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  1. Thanks for all of the replies, the purplish mark, moved up to my first knuckle last night, so I marked it with a pen, before I went to bed,to see if it was spreading. I woke up this morning, it hadn't spread further, but still a bit sore. I have a feeling that when I bumped it yesterday, it might of broken the capillaries near the cuticle and had a slow bleed under the skin. Hopefully, it will get better soon. Summer
  2. I haven't posted here for sometime. I have CREST/limited Scleroderma. I was out shopping this morning, when I slightly knocked my finger on something. I was in so much pain, and couldn't work out why. It is the finger just before the little finger, about 0.5 cm from the cuticle. I do have red shiny cuticles anyway, but a few hours has passed since then, and now I have noticed, that my finger is a deep purple, like bruising to it. I cannot work this out, as I have not injured this finger at all. All of my other fingers are fine, except they are also red, broken capillaries around them.
  3. Hi Andyko, Yes, if you could PM the details, i would be most greatful. Many thanks summer
  4. Hi Helen, Is your suport group in Melbourne, if so, what suburb?. Many thanks Summer
  5. I can't seem to find where to read the blogs?. Thanks Summer
  6. Thanks for all the replies. The burning sensation is on top of the eyelid, around that area. If feels as though, I have been crying alot, even though I haven't. I don't feel any grit or irritation in the eyes. I need to get my act together, and try and find a decent rheumtologist. I have just come back from my general practitioner, to get blood tests done, as my old rheumatologist, couldn't bother to get them checked for some time. If I were to get my eyes checked at an optometrist, would they know if I had dry eyes?. Regards Summer
  7. Hi, I haven't posted on this forum for awhile. For the past week or so, I have been suffering from burning/stinging behind the eyes. My eyes are not bloodshot, and it is not from lack of sleep. I was wondering whether anyone else has experienced this?. By the way, I have Limited/Crest Scleroderma, no skin issues, but lots of things going on internally. I am trying to find a new Rheumatologist, so, I don't know how long it is going to take to find one. Many thanks Summer
  8. Thanks Sheryl and Hazeltree for responding to my post. Hazeltree, I hope it isn't Calcinosis, the lump is still there, it is moveable, feels like a cyst. As mentioned before it is in the webbed part of the thumb, except now, it is rising to the top slightly of the skin. Extremely painful to touch. Do you know whether an xray would be able to show if it is Calcinosis?. Thanking you in advance Summer
  9. This will be the third year since I have been diagnosed with Systemic Scleroderma. I have had lots going on internally, no skin issues as yet. My main problem was my stomach/bowels, every few days, spending hours on the toilet, vomiting, severe cramps, diahhroea with constipation etc. I have spent months, changing my diet, seeing what or doesn't work, my Gastro doctor doing Colonoscopy/Gastroscopy, all came back normal.................. so frustrating. So, a couple of weeks ago (maybe I was going into denial), I decided to try and see If I could manage without the prescription Nexium. I we
  10. Hi, I woke up this morning to an excruciating pain in my right thumb. It is in the webbed part of the thumb,and when I try and feel around that part of the thumb, it feels like there is a lump there. It is very painful to touch, it can feel hot at times, it is mildly swollen. I haven't been bitten by anything, and I don't have an injury. Just wondering whether this is normal for Systemic Scleroderma. Many thanks Summer
  11. Thanks Janey for the article. I know of a lady that has Sarcoidis and severe Gastroparesis. She paid $40.000 australian dollars, to get a pacemaker in her stomach. It worked for a very short time, but now for some reason, she is still vomiting. She has been in and out of hospital, every couple of weeks, with the doctors trying to rehydrate her with iv fluids. She was quite obese at the start of this, now she is a bag of bones, poor lady. I asked my Gastroenterolgist about a pacemaker, for myself, and he said there was a trial done here in Australia, at the same hospital that this lady
  12. Well, my Cardiologist finally called me. He couldn't see anything was wrong with my heart, with me having the holter monitor test. And, doesn't seem to fussed with me having arrythmias. See him in 6 months, only to get more meds for my Tachycardia. Take care Summer
  13. Thanks Janey, I finally got the blood pressure (BP) monitor, mine can detect arrythmias. I have just done a few BP readings, when I have been relaxed. It keeps coming up that I do have arrythmias. The blood pressure is normal though. I am still waiting for my cardiologist to ring me for the results of all my tests I had done. Hopefully I will know soon. Take care Summer
  14. Thank you all for sharing your advice, it is great to be able to come to a place, with like minded people :emoticons-yes: . I have finally reached a decision about what blood pressure monitor, that I will buy. I will go and get it today. I am also, waiting for a call from my Cardiologist, from the results from my blood work and holter monitor. Janey, if you don't mind me asking, did you start off with tachycardia at first, with your heart problems?. Thank you all Summer
  15. I haven't posted for some time, I have been diagnosed with Limited/Crest Scleroderma since 2007. I have no skin issues as yet, but have lots of things internally. I am currently seeing a Cardiologist as I have Tachycardia (fast heart rate), and most recently have been suffering with palpitations several times a day and fluttering and/or skipped heart beats. I have had a holter monitor last week, and also blood tests. I won't know what the results are for a week or so. Could someone please tell me, whether Scleroderma can cause palpitations or arrythmias, or is this a separate issue? An
  16. Thanks everyone for all of the information about the machnine, I will still do a little more research before I buy one. Kind regards Summer
  17. Hi, My Cardiologist, wants me to buy a blood pressure machine, as my heart is doing weird things. Can anyone recommend one, that is easy to use, and that will last for a while. By, the way, I live in Australia. Many thanks Summer
  18. I also had a Colonoscopy/Gastroscopy a few weeks ago, everything was normal, no cancer, gastritis cleared up, and also no polyps. I asked my Gastroenterologist, about whether he could see whether there was any sign of slow motility. And, he said that an Endoscopy wouldn't be able to tell me that. So, now I'm wondering, which doctor is right yours or mine :unsure: . By the way, I have Limited/Crest scleroderma, I have the RE of crest and also chronic bowel/stomach problems. Kind regards Celia
  19. Craig, I agree with your remark, it is time to shop around for a different doctor. I have been thinking about doing this for some time, but keep on putting it off, due to digestive problems. Once things are a little better for me, i will look into this further. Kind regards Summer
  20. I also complained to my Rheumtologist last week that I have a very dry mouth/throat. She said there was nothing she could do for me, and to chew gum. If only that was true! Thanks Summer
  21. Thank you all for your kind replies. You all give me some hope to go on. I'm not too sure where to go from here, I have a good Gastro doctor, in the sense, as him being an approachable person to talk to, and he does have a good bedside manner. But, he doesn't come up with anything new for me to try, I feel as though that I am doing all of this research, and going to him with it. So, what shall I do, stick with him, or try someone new?, that I will have to think about. I have messed around so much with my diet and the only thing I haven't tried is liquids.That might be next on my a
  22. Hi Barefut, Sorry to read that you as well are having problems with food. I was just wondering whether you or anyone else has tried eating soups, or milk or any type of liquid, without eating solids. I'm at the stage now that I am seriously looking at giving this a trial. I'll be interested to know what type of response you will get from this post. Kind regards, Summer
  23. I thought I would give everyone an update on my Gastroscopy/Colonoscopy, which I had done on Thursday. My Gastro doctor sat down with me after my endoscopies a few days ago, before I was discharged to go home. Everything is normal, he said he did a very thorough check. No Gastritis, which I had a couple of years ago, no Diverticulitis, which I also had, no polyps or damage to the esophagus. All was good, so why am I so unhappy. For the past 18 months, I have spent nearly every 2nd day of so, heaving, passing small of stool, cramps, nausea constipation with chronic diahrrea. I was h
  24. I have livedo Reticularis,and am just wondering for those that have it with Scleroderma, what is the usual treatment.? I have already seen a Dermatologist for a different problem. I asked him what the netlike spreading was on my legs, and he did confirm that I had Livedo Reticularis. He didn't seem very concerned about it and sent me on my way. It is only now, that I have researched it further, that I am a little concerned. I am at a high risk of blood clots, this worries me, as I have a sister that had a stroke at 40 years old. And, an Aunty that died in her sleep at 39, from an a
  25. Hi, I don't always post very often, but am quite active reading everyones posts on a daily basis. I have a question for the females on this forum. It is personal, and I do understand if many of you don't want to answer or want to PM me. What type of contraceptive are you using, and does it effect you in any way, adverse reactions.? I am 41 year old female, and have not used contraceptives for some time. I also have livedo reticularis on my legs, trunk and arms. I went to see my general practitioner a few days ago, about contraceptives. She gave me two options, The pill or Dep
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