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  1. Hello to all, Just had a thought the other day are we more prone to getting the Flu, Colds etc? I'm not on any meds at the moment and woke up this morning with a cold, headache and sore throat :( . I would think that my immune system is so out of control that it would prevent me from getting sick with these ailments. Maybe I've got it wrong! Kind regards Celia :unsure:
  2. Thank you all for replying it is much appreciated! :o Celia
  3. Hi Everyone, I had an ultrasound on my Achilles Tendons today as they have been sore/stiff to walk on especially first thing in the morning and after sitting down. I managed to get the report before leaving the hospital to give to my rheumatologist and the conclusion on the report said the following: Findings most likely represent focal fatty change within the Achilles tendon. Apparently this is exactly symetrical on both Achilles and the Sonographer who performed it wouldn't say much and was a bit closed mouthed about the whole thing. Two radiographers did come in to try and work ou
  4. Thank you every one for answering my post. Andyko I also live in Melbourne Australia in the suburb of Pakenham. My rheumatologist appt was at Monash Medical Centre in Clayton I have been a little unsure whether to stay at Monash or go to St Vincent's in Melbourne as I have found out they do have a Scleroderma clinic there and seem to be more involved in Sclero than any other hospital. I do have an appt their in a few weeks and my husband thinks that I should go to get a third opinion. Do you still go to St Vincents? If so, what are the SClero doctors like? Thank you also for answering my p
  5. Hi everyone, I had a visit this morning for a second opinion with a rheumatologist at my local Hospital. She seemed very nice and down to earth to talk to and didn't seem in a rush to shove me out the door. She examined me and thinks that I have CREST or limited Scleroderma but still isn't 100% sure. She said that I have the beginning of nail fold capiliaries on my fingers and with 2 swollen fingers on my hand and with the high ANA she has strong suspicions that this is the case. I had a blood test today for SCL-70 and an Anti centromere antibody test and Urine test. She also thought that
  6. Hi Everyone, Does anyone had or have problems with tight painful stiff Achilles Tendons? Mine have been a problem now going on 4 months especially first thing in the morning getting out of bed and after sitting down for awhile. I have also noticed the past few days that when I walk they start to click. My other problem is very hot tingling/burning feet I only notice this at night time and it often can keep me awake at night. Many thanks Celia
  7. Hi Erin, I can totally relate to how you are feeling as I am also yet to be diagnosed. I fell into deep depression a couple of weeks ago and eventually went to see my doctor who prescribed an anti-depressant. I made the big mistake of going off my anti-depressant only 1 week after initially taking them because I felt too normal!!, a few days after stopping them I felt like I was falling into a deep black hole of despair, no interest in anything and not wanting to do anything. I resumed my anti-depressants the next day and now feel almost normal (mentally) again. I will not go off them agai
  8. Hi Everyone, I had an Echocardiogram last week and the Radiographer that did it mentioned that she found a leaking valve in my heart. She said that everything else looked normal and that it would only probably leak about 1 teaspoon of blood but not to worry. Well of course I'm worried!!!!! is this Sclero related and has anyone out their had this or heard of this. I am not due to see my rheumatologist for a couple of weeks and the results of the Echo take about 2 weeks anyway to get to my rheumatologist. Many thanks Celia
  9. Hi Monika, I too live in Australia- Victoria. Which part of Australia are you from?. I am also a fairly new member to this forum. I haven't officially been diagnosed as having Scleroderma as yet but have a high ANA - 1600 and lots of other symptoms. I have been having lots of tests but have to wait for the outcome of the results. Do you see a rheumatologist privately or at a hospital? I saw a rheumatologist privately but also had made previously to seeing her 2 other appointments at public hospitals as I didn't know how long It would take to see her and I was desperate to see a rheumato
  10. Hi Everyone, Hoping you all are feeling o.k, I haven't been on this site for awhile just thought I would take a break. I have been experiencing numbness./weakness and pins and needles in both hands and fingers in the morning for a few years now and I'm just wondering could this be sclero related?. I haven't been officially diagnosed as having sclero yet just have a high ANA and lots of symptoms. I have decided to see another rheumatologist at my local hospital and also have another appt to see a 3rd rheumatologist at another hospital who has a clinic there that specialises in Scleroderma.
  11. Hi Everyone, I saw my rheumatologist today for the 1st time and not sure what to make of the visit! She looked at my blood test results - ANA - 1600 Centromere, Checked my flexibility, looked at my hands and asked me some questions about any symptoms I was having. I gave her a list of them which she barely looked at. She then ordered some tests which I will be having this week. A CT Chest Scan, Echo, VQ Scan, U/S Achilles Tendons on both feet and ankle, Resp - Spirometry (2 tests) pre-bronchodilator, Transfer factor (Diffusing Capacity) and a Lung Volume body Plethys Mography, Whatever th
  12. Thank you all for your thoughts and opinions it is most appreciated. Regards Celia
  13. Hi Everyone, I am experiencing shortness of breath, it is not all the time. Some days I'm fine and some days my breathing feels really laboured especially when I'm walking aroound or doing things . When this happens I feel really dizzy and have to sit down and rest . Is this related to Scleroderma?. I am due to see my rheumatologist in 3 days time for the 1st time, as I've not been officially diagnosed yet! It seems that every day their are new symptoms to add to my list!!! Many thanks Celia
  14. Hi Sherrill & Sweet, I don't think that it is the beginning of Calcinosis I have read the article on Calcinosis and it doesn't seem to fit the description. It's not a blood blister either. It is red at first then after awhile it gets to be tiny in size, if I touch it is sore. I had the very first one a week or so ago on the side of my forefinger after a few days the soreness went and now I'm left with slighty raised dry skin. Anyway I'll mention to my rheumatologist when I see her. Kind Regards Celia
  15. Hi Everyone, For the last couple of days I've noticed small or tiny bumps on my fingers. I now have 4, they are red in colour and hurt to touch and sort of have like a see through blister appearance to them. They are not itchy. Could all of this be related to Scleroderma?. Your thoughts or opinions would be great. Thanks Ced
  16. Thank you everyone for your replies you all have been most helpful Kind Regards Ced
  17. Hi there, Is there any one on this forum that lives in Australia?. I live in Melbourne and not yet officially been diagnosed with Scleroderma yet but have an ANA reading of1600. I see a rheumatologist in 1 weeks time. Thanks CEd
  18. Hi Everyone, Whilst sitting at the computer last night I noticed that my feet were quite cool as the night wore on they were freezing and had turned white. The feeling was of cold ice or snow had deeply penetrated the bone. Mind you it was quite warm outside and inside. Could this be Raynauds Phenomenon?. They did not turn blue at all. It took 2 pair of socks and turned on an electric blanket to thaw out when I eventually went to bed!. I usually have the opposite problem with hot tingly feet at night. Any imput would be appreciated. Thanking you CEd
  19. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know any info about Stem Cells and Scleroderma and also what type of Scleroderma you have to have to qualify, and also at what stage of the disease do you have to be in for you to be able to get it. I live in Australia and there is not much info here! Oh and how much does it cost? Sorry for all the questions. Kind Regards CEd
  20. Thank you all for responding. I will let you all know how I get on at my rheumatologist visit. Many thanks CEd
  21. Hi Everyone, A few of you might remember me from my last post. I am new to this forum and not yet been diagosed as having Scleroderma officially. I am due to see my rheumatologist in 1 weeks time. If you all remember I had an ANA blood test done and it was reported to have an Antibody titre > 1600 and the Pattern: Centromere The comment states: This pattern and titre is highly suggestive of localized Scleroderma of the CREST variant or in patients with isolated Raynauds phenomena. Could someone please explain if they know the following: 1. What does titre mean? 2. What does Centrome
  22. Hi Everyone, I am hoping that someone can help me. I went to my local doctor 2 weeks ago with a sore ankle and sore/stiff feet especially around the achilles tendon area. I had a ankle x-ray which showed up normal and then had blood tests done. My blood tests showed that my ANA is 1600 and the report states the following: This pattern and titre is highly suggestive of localized scleroderma of the CREST variant or in patients with isolated Raynaud's phenomena. I have been referred to a rheumatologist which I cannot see for another week. A few days after I saw my Local Dr I experienced a seve
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