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  1. i suffered with a necrotic thumb for a year and its very painful my rheumatologist just wanted it to fall of.. but I spoke with an orthopedic surgeon and he amputated the next day...that was august of 07 then in jan my left big toe got a sore on it and again had it amputated in june of 08.. the pain of having it amputated is far less/. the nerve pain once the digit is removed only lasts for about 2 days...i wish your mom well I have been there good luck
  2. has anyone done rituxan before for cancer. I have lupus and my next step is rituxan. and im a little nervous on what to expect.. i have to do inpatient for this so im a little concerened? anyone :) thanks amy im currently on cellcept..among all my other meds... im getting pulsed on 1000mg of steroids tomorrow as my vasculitis is acting up and im getting gangrene on my toes again fvrom where the ulcers were
  3. hello, im sorry your hurting so much... i dont knnow what meds your on right now but my rheumatologist feels anyone who hurts like we do need to have maintenance meds or something for pain.. are you on plaquenil? that and prednisone helped with my pain and aches..my rheumatologist pretty much gives me what I ask for she says I know best..she also does tons of labwork too and if the labwork consists of inflammatroy changes she gives me pain meds... i take pain medication and she just prescribed me neurontin which helps with my headaches, i hope your aches and pains disappear soon amy
  4. my wedding ring no longer fits... and on the days it does I can't get it off,,,
  5. once I was hospitalized with a confirmed mrsa they put me on vancomycin for 10 days
  6. i have htese and there called vasospasms its a part of raynauds and scleroderma...they are quiet painful except my finger get stiff and kinda freak out on me causing them to hurt more... i have to soak my hands in water or just rub the **** out of them... look up hand vasospasms its associated with scleroderma...
  7. be prepared for the nitro paste to give you headaches it did me... i had ulcers on my 2 big toes and one on my pointy finger and left thumb,,, i have since lost my left thumb but my other digits cleared up... i was told to soak in warm salt water twice daily and keep bandages on it.. abnd I did and they dried up and healed... so I hope you get the same results... the nitro past is supposed to increase blood flow to your digits... but dont put too much on it... the headaches hurt...
  8. i have had scaling before and its painful but I didn't have any \swelling... i wouldnt mess around with swelling after scaling it could be an absess or just a localized infection...i sure hope you were on antibiotics... I hope your mouth feels better I bet it hurts...
  9. it sounds like vasculitis which I have but I also have raynauds and I have lost half of my left thumb because it got so infected... i went through this pain for 8 months and eventually it got infected with MRSA so off it went... vasculitis is where Small or Medium-Sized Vessels get inflamed causing infarcts or icshemic or better known as tiny strokes... i have tons of progression pctures of my scleroderma/vascultis.. but there gross :o)
  10. i forgot to mention that eventually my doctor prescribed me emla cream it has a numbing agant for pain and I lived like that for 5 months until I went into a nursing home and I soaked my ulcers twice a day in warm salt water.. my rheumatologist says whats important is to keep them as warm as possible and even soaking my toes in warm salt water saved my toes I had dry gangrene on both but my toes healed and my thumb did not in a away im glad my thumb is now halfway gone because it doesn't hurt much anymore... so keep yourself warm warm warm...my doctors would rather have me sweating tha
  11. i had no choice in them amputating it it got so bad that nitro wasn't working and it died pretty fast well I say fast but it started dying in feb of 07.. alot of people can't stomach the pictures(the gangrene pics) but I lost it from the first knuckle down on my left thumb... im glad it is gone now it has \healed well in 3 weeks and doesn't hurt anymore.. :) :P
  12. please everyone take care of your ulcers before they get too bad.. i used nitrocream and it didn't work for me but soaking my two big toes and left thumb everyday in warm salt water helped me with that and they eventually healed except for my left thumb.. the ulcer got worse and it died I mean literally dry gangrene.. from either raynaud's or my vasculitis... i went through pure torture with dry gangrene it was so painful and I only took tylenoil for it .. but my rheumatologist didn't want to amputate since I have lupus and healing was a factor..but I finally came down with a bone infection an
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