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    Checking back in, still getting treatments

    uhh in Latvia is cold outside, in weather news said that on next week will be snow....brrrrr.....I decide that enough sit at home , need to do something :) yes lungs are good, good medicine helped me....
  2. Hi to everybody....for a long time I wasn't in this web....I am still treating my self....but looks, that I will need more time than I expect...but one thing is good...that from today I again take part in sports life...in my lovely game volleyball :)
  3. Some kind of diagnose, doctors said when I was born...22 years ago...and in that time there wasn't medicine to treat it, but it was incorrect...real diagnose I found last year...and now I hope soon will be better :) Take care :)
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    Strong person means that he love him/herself :wub:
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    Thanks to everybody for support...I am glad,that I am not alone in all world :) I found also another treatment, but I don't know what it is in english, because I am Latvian. This treatment is good for people who have thick skin, this procedure makes soft skin... I can tell to everybody, what is a secret to be positive about your illness: Is love in family...I have big family (I think), parents,2 brothers and sister...I used to ask my parents, why I am different from brothers and sister, but they haven't an answer on that, but they love me like I am equal to my brothers and sister, that makes our family stronger.... Find out who are your real friends....real friends always be with you...I found them...also found my big love when I was 19....now I am 22 and I am happy,because soon we will live together :) Make your own purpose for life...step by step with small purposes you will be closer to your life's purpose....purpose can be everything what you want to reach in your life....don't be afraid...go one step forward and made it... Generally please forget about depression, what you are thinking about your illness, it will make you just only weak, but you must be strong...if you have any problems, just smile, but if its too hard, then cry for happiness what will be when you resolve a problems.... I live like that...It makes me stronger....I advise to everybody to be happy and enjoy your life for all 100% and to those who are not able to understand you, just say, that your life is more colorful than their life ... and they all will be shocked for this sentence (from my experience) :)
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    I also hope that medical help will help me :)
  7. Kristine


    Today I went to meet doctor who treat lungs....I am so happy....I have right lung pneumonia, thats way starts esay asthma...but will be ok with some physiotherapies...they said, that lung will be ok, and analysis are good...that means I have localized scleroderma on my face...I have no reason to worry about systemic scleroderma.... Also found a good dermatologist...already started to treat my face...and I can say good results....she is doing cryomassage on my cheek....and hope soon will be better....under the eye I can't do that, because skin is so thin...that's why every day I put tonal cream on my face :( when I was a child other children were laughing, they where saying that somebody was punching me under eye :(But now they see just only my not proportional face, right side stopped growing when I was a teenager, that is only a cosmetic defect and I hope that someday I will got an operation and move closer to my dream :) This illness has made me stronger since teenage age,when you must be strong and protect yourself from stupid people, who are staring on you....
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    Hello to everybody! I am new member of this site...serching info about scleroderma, found this web.... My story is different...I got this problem since I was born...I am from Latvia..doctors in that time didn't knew what I got...now I have 22...and seriously start to think about it...I found more info and start to treat myself...but I am scared from that if the problem is deeper than I thought...now I have problems with lungs....ohhh I hope the illness will not go deeper, just stay on my face...I am still waiting for analysis...