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  1. Clementine, I was on Revatio which is a different name for Viagra. It didn't do anything for me except make me dizzy. Sorry I couldn't give you a better report. I hope it works for you. Debbie
  2. I have issues with my teeth every time I have a flare up, whether from my lupus, fibromyalgia, etc. Every dentist I have ever gone to all act like it is in my head. I do not visit the dentist regularly for fear of needles, pain, etc. I usually go when I have an issue. My teeth are to the point that I want them all pulled and get dentures. I have had so many that they want to "save" that end up getting pulled that it seems like I am paying several times for work on the same teeth. I also use a sentive teeth toothpaste it seems to help. Debbie
  3. Peggy and all of you, thank you for making me feel welcome. I have come to realize that we are our own advocates when it comes to this disease. I got this from reading the posts. From this site I have found a specialist in Milwaukee here and I actually was accepted, my appointment is in a couple of weeks. Hopefully this doctor will be better than my current rheumatologist! Debbie
  4. I have been reading the posts on Plaquenil for pain. I have been on this since 1997, but my dermatologist prescribed it for the itchiness for a better word for my lupus. When I would get stressed I would get red itchy blotches on my neck and arms. I do see an eye doctor once a year. From what my doctor told me that being on Plaquenil for an extended period of time can leave deposits on the back of your eyes so seeing your eye doctor yearly is a good thing. I have yet to have them find these "deposits". If they prescribed this for the pain, I hope it works for you. It does nothing for me with my pain, they have me on anti inflammatories for that. My family always jokes about my "drug store" of pills that I take every day. Hope some of my information helps you! Take care, Debbie :)
  5. I've had the same rheumatologist since 2002 and he just waited for new things to arise to do anything. I'm not a sit and wait kind of person, I like to be proactive and manage things before they progress. I did lots of research on this site when I was diagnosed with the CREST and you all are just a wealth of information! I also was afraid that is was a death sentence for me. Not in life terms but the curling fingers. You see I have been working in an office as a "senior sales coordinator" which is basically a glorified secretary but I also manage 2 other offices in our district. With the stress of work I'm surprised that more symptoms haven't reared their heads. Since my husbands passing I try to enjoy more out of life and live in the moment. I only work partial days and if the stress becomes to great I leave work. Thank goodness for an understanding boss. I appreciate all the welcomes and look forward to talking with you all. I hope I can contribute some useful information some day! thanks, Debbie
  6. I am new to the forum, but have been reading this site since I found it in April when I was diagnosed with CREST or limited scleroderma. As I have read with many of the posts I was scared and felt alone, reading this forum helped me come to grips with having a new disease to battle. I currently have Fibromyalgia, Raynaud's, Lupus (skin kind for now), tendinitis and bursitis. I used to share all my fears with my husband, but he passed away in December. I think that is what "kicked in" my CREST. I started with the red blotches and of course I have the Raynaud's. I really enjoy reading all the different topics and how everyone shares and watches out for each other. It's kinda like your own little family. I hope you have room for one more! :) Thanks, Debbie C
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