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  1. I had the MRI on Saturday for both shoulders. Hoping to hear something this week. There hasn't been much improvement. Sure look forward to finding out what is going on. Karenkaye
  2. Thanks JJ - I was able to get my MRI moved up to Sept. 3 so they can find out what is wrong. Also going to start back on the pain meds to see if that will help. Karenkaye
  3. I called and got pain meds the week before my appt. I stopped taking them prior to the appt. as I didn't want to mask the symptoms. We had hoped that the cortisone injection wouldn't helped. I'm calling in the morning to get some more pain meds. Thanks.
  4. have you finally found any relief? My has been going on for two months and your symtoms are the same as mine. I want to lose my mind - I'm in constant pain....the most mundane things are hard to do. Please update me.
  5. I am suffering from what my dr. thinks is calcific tendonitis. I have had one cortisone injection in the right shoulder. Helped for a few days. My left shoulder is also in pain - only not as severe as right one. Two weeks after injection (and two months since initial pain), my right shoulder is not much better. I have an MRI scheduled for the last of Sept. I have to wait due to the injection. Anyone have any advise for the severe pain? Or has anyone been diagnosed with this. Many thanks.
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