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  1. Hi Sherion, I have talked to him about that. Although he knows about my conditions all he really does on requests from Soc. Security is medical records. He is my Primary and my D.O. on my HMO from work, so I don't have much choice on who I go to. Don't get me wrong, he's a good doctor but he doesn't get involved with all the personal issues as much as he should. I guess I"ll just have to make my decision and see what happens. It's sort of scary, but somewhere along the line we have to make choices on what is best for us. ((((Hugs))) Linda
  2. Just wondering if anyone has applied for SSDI or SSI in Wisconsin? I know a couple of people here that claim its easier than other states to win. I'm seriously thinking of applying, as I can't do full time much longer. But I live alone have a mobile home payment, rent, car etc etc, and I'm a little scared. SO if anyone has tried and won could you let me know how long it took you and anything else you think would help me and others in my situation? Hugs to all, Linda
  3. Hi Louise, Do you mean sore skin on your hands or deep down soreness like under your skin? I get a lot of soreness and burning under the skin and in my finger joints and on my fingertips, especially at work where I do a ton of data entry. Luckily I can stop and do something else when it gets too painful. When it gets real bad, I use Vaseline. It seems to keep my hands moist and nice and warm. Give it a try!! Hugggssssss Linda
  4. Pauline & Heidi-thanks for your warm replies. It's rough when you're not sure what you might have, or when you get the incorrect diagnosis. It's people like yourselves and places like this forum that keep us going and give us the strength to make it through the day (and to the weekend!). Warm hugs, Linda
  5. Hi everyone, My name is Linda, I'm 59 years old and I'm very glad Ito have found this site! I haven't been diagnosed with scleroderma(yet). Had blood tests which were negative but my rheumatologist says that we should wait and see if more clinical signs develop. I have however, been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, CFS and have major soft tissue swelling. Since I was a child I've had circulation problems ranging from chilblains and minor frostbite to Raynauds which I still have. I'm on Norvasc twice daily for that and it really helps. I don't have hard skin, but I do have what I believe is a mild (if there is such a thing) case of Sclero developing. Lots of vertical deep lines around my lips, both top and bottom. The bottom lip also swells frequently. My face feels tigh and sometimes throbs, but I can't see any major changes. My hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and just about every joint, mustle, tendon and ligament in my body hurts like crazy! My hands are red, swollen and tingly in the morning. My ankles are a little swollen in the morning also. Whoops, almost forgot--I don't sleep much at nigh(wake up every couple of hours or so),and have Restless Leg Syndrome and Periodlic Limb Movement Disorder. I had a sleep study done and they recorded 153 limb movements and I woke up 17 times during the 7 hour study! I work a full time job as a bookkeeper at a school, and have a part time pet sitting business. I'm so exhaused from the constant pain. I'm trying to get the pet sitting business going so I can do that and get my pension from the school. I try to have a good attitude, but boy it's getting real hard to stay happy!! Well, that's it for now. I'm very glad to be here!! Love ya, Linda Norvasc for Raynaud's; Atenolol for HBP; Hctz for HBP; Mirapex and Tizanadine for RLS; Cymbalta for depression; Meloxicam-anti-inflammatory;
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