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  1. Thanks for all of the responses, I have been messed around with dentists today, and still don't have it fixed. I have now made another appointment tomorrow morning, so fingers crossed, it will be fixed. Best wishes, Summer
  2. Hi all, I was just wondering, whether scleroderma can cause your teeth to crumble?. I was very naughty last night and ate a piece of chocolate, one of my back teeth crumbled, the front of the back tooth is there, and the top of the tooth, has a filling on top of it. It has caved in right to the gum. With this being a weekend I cannot call my dentist until tomorrow. Many thanks Summer
  3. Thanks Shelley and Susie, I will let you know how I get on. Summer
  4. I have noticed for some time now that I have a bulging Submaxillary gland in the Jaw neck area. This is directly under the chin going down towards the neck. This has to do with the salivary gland, I think. I am wondering whether this could be related to Sjrogrens or not? Many thanks Summer
  5. I have had digestive enzymes,prescribed for me, by my gastro doctor. They just aid the digestive process. I was told to take as 1 or 2 with every meal or snack. But of course you must check with your doctor, before taking any new medication. I found that they didn't really do much for me, so now I have ceased taking them. Summer
  6. Craig, all of my pressure points are always extremely tender, that was how I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. But If I press, any part of my body, it is very sore also. I am in the process in finding another rheumatologist, so all my bloodwork can be done then. Thank you for replying to my post. Summer
  7. Thanks for the well wishes Andrea, I'm hoping that you are feeling better today. We are in for some warmer weather next week, so we can look forward to some sunshine. Good luck with your visit to Monash, with DR S. I will PM you soon. Summer
  8. Thank you for all of the replies. My foot has settled down some, it is not swollen or red, so I would say that it still might be Scleroderma or Fibromyalgia. I'm having a morning stuck on the toilet again, so I must rush off. Summer
  9. I have had stiffness throughout my body, since I was diagnosed with Scleroderma and Fibromyalgia in 2007. The main areas are pelvis/lower back, achilles tendons, ankles and now feet/joints in toe area. This morning I am finding that if I am sitting, my toes are fine, but when I get up, I am having constant stabbing pain in in the right foot in big toe joint and general foot area. Could anyone tell me, whether this is caused by Scleroderma or Fibromyalgia, or both. Many thanks Summer
  10. Hi Pamela, I was originally on Atenolol, but my Raynauds worsenend. I found though that Atenolol worked a lot better, than Coralan, which I am on now. Coralan is mainly used for Angina, but also has the side effect of lowering the heart rate. If it's not one thing then its another. Best wishes Summer
  11. Yep, I'm another one with joint pain, I've had it for years. I find that if I do too much during the day, lo and behold, it is there in the evening. Sharp, stabbing pain that doesn't ease up unless I have painkillers. Another symptom to my list. Take care Summer
  12. Lynn, glad that you are feeling a little better, take care of yourself. Best wishes Summer
  13. Thanks Shelley for you response. It has nearly been a year, since I last seen my rhematologist, and I had the same problem, back then, burning eyes, and dry mouth. All I expect from a rheumatologist, is to refer me to an opthamologist, about the burning eyes. I didn't even know, until your last response, that I needed to see one. And, that I needed to also see a dentist. The reason I am most put out, is that when I see my rheumatologist, nothing changes, in her mind. I can have a small list of things wrong with me, and she doesn't listen. What is the point in going to see her, when nothing
  14. As many of you might have read in a previous recent post, I am on the borderline of being anemic. I have contacted my rheumatologist, who I haven't seen for approximately 10 months, to ask for an appointment, to see her at the Scleroderma Clinic. I was following the advice of my local doctor that I needed to see her. I have just got off the phone to her, after I had left 3 messages, for her or the Scleroderma nurse to call me back. She had a copy of the blood test results that I had done with my local doctor, and basically said, that my iron storage levels were on the lower end of norm
  15. Hi Janey, I am wondering if you have malabsorption problems, is this when you can have bacteria overgrowth? Many thanks, Summer
  16. Thanks for replying Piper and Lynn. Lynn, are you feeling any better, have you seen a doctor yet?. Best wishes Summer
  17. Thanks Janey, Could you please tell me what Prevacid is used for?. Also, I thought that Scleroderma patients, were not able to use Vitamin C tablets, as it would make the immune system stronger. And therefore, would attack our bodies further. I have recently, had a course of antibiotics,in case I had bacteria overgrowth, and also have began to take laxatives, every 3 days. I mentioned the laxative to my local Dr, but she didn't seem to think that laxatives would cause my storage levels of iron to be depleted. Many thanks Summer
  18. I have just come back from the local Doctors, and had some blood tests taken, as I am having a very salty taste in my mouth. My doctor mentioned that my Iron level storage is very low, I am on the border of being anemic. I have just read Janey's response, to the post about Iron levels, that was somewhat helpful. Now I know why my fatigue has been terrible, and need to rest quite often, throughout the day. I am not able to see my Gastro doctor until November, and I have not had a Gastroscopy/Colonoscopy since last year. My local doctor asked whether I have dark stools, and I said no. Sh
  19. Judy and Piper, I am wondering whether scleroderma has caused the tachycardia. I have asked my cardiologist this question, and he is unsure. The only thing he has said, is that women seem to get tachycardia, more than men, and he doesn't know why that is. Regardless, whether they have scleroderma or not. Best wishes, Summer
  20. Amanda and Chimmana,I got diagnosed with Limited/Crest Scleroderma in 2007, six months after that , I had palpatations and racing heart rate. A few months later, I finally got to see a Cardiologist, who did numerous tests, Stress Echo,six minute walk test, and some others. My stress Echo, was a disaster, starting rate was 100bpm, after 2 minutes on a flat service of the treadmill, my heart rate raced up to 173 Bpm. I couldn't go any further on the treadmill, due to dizziness and I couldn't get my breath. My cardiologist, started me on a Beta Blocker Atenolol, which seemed to do the tr
  21. I am wondering, whether anyone else has Tachycardia (high heart rate), and what treatment are you receiving from your Cardiologist?. Many thanks, Summer
  22. Hi Shelley, Should I see my Rheumatologist, or another specialist, about it possibly being Sjrogrens?. I have not changed my meds, do not have, salivary glands up or have a post nasal drip. I did have a rather large filling in one of my molars, a few weeks ago. Prior to having this salt taste, my tongue was burning alot also. Thanks Summer
  23. Thanks Shelley, I might have to schedule an appointment with my Rheumatologist, to see if she can shed light into the situation. Summmer
  24. I have another weird thing going on and am wondering whether anyone can shed any advice for this. For the last few days, I have a very very salty taste in my mouth. It is driving me mad, the taste is so salty, that if feels like I have been putting tablespoons of it in my mouth. I can taste it on my lips, my skin and of course my tongue. It is almost like I can taste salt in the air. I saw my cardiologist, a couple of days ago, and mentioned it to him. He has no idea why, I was having this taste. Even when I eat something sweet, it tastes salty as well. Thanking you all in advance.
  25. Thanks for replying, much appreciated. The bruising and my finger is fine now, I intend to be more careful from now on. Summer
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