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  1. My first post! I am 36 years old and a Registered Nurse. I have a lengthy health history , dating back over 12 years. But since fall I developed severe Raynauds and a persistent fingernail infection. 2 antibiotics and 2 antifungal meds later I continue to have deformed fingertips. Just today I noticed I have 2 calcinosis now developing on the tip of my pinkie finger. I have on and off hand swelling and mostly wake up tight and tingling. I have been seeing a rheumatologist for about 6 mos. She says-I have Raynauds and fibromyalgia. I have been pretty honest with her and my dermatologist that I really feel it is Scleroderma. But I have a neg. ANA and normal Sed. rate. I have been itching allover-when my antihistamine wears off for years when I lie down I cough all night & practically drown in fluid that gets caught in my throat. This too I have done for many years. 8 years ago I had tissue removed from the outside of my bowels & uterus and the biopsy result said "tissue of unknown origin" Dr. thought it was going to be endometriosis but Lab said no, but could not identify all that tissue that should not be there. I have had severe disabling IBS with bleeding for years. Colonoscopy just shows mucosal changes. Gastro says not significant. I so badly need a doctor that will proceed to give me a real diagnosis and treatment plan. As a hospice nurse I see people die and never get an answer why or from what, all the time. Thank goodness, they are usually very old. I am 36 and I want and deserve and have paid good money for real answers. I am angry and scared. I already Know what I have.Why won't anyone else tell me? Any suggestions or a DR. recommendation would be greatly appreciated. So would an understanding ear that doesn't think I am a crazy hypochondriac. By the way. I have skin breakouts that ooze clear fluid often +they are quite painful & scar my face. Anyone else? I am anxious to hear from you all, Christie
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