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  1. Hi Smanda,so far a lot of my test have come back neg.My doctor is sending me to see a gastro doctor and rheumatologist.A lot has been 50\50 like my thyroid and have to do them again in three month's.If you think you have sclero or some thing like it keep going back to your doctor or find someone who will listen to you.I have had all the same symptoms like you.When I think im getting better I get some thing new.It's never ending .Good luck and warm wishes Gina. :)
  2. :) I finally went to see a new G.P and he listened to every little complaint. I did a lot of the same tests again and even though my ANA came back negative he gave me a referral to see my old Gastroenterologist. He also wants me to see a Rheumatologist. I am so glad I fond this forum, I don't think I would have put myself through all this again if it was not for all of your warmth and kind words. I cannot wait to see the gastro doctor, eating and drinking hurts. I have to wait 4 weeks to see him, but I am a lot happier that I'm not NUTS and wants to help. Thank you everyone. GINA : :)
  3. Hi Celia,I Don't have an answer for you,but I have the same problem.One week I'm fine then the next I'm in the toilet 24-7.I even have go during the night.I have tried ever thing I can think of,a good diet lots of water and exercise.It's like it has a mind of it's own. What else can we do.I hope you get same relief very soon.
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    I did not go to the doctor this week, I think I'm too scared of one more doctor telling me the ANA test is negative. I have lumps on some of my toes and one of them gets a small white sore on it. Would any one know what that is? Thanks again everyone for your kind words. Its nice knowing that you all know what it's like to have bad days. :) :) :)
  5. gina

    My Story

    :) :) I just want to say to everyone, I feel a lot better this weekend. Mentally! This is because I have had an email from Celia from this forum, giving me great resources and contact details in Australia, including phone numbers, availability days, addresses etc. It is so nice to be able actually vent on this forum and not always on the people I love. I am going to see a different general practitioner next week and get a new referral and I feel hopeful. A special thanks to Celia and everyone else who has given me support and advice. PS: This forum is wonderful!
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    Thanks everyone for your support. I have been really encouraged, and I am getting on top of it. I have not lost hope, and some of the information you guys have given me has been amazing. I really appreciate it. Regards Gina
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    My Story

    :angry: It's 4.46 am iv been up for days.MY LEFT hand is curled and hurts.I have 5 children and work 5 days a week,and I know there are so many more people worse off then me.I can't keep up any more,having a shower and I need to rest,im finding it hard to walk with my breathing,joint pain and all the other little things.When I try to sleep I end up going to the bathroom every hour to pee but I only dribble most of the time.But that can change and its like tap.My ribs on my left side hurt and the skin is thick and lumpie its the same under my arm.Lumps on some of my toes and a little swelling on my ankels.I could cope with this if I new it will go away and not come back for a few years like it has before.But 13 years is enough,i am sick of smiling and saying im fine because that is what they want to hear.I wish I could just run away and be by myself and not worry about any one else for a change. and to be sick and say all these things im saying now to you.Deep down I want to find that doctor who will help me and not give up like this,iv always saw the brighter side and never said poor me.Now at this point in my life I feel so alone even with my husband kid's and family.I just need peace no more pain,i no what is wrong with me I just wish that one Doctor would really listen and say lets just try more test or we will get to the bottom of this sooner or later.All I ever got was take a pain killer if that does not work after a few weeks I will give you an anti-depressant to take the edge off.Its about time doctors did their job.. HEY IM SORRY FOR SAYING ALL THIS MAYBE IT MIGHT FEEL A BIT BETTER FOR DOING SO.
  8. gina

    My Story

    It's very nice of you to tell me your story.They did put me on a tablet,but it made me scattery and didn't work.I just need to find a doctor who believes in my symptoms and doesn't treat me like a hypochondriac. Unfortunately I can't take anti inflammatory because of Gerd. Please keep me updated on your condition, if you feel comfortable doing that. Thanks to everybody for your replies. It is really nice to talk to others on my level. I appreciate your support and wish you all the best too.
  9. gina

    My Story

    Thanks Sheryl, That is really interesting. I am in Australia and there don't seem to be as many specialist options available. I am trying to find the right person. Thanks for your support.
  10. The day I had my second child, 13 years ago I had a c-section and that night I had pain in my upper abdomen. The spinal block was meant to have blocked it, yet I still had severe pain. A surgeon was sent and I was given pain medication. Not long after that I started getting reflux. I've always had internal issues, with cysts etc and adhesion's. I ended up thinking I had a stroke, and lost feeling in my left side. Doctors did tests and there were no findings. Basically that is the way I have migraines, even without head ache pain. Slowly the reflux got worse, and the seizures continued. At the start, seizures were weekly, and I was sent to a neurologist for an MRI and the results were inconclusive. I was borderline epileptic. I declined medication. My joint pains were becoming increasingly painful. My stomach probs got worse, and I was told to have a complete hysterectomy. So I did. Following that my reflux intensified with the following symptoms. It was like air was having problems moving through my rib cage and up the GI tract and making noises. The pain was severe. (Can anyone else relate to this?) My stomach started to dissent, and the acid became so bad it burnt the roof of my mouth. No medications worked. Doctors decided to operate on my oesophagus. That worked for 6 weeks, but then it had the opposite effect, I couldn't burp or eat solid foods, and they reversed the operation. Swelling began on my legs, but came and went. I always suffer bronchitis. Winters became insufferable with back pain and joint pain (it was like their was no lubrication in my joints). I became super sensitive to cold, particular on my fingers. Other symptoms I have since had. * Hair loss * Freckle loss * Rashes * Skin tightens and goes shiny * Severe dry mouth * Dry eyes * Dental Problems * Sinus problems * Fatigue * Depression (due to Doctors not knowing what to do) * Itchiness * Red spots on skin. * Sleeplesness * Heart Pulpatations with severe reflux * The tips of my fingers change from red to purple to white. I was hospitalized for a month as I was so dissented I was actually vomiting my faeces. I was then sent to a pschy for analysis. No doctors believed anything more than reflux was wrong with me and the only solution was drugs, without telling me they were addictive. They took the easy option. I went to another doctor got off the medications, and still suffered the above symptoms and in particular the reflux. I dealt with the probs myself, and slowly the symptoms went away. I was healthy and all was good. Recently, in the last 12 mths the symptoms have slowly come back, to the point where I have been hospitalised a few times. The doctors mentioned possible scleroderma. My heart rate and blood pressure was up. Reflux is severe. All symptoms are back and getting worse. I have calcium deposits on my rib cage. I am puffed, fatigued and in pain. I have changing colour in my fingernails, and my fingers stiffen up. Although in pain permanently the symptoms come and go. I did some self research and Scleroderma seems to be the perfect fit. Even my general practitioner said it was a possibility. Although it was obvious he didn’t like the fact I researched and discovered a possible disease I may have. I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and my Anti Body tests came back fine, and I saw a specialist hoping to get some further diagnosis scleroderma related. The rheumatologist looked at the Anti Bodies, and because they were negative, and my fingers don’t stay clawed, she stated that I don’t have Scleroderma. I believe I have all the symptoms, as I believed my mother had before she passed away from Kidney failure, heart failure and lung complications. I am not scared of sclerederma I just want some help, and someone to believe me. I am not going back to doctors and I will deal with it the best way I can. Is there anyone out there who can relate to my story, or offer some advice? I am desperate to see if others have similar symptoms. I would love to hear from you. In retrospect there are some other symptoms. Thanks.
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