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  1. I noticed that my skins affected by morphea is going back to a normal color. It is lightening with time and the look is pretty much better than a year ago. Once stabilized I think the skin is able to repair by itself a part of the damages.
  2. Hello, I have a localized scleroderma as well. I understand your anxiety, but don't worry, this condition usually stabilize by itselt in a period of 5 to 10 years, maybe more for the linear form. I have a morphea, it was active for about 3 years but now it has been stable for more than 2 years. Usually, once stabilized, the disease won't come back. Of course, there is still a hyperpigmentation but the look is improving with time. I don't know the MTX I think it is aimed to stop the progression. You won't die of localized form, the internals organs are not involved.
  3. Hello, Any news smac0719 ? Concerning my lipofilling, it worked but the fat has already begun to disappear, but it is even better than before. And, as my surgeon told me before the surgery, I am going to need an other injection, which is going to stay that time.
  4. Hello, i'm glad for you. I have (had ?) a morphea too, on the cheek, it is almost invisible now and have spotted to spread for a while now, I just have (had ...) a hollow since the fat have disappeared. But, Monday, I got a lipofilling. Take a look of my topic : http://www.sclero.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=6655 I'll try to send some pictures.
  5. It's done! My surgeon is really confident. The operation is really painless and takes about 45 minutes. For now, I have a dressing on my cheek so I can't send you photographs. I can advise everybody who have a morphea on the face (like linear morphea) to do a lipofilling since it is really painless. Of course you have to wait until the evolution is stopped. As for myself, the hospital advised me a surgeon. (For French people, if you have a localized scleroderma you should go in the Yves Deprost's service) I'll try to send you some pictures as soon as possible.
  6. Hello all, Thank you for your messages. I'll try to send you some pictures before and after. My surgeon told me it's a really simple procedure, it takes about 30 minutes. :) I'll can leave the clinic the same day!
  7. I'll have a lipofilling for my morphea on the 22/12/08 !! The hospital who followed my advised me to get this lipofilling since my morphea is now stable. I'm so happy :D
  8. Hello, from my little experience with morphea (i have one, very small and now inactive), I think that severe morpheas can progress ever if they went inactive before (by "severe" i mean with ANA etc ...), but some treatment can help to controll them (cortizone ...). For the singles morpheas, or little morpheas, with no ANA or other antibodies I think that it stabilize within 5 years ~ then stabilize with no relapse. I hope that my english was good :P
  9. Hello all, i went to the hospital today, control visit. My dermatologist is very glad since my morphea is now stable for a couple of years. Today, for the first time, she told me about the cosmetic, it's a big step for me, one of the best dermatologist in France were in the hospital today (C. Bodemer), she told me that something CAN be tried too, and tomorrow, she'll show the picture to another excellent doctor, a plastic surgeon this time :) , and they'll contact me to take a book. This is not for the color but for the "hollow" on my cheek. This is a very good day for me, I went to the hospital to watch my morphea like I am used to, and I came back home with a book with a plastic surgeon! Wow !
  10. Hello, I meant that not having SCL-70 is pretty reassuring. I think it can't be systemic without scl70. And of course, you can developp morphea with or without ANA, i have a morphea and none auto antibodies. The quantity of ANA antibodies is, for the doctors, a good indication for the "future". Having a lot of ANA tends to suggest that the lesions will grow or new lesions can appear. More ANA => More risk. I don't have ANA and have only a single little patch. So, if you have a morphea and you are negative for ANA, the pronosis is really good . The treatment is function of the ANA number. I have read some articles about morphea (many in fact :P) and having a morphea then develop systemic is extremely rare, the only reported cases seems to be "unfortunate coincidences". And morphea is not a symptom of the SSC.
  11. Even if I will try to do everything to "repair" my disease (i have localized), I now know that I am NOT untouchable.
  12. Hi, the biopsie can confirm if it is a morphea (in my case the specialist recognize it without biopsie, even if the skin weren't hard, they're used to see it) but only the auto antibodies can confirm the systemic involvement (i think)
  13. If you haven't Scl70, ANA and others antibodies I think it can't be systemic. You should go to your specialist and ask for news blood tests, if they're negative, ask your rhumatologist to know what causes your symptoms; there is many thing that cause joints pain (it doesn't get better with age :)), and acid reflux. I think you shouldn't worry since you don't have the main symptoms of SSC (raynaud is present in 90% of systemic patients).
  14. Hello, morphea and ssc are related because of the "collagen issue", in ssc collagen affects internal organs and vessels, in morphea, it causes a "hard" patch. More and more often, specialists don't relate the 2 diseases and morphea is more often used to name the disease than "localized scleroderma", some call it a "scleroderma like". Of course the biggest difference is that morphea (plaque type) is benign, linear is "problematic" when affect mobility, and of course this is inesthetic, with GENERALLY no internal involvement. For your symptoms, I think only blood tests could give you the "right answer", but if you don't have raynaud and no sclerodactyly (raynaud sometime appears before the disease) it does not seem to be ssc. I think others members will respond you better, I have morphea (single patch) and don't know very much about systemic symptoms. Bye and once again, i hope my english will be understandable.
  15. Hello, thanks for the article. Acne and morphea pigmentation are caused by the same thing ? I don't know what gives this color to morpheas. I'll try to post a picture.
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