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  1. Hi Miocean, Happy 2nd anniversary!!! I wish you the very best that life offers and you will forever be in my thoughts. Take care & (((hugs))) :emoticons-i-care: Annie
  2. Hi Jo, Thank you for responding. (((hugs))) Annie
  3. Hi, How do I comment in the photo section? :emoticons-thankyou: Annie
  4. Happy Valentine's Day Shelley, Jo & all members. :) (((hugs))) :happy1-by-lisa-volz: :emoticon-hug: :emoticons-group-hug: Annie <3
  5. Hi Jeannie, I'm delighted your surgery went well. All my best for you for the year 2012 and beyond. :) Take care & hugs :) Kind Regards, Annie
  6. Hi Lynn, I'm so sorry with your break up. My thoughts will be with you in this difficult time. You will be missed in chat and let the healing process begin for you. Hugs! Kind Regards, Annie
  7. My Dearest Sweet Susie: After talking to you on chat last night and having my daughter come home from college, what more could I ask for! ;) :happy-day: What a relief!!!! As each day goes by, hoping you'll feel better. Have a nice get together with your loved ones throughout the holidays. :happy1-by-lisa-volz: Take "special" care & warm hugs With Love, Annie
  8. Hello Amanda, Miocean, Judyt & Jo: I have three - cardiologist, rheumatologist & pulmonologist. I have an internist, but no such thing as an internologist. lol Take care & hugs Annie
  9. Hello Jo, Sweet, Amanda & Buttons, :) The last time I was weighed is visiting my rheumatologist July of this year. I was very pleased at the results. (96 lbs. a petite person & only 4'10"). Unfortunately, it gave me the excuse to eat a little more than I should. :( Now I'm afraid to weigh myself. Oh no!!!! I will avoid being weighed until I see my pulmonologist in Feb. 2012 and try to behave which won't be an easy task. Lol Take care all & hugs Annie
  10. Hi Shelley, Thank you! Very interesting -- learn something new every day. Yes, I would consider using emoticons a hobby. They are so cute! :) Take care and hugs, Annie
  11. I don't know if this would be considered a hobby, but I love to socialize whether it being chatting or skyping with on-line friends. :emoticon-dont-know: A gift of gab. :P I enjoy reading the daily newspaper, novels, (1 of my fave author is Jodi Picoult), listening to classic rock and putting together large quantity jigsaw puzzles. :) Annie
  12. Hi Jo, Not sure what happened, I made a comment on Zumba, but it disappeared. :( I commend you for taking this up. Before Kendel went off to college this fall, she was trying to pursued me to joining her amongst other young skinny 19 and 20 year olds. I don't think so; I am also uncoordinated, but I do love the Latin music, it's upbeat and peppy. Enjoy and have fun! Take care and (((hugs))) Annie
  13. Hi Shelley, In Susie's chat this morning I made a comment to her and Jo, "I love the new look of the forum!" I'm excited to peruse over it. Thank you very much for working so hard and diligently for this new and exciting transformation. I would also like to thank other people who also worked with Shelley. I deeply appreciate it. Shelley - Annie
  14. Hi Summer - Best wishes on your ileostomy. Please post when you feel up to it and let us know how you're doing. Take care Annie
  15. Hi Jeannie, Thank you for sharing this exciting news! :emoticon-congratulations: Take care Annie
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