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  1. in one of the previous raynauds related topics some of you were talking about battery operated gloves and I just wanted to ask you some advice - which brands are qualitative? I want to order them in a internet shop.
  2. So whats your opinion about sunbathing and tanning if your diagnosis is sclerodema? One of my doctors said that it is forbidden to be in the sun, but other said that it is okay. And also what about the self-tanning sprays or creams - are they completely harmless for the skin?
  3. I haven't heard about these battery operated gloves in my country. :/ Sounds like they are really good. Usually I wear two pairs of gloves (my grandmother knits them for me) in the winter. A month ago my doctor prescribed me a new medicine - Plendil and it seems very good - I can feel how my hands and legs are getting warmer. :D However because of that medicine my head hurts almost everyday. If they are very cold and hurt I put my hands in really, really hot water.
  4. Hello again! My name is Linda, and I'm 17. I have a wonderful family that supports me a lot. I'm in highschool, in 10th grade and I looove english, geography, biology and history. After highschool I want to study medicine - it would be great to have a physiotheapist or orthopaedist career. In free time I try to go to the bellydancing lessons and I like cycling. Also I like computers - I'm a adminstrator in our schools web page so it gives responsibilities and tasks, for example putting there news, articles and so on. usually I'm not even feeling like having scleroderma and in my case it
  5. Hello! I'm new in this forum and I wanted to ask you some questions. I'm having scleroderma morphea since 9 years old (now I'm 17) and I'm going to the hospital every year. It looked very good since this December when I saw new circles on my ankle. So there's my question number 1 - will I have scleroderma and these hospital visits all my life? Now my doctor said that now I must take methotrexate. I read somewhere than this can cause hair loss, is this true?
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