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  1. Hi Shelley I sort of figured thats where I would find his greeting.I too miss Sherrill so much and I hope that David is doing okay.Do you happen to know how her mom is?Sherrill worried about her mom so much and she was up there in age so she had reason to be concerned. I hope that you and yours are doing well too.Oh and do yu ever hear from Heidi?I miss her too.Take care Shelley and thanks for always being there for us.Smiles,Mary
  2. :rolleyes: I really hope that I can do this on here.I know that in New Zealand its already Jan.6th.That happens to be David Knagg's birthday and I wanted to wish him a happy birthday. It also happens to be my oldest son's birthday as well and I remember Sherrill and I having that in common. So I wanted to wish David the very best birthday although I'm sure it could be very different for him now. So David have a good day and we think of you often. Mary
  3. Thanks a lot Shelley,I'm glad you talked to her and that all is going well with her.I'm sure she is pretty busy with her husband and I wish them all the success in the world in that pursuit.I bet that is a full time job too.So thanks for letting me know I really appreciate it alot.Tell her hi for me next time you'll chat.Hows your son doing in Houston now?Has the power come back on where he is?I certainly hope so! love and hugs Mary
  4. I;m just wondering if anyone ever hears from Heidi I miss her and was just curious if anyone kept in touch with her.Mary
  5. Hi Janey and all of you who replied.Well we stayed because we had gone to Houston for "Gustav"and when we heard it would go in around Brownsville well we figured we're far enough away whcih we were.Houston wasn't an option anymore when we started hearing that he would go in to Galveston and that area but the thing is that he was so big and WIDE that it took the southwest coast too and I don't live near the coast either.this house we live in was built in 1953 it was the house my husband grew up in and like I said we've stayed for a couple of them before.LILY back in 02-03I can't remember.Now my
  6. Hi Shelley, I hope your son can get power soon, its so hot to be without it. I also am sure you've seen all the pictures they sure did get hit hard as did some of them here. A friend sent me some pics today and its really a wonder that anyone survived that. I cannot imagine what it would have been like if it had been a category 3 or 4 or even 5! We had a hurricane here in 1957 that was named Audrey and it happened in Cameron, Louisianna. Back then they didn't have the technology we have now and those poor people thought they had until the next day which was a Thursday but she came ons
  7. Well guys this is getting to be a habit.Had just barely gotten home from Gustav and here comes TERRIBLE IKE". We stayed home however and everything is okay but I was so scared I didn't sleep the noise of the winds from a hurricane are deafening and the rain was so hard. Our youngest daughter called from Houston at 5:00 am and it was there. They lost power and water and just got it back today she emailed me a few minutes ago. I know how miserable that had to have been as for Rita we were without power for 12 days but we did have water. When I watch tv now and see what happened everywhere here
  8. Oh good old Barbs we can count on her to bring us some laughter! Having joined about the same time that Barbs joined this board I also know personally how she never stops surprising you.I LOVE her blogs as well.She's also such an inspiration as she has really been through the mill in the last years.I'm so glad that now she can enjoy herself.Just wish sometimes she could put me in one of her bags when she goes to Greece again lol.Keep it up Barbs we depend on you to keep us laughing.I als know full well about the goose stories as for a long time we had some,as well as ducks and chickens too.I r
  9. Hi Janey just read your post.Well its not looking for Ike and I'n having to convince my husband to leave.You know they can be hardheaded! Anyway we'll keep watcing and hope nothing comes of it.Thanks for thinking of me.Mary
  10. Hey all of you thanks for your nice replies.I tell you though that trip really ;took it our of me.I just can't seem to bounce back from the trip,guess being that it was so long and so stressful I watched my daughter have to fight traffic with some people that just don't seem to have 'common sense'.They just try to cut you off first chance they get.I forgot to mention that we also evacuated our pets as well.Now that was funny.My daughter and I rode in her car with the two cats in their own little 'pet taxis'and my husband and son-in-law with our two little dogs.And then my daughter that lives i
  11. Well I'm jumping in rather late on this topic but I also live in the country.I also love hummers and the other day my husband called me out to the front porch to see something so beautiful! A swallowtail huge butterfly was sipping nectarfrom the hummingbird feeder.He let us get close enough to take a picture.My 7 year old grandaughter loves butterflies and has a huge colored illustrated book on butterflies and moths so I've seen a butterfly moth in pictures and they are pretty.We also have deer here and many a time will see them cross the road if we're on it late as we also have a casino about
  12. Well my husband and I had to evacuate AGAIN (Hurricane Rita 3 years ago).This time our oldest daughter and husband and grandchild took us to Houston to our youngest's house.A trip to Houston from where we live here in La.is about 3 hours.It took us 7 hours to get there and that was before mandatory evacuations were announced.We arrived at 6:10 and all went to bed and didn't get up until 3 that afternoon.Its so hard when you don't feel good my poor husbands feet were so swollen I wound up giving him my Lasix.It helped him.My son-in-law is a chef so next morning we had eggs.sausage biscuits,fre
  13. Hi all and thanks for the replies.I too am so glad that I was diagnosed at a later age.I was 53 then and its 10 years later so now I'm waiting on medicare.2 years to go yet.Spoke to my daughter and her friend is not handling the news well.She said that she refused to take prednisone if it meant it would make her gain weight.My daughter tried to convince her to please listen to her doctors orders.My daughter also told me she has the mouth sores really bad even under her tongue with the 'chalky stuff'draining from them.That doesn't sound too good.Luckily she was already on pain meds as she also
  14. Oh wow I jumped in at just the right time! I LOVE to read and when I don't have something to read its like I've lost something. Mysteries are my favorites too, I also love John Grisham James Patterson Tom Clancy so many I can't remember their names. Fortunately my daughter in law has the same tastes I do in reading and brings me BAGS of books, which I devour. Not long ago I sent a bag back to their house with my son and she said "Where does your mom find the time to read all these books? He replied , She doesn't have a 5 year old and a 3 year old anymore to keep her from reading. I can't unde
  15. Hi everyone I finally went to my doctor appointment for results of cat scan and the news is good. Its just a small nodule just big enough for the chest x-ray to pick up. It hasn't changed and he doesn't feel its anything to worry about.In 3 months we'll do another and see if its still there etc. If it there still another cat scan but he said being I never smoked he's not too worried about it being lung cancer or something like that.So I'm happy and slept good last night. On the down side my daughter called me on her lunch hour and told me that one of her friends had just been diagnosed with sc
  16. Friday we had to bring our little dog to get her allergy shot.When we drove up someone we knew was taking one of his hunting dogs out of his truck and had a leash on her.I asked him"Problems"? and he said "Yes,putting her down.I said how sorry I was and that I'd had to do it before and knew how hard it was.I also patted the dog on her little head and the friend said "oh she's very friendly and loves people.He then went inside as they called him in right away.I told my husband why he was there as he hadn't heard why he was there with his dog.We sat and waited our turn and when he came out,I not
  17. Hi all got a call from hospital where I did chest x-rays not long ago. It showed a 'spot'on lungs that my dr.is concerned about and yesterday made appointment for cat scan to further test what this might be. I'm scared a bit but think it may be just something left over from the horrible larngnitis and cold I had just before seeing dr. So hoping all will be okay and I can continue as I am doing. Will let you know results when I have them the appointment is Aug.4th. also having pft and bone density again. Hugs and best to all,Mary
  18. Oh wow how excting cat lovers! I have 3 -Weezer is 18- Chi-Chi is about 7 and Stinker is 3 years/Stinker is the worst for throwing himself down in front of us and not moving.I also taught him a trick.When he was just a kitten one day I picked him up and he stretched out his paws in a big wide stretch.Since then all I have to say is "mama wants a 'stretch'and no matter what his position is on me he will immediately stretch,my friends and family get the biggest kick out of that.Chi-chi loves to be patted but theres a certain place on her side that NOBODY can touch otherwise she will hiss and paw
  19. I did forget to mention that I suffered with bowel problems from the time I was a childThe other biggie was that I had endimetriosos (sp,).For me it was torture and after having my last child at 30 had a hysterectomy.It was the best releif I ever had until I discovered that it was genetic and sure enough my youngest daughter was diagnosed with it a few years back.So it goes on and on-anyway someday we may be able to say I once had diffuse sd,fibro,herniated disk,peripheral neuropathy,sjogrens and all the other stuff,but now they found a cure and I'm well now.That is something to look forward t
  20. I too had lots of stress.Have had ulcerative colitis for many years,In early 80's developed a rash on arms and elbows that doctors.just could not figure out what it was.they finally found something that got rid of it.Then husband took a job in Venezuela and I worked in housekeeping at a local casino.I will ALWAYS believe that its the chemicals that we used on walls floors bathrooms glass and everywhere else that caused my diffuse sc diagnosis.Of course proving it is another thing but I do know that prior to being exposed to that I didn't have too many problems except for the uc and it is a hug
  21. Its funny about how fleas affect cats differently.My oldest cat is 18 years old and I also had his brother.The white cat was never bothered too mch by them,I also use the monthly drops but his poor brother the gray one would just scratch and bleed and have sores too.One thing about it though if he stayed in the sun it would dry all up and his beautiful fur would grow out again.Somehow that cat knew he needed to be outside so every morning when it was at its worst,he'd go to the door and I'd let him go out.He'd pick a spot in the sun and I don't care how hot it would get he'd stay out all day a
  22. Hi all well finally made it to see internist today. Had blood work, pap smear all last week and results are in. Sed rate-good, calcium-good, potassium good, liver function good, cholesteral -good-blood sugar all good! Lost 10 pounds and thats REAL good as I have been trying so hard to lose it. However the news about my groin pain-they took a chest ray and x-rays of my hips.The dr,said that when someone is on prednisone as long as I have been (1998) its bound to do some damage one being the fact that I do have osteoporosis-this is called vascular necrosis and knowing that although I'm only on 5
  23. Im so glad you'll all enjoyed my tale,(cat tail lol).Its just sounds so amazing that somethng like that happens but that proves she was meant to be with my daughter and family.I too have 3 cats like I said one of them being Me'me 's offspring and poor baby he is now 18 years old and so sweet.the others are Stinker a siamese and che-che an orange and white female.We also have 2 small dogs bijou is a teacup chihuachua and weighs maybe 3 pounds if she's lucky and Winnie a mix of chihuachua and something else.We have to bring her to the vet a tleast once a month to get an allergy shot as she has a
  24. I hope no one gets offended that I'm not writing anything about sclero but this is something heartwarming I thought all would enjoy especially all of us who have pets.Please bear with me as its a long story.Two and a half years ago here in southwest La.we got hit by Hurricane Rita this was Sept 24th not long after New Orleans and Katrina.WE had to evacuate so we went to our son't houseand brought our pets with us.My oldest daughter however couldn't bring her old cat that she has had since her daughter was 3 years old.Her daughter is now 21.So she put the cat plenty of food and lots of water kn
  25. My first symptoms of all things was itchy burning feet.Then they swelled up and it traveled up to my legs.Then I started having all over pain that was horrible.My hair was also falling out by the brushfuls all I had to to was just pass my hand in my hair and gobs of it would come out! Then the arms started the same thing as my legs and feet did.Only now my skin was so shiny and tight it felt like a vise! I was also losing weight rapidly,and I was very weak! The doctors did a biopsy in the deep muscle tissue of my right leg and to this day even with a scar there it still hurts.I also had acid r
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