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  1. I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities so to keep my asthma and migraines at a low level I banned the use of chemicals in my home 15 years ago. I mostly clean with a spray bottle mixed 50/50 white vinegar and water. I also use baking soda for smooth surfaces like stoves or counters, for the bathtub I use natural borax it comes from the earth, which you can find in the Laundry detergent aisle even though I can't stand the smell of that aisle I have the customer service desk send a bag boy to get it for me. Borax also cleans carpets and a ton of other things they have them all listed on the box. I don't use any scented or commercially "Natural Products" they mostly have synthetic citrus oils that still are not really safe. I wash my hair with baking soda. Believe it or not it comes out super soft. I condition with yogurt or a tbl of vinegar in a cup of water or chamomile tea (I'm blonde, use something else for dark hair). For furniture polish I use either lemon juice on a rag or a little olive oil. Instead of air fresheners, spray deodorizers, or plug-in air fresheners I slice lemons and place them in pretty saucers or colored glass bowls around the room. You can also put out vinegar or baking soda bowls. I applaud your efforts to de-toxify your home and clean up the planet!
  2. Hi Susie, thanks for your good thoughts. I only saw the ENT one time in a clinic at the county where they had 50 people scheduled for a 1:00 appt. and I got in at 4:30. The ENT is the only one for the county and comes only one afternoon per week, so basically is only concerned if you have cancer. The endoscopy he did took literally less than 10 seconds, I don't know how he had time to really see anything except for NO cancer maybe. Then he said, "Good news you don't have cancer, bad news you have bowed vocal chords." I said, "So what do I do?" He said "Well I could send you to speech therapy but what would be the point?' I said " I want to go, would you please arrange it?" He says, "Well, you wouldn't even know where it is, or have any way to get there." I said, "I know where the rehab hospital is and I would drive my car the same as I got here." I think he just didn't want to fill out the paperwork and take the extra few minutes. But then the speech therapy didn't work anyway and now I'm on vocal rest due to "orders" plus due to I literally can't speak more than 10 -15 minutes without losing all sound and the sound I have for 15 minutes I sound like a heavy smoker who has gravel in their throat, and my brother used to tease me I sounded like Minnie Mouse because I have a usually high female voice. When people call on the phone if I answer, they say "Sorry I woke you up," or I sound "mad". At least the vocal rest helps the pain, if I don't speak my larynx doesn't hurt at all. I'll post after I have the next endoscopy which was supposed to have been done 4 months ago and now the resident said she'd speak personally to the GI attending and get me into the clinic in the next week but that was almost a month ago and no word. I don't really want the test, and I'm nervous about the results, but I'd like to just get it over with. I see a pulmonologist out of the county hospital, with just my Medicare, and when I call his office they say, "He can see you tomorrow at 2:30", it's like a whole other world out of the county hospital, LOL,but I can't afford to pay the 20% of all the Endoscopies and MRIs if I don't go to the county.
  3. Margaret, there are many great rheumatologists and other doctors in San Francisco, just not at the county hospital in the clinics for people without good insurance or HMOs. The city is beautiful so please don't let that stop you if you'd like to come. I think it's the being poor, I imagine I would get this same county hospital or free clinic "band-aid" care wherever I lived.
  4. Hi Lizzie, yes my two rabbits are house rabbits. They don't have a cage they have free run of the house. They are litter box trained and they sleep on the end on my bed by my feet, and my kitty comes under the blanket and snuggles on my shoulder.
  5. I get the coughing from cold foods too, but I've always figured that was my asthma because I will cough and wheeze in cold air too. Sadly I don't even have an Internist, just a first year resident at the county hospital. I'm on SSDI and am on the county medically indigent plan since I'm so broke so I don't get the best of health care. I am not seeing a specialist and have been waiting 4 years for my rheumatology consult and my resident called the GI attending to get me an emergency endoscopy and exam when I was in last month but they still haven't called. It may be a year too, I've been waiting 8 years for my opthalmology exam, LOL. It's ridiculous.
  6. I'm glad your son's voice is doing better, and that I'm not the only one. I'm not on plaquenil. Can you believe the county hospital is so backed up that I have been waiting 4 years for a rheumatology consult so have not ever seen one? I was diagnosed with Lupus 15 years ago by a rheumatologist when I had my HMO and still worked. I have been diagnosed by my resident now with CREST but she wants me to see the rheumatologist too. No one has told me what my larynx problem is from, hopefully the endoscopy will give some clues.
  7. I don't doubt at all that toxic solvents cause all autoimmune diseases and cancers. I am on SSDI. The only thing you have to make sure of when you fill out your applications is to just not say that you can't do your present job but to make it VERY clear that your disability makes it impossible for you to do any type of work. They don't care how sick you are or not, only that you can do NO type of work. Good luck.
  8. I started losing my voice in May of 07 and it got progressively worse over the past year and a half. I saw an ENT who told me my vocal chords were "bowed" not coming together to speak, I had speech therapy for 6 months and it kept getting worse, if I talked more than 15 minutes in a row I would lose my voice entirely and during the 15 minutes I sound like I'm gargling gravel. The doctors put me on vocal rest, I even have to use a TTY telephone, I'm basically mute for going on two years in six months. It hurts sometimes if I try to overdo it speaking for 5 minutes at a gargling tone more than a voice or get around irritants like toxic chemicals and harsh perfumes. I use medication for my asthma, no steroid inhaler, but took Prednisone for 15 years. straight and now off and on. When I go to the store and try to say one or two words to the cashiers they can't understand me, or I don't have enough strength/volume in my voice besides the horrid hoarseness and they don't even try to understand. I see them do the same thing to people with accents that are perfectly clear if you'd take a second. I try to do most things by email but with the hands it's not easy either. I had an MRI in July of 07 and it showed enlarged lymph nodes in my neck but no cancer which is what they thought at first at the hospital. My lymph nodes are still enlarged a year later, I am due to have a GI do an endoscopy in a month or so and do biopsies or whatever if he finds something. Things at the county hospital move very slowly. I'm trying hard not to become very depressed over losing one of my three main senses, but I guess it is easier to adjust to than becoming blind or deaf. It is even hard to eat warm foods as I feel like the steam builds up in my throat and makes a "sauna" does anyone else get that? I see a resident at the county hospital and I get the feeling she thinks I'm whacky when I try to explain my symptoms to her because they are hard to put into words.
  9. I started having that problem two summers ago, then I also started getting a little short of breath, but I have asthma. My doctor said oh it's the heat and probably PMS, grrrrrr. It kept getting worse and the breathing got worse, I finally went to the Emergency Room and was diagnosed with fluid on my heart and Congestive Heart Failure. Now I take Lasix, a diuretic, everyday. It's better to check and be safe than sorry. A simple echocardiogram can check things out. Good luck. I hope yours ends up just being the heat.
  10. I always layer, then layer some more. I get thermal long john pants and thermal shirts to wear under my other clothes. I also found some great jeans that are thickly padded with flannel and with those over my long johns and a few sweaters and vests and a cute cotton cap and cute mittens I can barely keep from shivering. I have to keep all the gas shut off in my house as even the pilot lights give me migraines, and electric heaters blow my circuit breakers so I am really in the COLD!!!! Granted I live in the San Francisco area not in Alaska but it still gets a little snow on my hill and gets into the 20's at night both indoors and outdoors. Thank goodness I have my kitty and bunnies to keep me warm. Oh, and 3 pairs of socks at night is a must!
  11. My paternal grandmother, and my mother both have RA, my mom has had non-hodgkins lymphoma, I have lupus and sclero along with EI/MCS( which I think is an immune/autoimmune dysfuction).
  12. I agree with the others about getting pulmonary function testing, and a chest xray. Do you have any swelling in your lower limbs like ankles or feet? I started having trouble breathing along with the fact that I have asthma, but couldn't breathe when I lay down at night, then noticed swelling in my ankles and was also diagnosed with congestive heart failure, like I needed one more problem. You should definitely get your breathing problem checked out by a pulmo.
  13. I'm sure it's scarey, but not knowing won't change the facts. I always feel it's better to know so that I can start doing something about it. If the tests come back negative you will be wasting energy worrying about nothing, and that's no good either. Good luck.
  14. Hi, Most attorneys only take your case once you have apply and already been denied twice and are ready for the hearing phase. Apply as soon as possible. Be sure to fill out all the questions not just saying how bad you feel and what your health problems are, but emphasize how they effect your being able to work. SSA doesn't care how sick you are, they only care if you can work or not. Many disabled people do still work, so that is key. Good luck. It took me 28 months.
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