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  1. Hi I was wondering if anyone has any problems with getting sores on their scalp ,They itch and can get fairly large. If so anything to get rid of it? Thanks Danette
  2. Hi Thank you for all your comments. I was diagionsed ,1 1/2 with Scerolderma diffused and Fibro. I went to to a Dr In Ct. I felt like he was just waiting for me to get worst before he would do anything. I live in pain 24/7 in my upper arms and lower legs. I am always exhausted. I sleep all night but wake to still be tired. My hands are swollen and hurt.I have very dry skin on my feet. I have purplish skin on my upper arms.My face has change and my hair has thinned out. The cold weather takes all my engery to get thru a day. I have been to many Dr.s , an every Dr would refer me to another Dr. The last Dr I saw,has Diasgoinsed me ,but will not let me question him on my test results.or what I could do to live a somewhat normal life.He Would not tell me my Ana,(said I didnot need to worry about it.) That was my first warning sign. Kept giving new nsaid rx every 2 months. never work. So any way Someone from the form suggested I try her Dr. I have been to him once. He sat with me for Over hour and went over my symptoms and some of my test results for previous Dr. Ana 181 He thinks I do not have fibro,(which I figured I didnot have) ran more blood work test I have never really heard about, either did the lady drawing my blood she had to call the Dr. So next week I go to see what he has for test results and what he thinks I might Have. I hope someone can figure this out before I lose my mind or gets cold again Thanks for listen Danette
  3. Hi I was just wondering if anybody has ever had an achy, tingly strange feeling on the tips of the fingers? I have had this feeling for about a month and I wish it would go away. Any idea what it maybe? Thanks for any help Danette
  4. Hi Karen I was diagnosed in August 2004, I had my thryoid removed totally Jan 2005. I take synthroid 100 mg per day. I do not know. But I thought I was losing my mind. Regards Danette
  5. Does anyone have any thyroid problems. I had a goiter and hashimotto's disease. I believe that has something to sclerderma? What do you think?
  6. Hi I dont really know what to do. I have I have seen a Doctor at Unconn. First visit Looked at me swelling fingers curled blood vessels in fringers, Extreme pain In upper legs and lower legs. He told me he was pretty sure I have Sclerderma. Went thru A series of test , He said he would call and go over test. He never called,so I called . The sec. said he called back. He did he said every looked fine. not in heart or lung. Soi saw him a couple more times because of pain , he changes my Rx evry 3 months because it wheres off. He also said I have fibromygalis. I feel I dont have characteristics of Fibro. Not pressure point.s Last visit after of my series of test, He walk in to the room why are you here today. I was like twoweeks ago you sent me for my test. He opens computers looks over test results quickly and says no change,But I find it funny because the man who was given me my breathing test say I had a decrease in intake. He wasn't suppose to tell me. the other day I was in alot of pain so I called to say the rx was not working and it hurt to walk or use my arms. He called back 2 days later and said he did not know what to do and put me on a depression Rx . I do not think I am Depressed . I am In PAIN. He said probably because I am not sleeping. I said what I never said that. I sllep very well.He got upset and said maybe I should contact my general Dr.And go to a pain treatment center and said goodbye. hung up. I was like first visit you said I have diffuse scleroderma ,I am at a lost of words, My fingers are swelling and are getting shiny and my feet skin are shinny and tight. What is wrong with me . the pain is extremely bad and I dont know what to do, Please someone help?
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