks
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    i went to nursing school through a B.O.C.E.S. program in my high school, then Iworked as a long-term-care nurse for 17 years, when I could no longe work I applied for ssd and was approved my first try. With my ticket to work from ssd, I went to school and got my degree in criminal justice, little did I know the only thing I could do with that was be a police officer or guard,; that was a waste of time. I went back to school and got degrees as a medical administrative and a legal administrative assistant. There was no way I could keep up with these young whipper snappers, I admitted I could no longer work and quit after a few months. Now I do rerlative care for my mentally ill son.