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  1. Hi, I went to doctor in beginning of this month. Finally I saw a doctor how knows what sclero is and also he has seen other patients too. He told me that my skin is getting tighter and I also have atrophy in my legs and fingers. (I have know that, but this was first time that doctor told me that.) I´m just wondering why it feels like new information, even when I have known that that's the case? He gave me Adalat for Raynaud's, the dose is 60mg once a day. I don't think I can handle that much, since I have low blood pressure, and I'm sure that I'm going to black out. In a few weeks I go to rehabilitation for three weeks, and there I will get more information about my future. Now I'm working part time, but sometimes I think that I can´t go to work and sit all day, because of the pain. I'd like to ask if anybody has skin changes in their fingers and do you think that I can do computer work after my fingers get tighter? Greetings, Maria
  2. Hi, I also have had shots on my hips and it really helps and takes the pain away. The first day after the shot has been little painful, but after that it has been better for me. Remember, don´t put any weight on your knee for a few days after the shot. I hope your knee gets better! Maria
  3. Cynthia, Shame, I hope that Tina may write me an email so I could talk to her and ask more about Finnish healthcare etc. Small world..... After I been in this site I already know that at least two Finnish people plus me who have this disease. Strength and hugs for you all!! It is also bean great that everybody has been so nice and helpful. I really do feel like I´m belong here too.... whit the people who care for others.
  4. Hi, I really want to thank you all again, you gays have given me already so much. While a go I was writing in here and I lost all my writing, becouse I push some buttons and then the writing just disappears, that was just my luck, well.... I can think this is good way to learning english. :) I have to wind the same words that was not in my head even last time. Ok.. Today it has been very rainy day here up north, my dog went outside and went swimming on puddle, and then came inside and you all must know what kind of mess she prompted, it really feels like Monday.... To the point, I am going to rheumatologists 4.9, it is 3 hours drive from my home, I do hope he are better treatment than my other doctors. I let you guys know how it went, after I been there. I would like to ask one question again, what treatment have you been getting for esophagus proplems? Mainly esophagus tense(?), I mean that when you got problems of swallowing. Now I want only give you all a big hug and wish you a nice day, with lots of sunshine!!
  5. Hi, Thank you all for your kind words. I don't know what an earth I was thinking when I wrote that I am 28-years old I`m really 30. maybe I`m feeling young. My life has been one fight whit Finnish doctors since 2005, here where I live no doctors knows what is Sclero, first I have been given many wrong diagnoses. The doctors did not believe in the beginning, other than, that I imagine all pain. Antibodies however, there was positive Sclero on at the initial stage but however, the inflammation values were almost the collector's normal. Now I am at the point where I have inflammation continuously in my hips and I get cortisone stitch to them, the knees have swollen dry eyes, dry mouth and dry and itchy skin. Also the muscles are really stiff as well as my spine. The esophagus has tightened and it is difficult to swallow,tendovaginitises(?) etc.. all the time there is something. Does this sound familiar? Please, help and repair if my English is written wrong, then I learn it more.
  6. Hi, I am new here, and I would like to ask if any one else has muscle twitching all over your body? I have also very tight muscles and joints, but I don't have skin changes elsewhere but in my legs. I have been diagnosed with crest. I am sorry if my english writing is not very good, because last time I had to write in english was in school. Am 28-years old women from Finland, I don´t know anyone else in my country who has this disease, so occasionally I'm feeling very lonely with this disease . It has been nice when I come across this forum and could see that I`m not really only one with crest and problems.
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