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  1. I went to my appointment today and they are running all sorts of tests, blood work etc.. :P .The are checking my ANA's, thyroid etc...I am supposed to go back next week for results..just wanted to update you guys.. B)
  2. Thank you all so much! I will for sure update everyone after my Monday appointment and make an appointment to see a Rheumatologist. I've known for some time that I needed to go see one, that is what my initial Dr. told me to do and of course I ran from it as fast as I could. I just feel so tired and everything upsets me because I don't know why I feel so bad. My fingers/hands are hurting a lot today which also upsets me..I want so bad to be 100% again and I know that may never happen.
  3. Thanks so much everyone for your replies. I am trying very hard to be brave but I will say that when they told me those few years ago that something was wrong I fell completely apart for 3 days..my daughter who is now 7 was just turning 3 and all I could think of was that I was not going to see her grow up. I also have a 17 yr old son and 2 step sons ages 13 and 17. I had a test for my sugar etc about 4 months ago and also had a cholesterol test done which is elevated (both parents are gone from heart related illness). My FVL was diagnosed when I had my daughter and spontaneously threw 3
  4. About 4 years ago (when I was 29) I had some blood tests done (a rheumatoid panel to be exact) because I woke up one day and couldn't open my left hand..when that test was done I was called in and told that I had positive ANA's speckled and put on meds for my hands and told I need to come back in every 6 months to have it tested to see how it progressed..Well to put it plain and simple I never went back and I quit taking my meds because it scared me...I knew they were talking serious illness here and I convinced myself that if I ignored it, that it didn't exist. This was all done by my regular
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