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  1. HI, I was diagnosed with Sclero in May 2007 and last fall. My primary and my rheumatologist are trying to see if there is a link. Thanks for asking.
  2. As for myself, I was diagnosed May 2007, and yet I think with gastro issues and skin issues; I would say I think had this disease since at last 1999. Amazing, how much I ignored and just never thought of them linking together. Take care All, Sue of Virginia Beach
  3. Good Evening, Can someone tell me if Lipoma or Muscle Hernia are "common" to Lichen SD? I have felt this knot just blow the skin on my Upper Left Quadrant of my Abodmen for about 7-8 months now, and have mentioned it to both my primary care physician and my gastroenterologist. Of which both thought it was a floating rib, being that they couldn't' feel it. I had a CT Scan done in Early May, 2008, which didn't show anything. So, finally last Friday, my gastro doctor could actually feel it and has sent me to a surgeon. I met with the surgeon today and because of it's exact location, he can't tell by feeling if it's 100% lipoma or if it is a muscle that has hernaited. It is right on the very edge of the abdominal wall, so either way, because it is very painful, especially if I sit up straight or reach up for something (which at 5ft 2 inches, I reach up for everything), it has to be surgically removed. I was just curious if I could get an idea of it's common-ness especially in Lichen SD patients. Thanks Have a fabulous week! Sue V.
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